Frank's Rule Comes To An Abrupt End: Big Brother Season 18, Episode 11 Recap

The returner is stunned when his trusted alliances turn against him and pick a new target.
Posted on Jul 15, 2016 | 02:15pm
On the latest episode of Big BrotherDa'Vonne managed to swing the votes in her favor, Nicole ended up choosing sides, Tiffany delivered a stern warning to Frank, and the house sent Bronte packing.


While we giggle at Tiffany's not-so-subtle reference to Bridgette as a "Cabbage Patch Kid," let's run through some of the most riveting moments from the latest episode.

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Determined to prove Frank doesn't run the house, Da'Vonne put on her gameface and convinced Michelle, Nicole, James, and Zakiyah to vote out Bronte instead of Tiffany.

However, in order to bring her plan to fruition, Da'Vonne needed one more person to commit, so she went to Paulie, who had already jumped on board to evict Tiffany and had some reservations about changing tactics.

But Paulie wasn't the only one who seemed conflicted. After Frank approached Nicole about creating a Final 4 alliance between him, her, Bridgette, and Corey, Nicole wondered if trusting the medical sales rap was in her best interest. 

Her anxieties were short-lived, though, when Nicole learned Frank told Michelle about his plan to target Mama Day—and that Nicole was in on it. Then and there, the blonde returnee vowed that she would never put her trust in Frank again.


With her newfound conviction, Nicole summoned Paulie into a behind-closed-doors meeting, where, with some help from Michelle, she was able to convince the Jersey boy that "throwing a wrench in Frank's plan" would be best for his own game. 

It was settled: Michelle, Corey, Nicole, Paulie, Zakiyah, Da'Vonne, and James would divide their votes between Bronte and Tiffany, in hopes of tangling the puppet master's strings. 

During a passionate speech from the block, Tiffany wasted no time in calling out the house's "dictator" (aka Frank) and his marionette, Bridgette.

It's unclear whether the math teacher's smackdown boosted her allies' confidence, but the tide turned, as expected, and Bronte quickly shuffled out the door.


The aspiring mathematician was happy to leave the house on good terms and her face lit up when Julie revealed she'd have a shot at re-entering the game through the Battle Back twistAs Bronte said herself, it's a good thing she wasn't "snooty" on the way out!

But before Bronte could explain her redemption strategy, our attention was shifted back to the Houseguests, who were prepping for the HOH competition.

As some HGs had hoped, Frank was visibly rattled before the "Euro Trippin'" challenge and Paulie used that to his full advantage.


But Paulie's win was bittersweet. On one hand, it ensured Frank would no longer be in power; but, on the other, it confirmed that Frank, as a member of Category 4, would be safe this week.

Who will emerge as this week's target? 

To see which evicted Houseguests makes his—or her—way back into the house, check out the Big Brother Battle Back Special on Friday, July 22 at 8/7c.

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