Natalie And Michelle Stab Paul In The Back: Big Brother Season 18, Episode 29 Recap In the wake of Paulie's exit, Little Nat Nat and Big Meech team up as HOHs and set their sights on a new target.
Posted on Aug 22, 2016 12:20pm

On the latest episode of Big Brother, the Houseguests survived the dreaded Black Box, Natalie shook things up as the newly crowned Head of Household, and America gave Michelle an exciting game advantage.

While we shield our eyes from that gory nomination ceremony, let's dart through some of the most shocking moments from the latest episode.

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Paulie may've been sent packing last week, but some of the Houseguests were still feeling his presence—and it was starting to make them paranoid.

Before the Live Eviction ceremony, the elder Calafiore, who was accompanied by Paul, told Nicole and Corey to watch out for James and Victor if they wanted to make it to the end.

Though, Paul didn't explicitly state his intention to target James, Nicole assumed he agreed with his former PP partner and took the intel to the merry prankster and Natalie in hopes of winning the showmance's trust. This new information lit a fire under Little Nat Nat, who was determined to win the HOH competition and protect her man.

After two hours of wading through sludge, sifting through feathers, and soaking in putrid-smelling glop, the former NFL cheerleader pulled out her first big win and became the latest Houseguest to occupy the HOH suite.

The power was now in Natalie's hands, so she got down to business and struck a Final 4 deal with Corey and Nicole. By teaming up with the other showmance in the house, the perky player could target two of the strongest competitors—Paul and Victor—and keep both her and James safe for the next couple weeks.

The bearded rocker and El Fit Vic suspected a deal was in the works, so each of the potential targets tried to convince the HOH princess they had her back, but the fierce competitors couldn't shake the sinking feeling that she had other plans.

Sadly, their suspicions were confirmed when Victor walked in on Captain Camo and his flirty first mate having an intimate chat with Corey in the HOH room.

While the Puerto Rican Sensation recovered from the awkward interruption, he and the others were summoned to the backyard the delivery of America's Care Package.

Who was the lucky recipient this week? Michelle!

Big Meech was thrilled to open her goodie box, which contained tissues, hair wraps, and the game-boosting power to be the summer's first Co-HOH, which would give her all the position's perks, including the ability to nominate one person for eviction.

Stoked to share her HOH responsibilities with another person, Natalie disclosed her plan to target Paul and to use Victor as a pawn.

While Michelle originally hoped to use the opportunity to send Nicole packing, the nutritionist hopped on board on one condition: Natalie would be the one to nominate Vic because Big Meech didn't want his blood on her hands.

With their nominations solidified, the ladies revealed their decision to the rest of the house, which promptly resulted in the official end of their "friendship" with the L.A.-based clothing designer.

Who will rock the POV competition, and will the winner use the golden power to take Paul or Victor off the block?

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