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Which Houseguest Will Win $500k?: Big Brother Season 18, Episode 41 Recap Now that we're down to the Final 3, who will take it all: Paul, Nicole, or James?
Posted on Sep 16, 2016 09:55pm

On the latest episode of Big Brother, the Final 3 Houseguests—Paul, Nicole, and James—reminisced about all of the tears, love, and fights that made the summer unforgettable before clawing through the first leg of the three-part HOH competition.

While we're thinking about all of the Season 18 Houseguests who've come and gone, let's take a trip down memory lane and revel in the summer's hottest moments.

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After saying goodbye to a blindsided Corey, the remaining Houseguests were able to breathe in a short sigh of relief knowing they'd all made it to Final 3. But who'd be the last two players standing in front of the Season 18 jury?

Paul tried to form alliances with each returner, first appealing to James' practical play and then Nicole's love of loyalty.

To close the deal with Captain Camo, the bearded rocker said the odds of either of them beating Nicole were slim, but if they went up together, the votes could be split by a count of five to four.

Then, after shaking hands with James, Paul went upstairs to the HOH room where he pledged to repay the ER nurse for keeping him in the game.

Following a full night of peddling promises, the BB Muffin Man rose from his slumber ready to spend a relaxing afternoon of friendship with his BB18 buddies, so the Final 3 broke bread together and took a welcomed break from the game to ponder all of the season's most tear-jerking, adorable, and explosive moments.

The tears!

Sure, everyone cries in the Diary Room, but two Houseguests seemed to struggle with leaky eyelids on other occasions: Michelle and Paulie.

Big Meech made quite the name for herself as one of the loudest BB #CryBabies of the summer after multiple breakdowns and confrontations, including the time she threw an apple at Paul, when she blew chunks during the "Harsh Hashtags" HOH comp, and sat for her post-eviction tear fest with host Julie Chen.

She cried so much, in fact, that fans sent tissues with her America's Care Package!

But, the nutritionist wasn't the only HG with a weakness for weeping.

Despite Paulie's efforts to hide his emotions, he often welled up over things like butterflies and apple pies.

The love!

Not everything was all sniffles and sadness. This summer was also a haven for steamy showmances and a boisterous bromance.

While Jatalie had their rocky moments, James chose to remember all of the good times he and Natalie shared, from tickle fights to hugs in the Have-Not room.

Still reeling from Corey's eviction, Nicole shared both the sweet and serious moments she cherished with her cuddle buddy.

Finally, Paul reflected on all of the memories he made with Victor, like when they cooked bro-licious meals to jamming out on air guitars in the HOH room.

The fights!

Of course, it wouldn't be Big Brother without some drama and, while there were some heated exchanges in the house, we'll never forget Paulie's fight with Natalie, Paul's blowout with Big Meech, and Corey and Nicole's tiny tiff.

After their trip down memory lane, the Houseguests kicked the competition into high-gear with a fiery toast from Paul: "Cheers to the Final 3. It's time to turn on each other."

Dressed in their finest feline attire, Paul, James, and Nicole all participated in the first leg of the three-part HOH competition called "Hang In There."

To win this important challenge, the pretty kitties would have to follow a laser as it bounced between the scratching post, couch, and windowsill. Then, once the laser landed on one of the three locations, the HGs would have 15 seconds to climb into the designated position, where they'd have to remain still until the red dot started dancing again.

Should the HGs pounce before the beam reappeared, their nine lives would be taken and they'd be eliminated from the competition. The last furry friend standing would be declared the winner.

Which one of the three cats will land on his—or her—feet and advance to the next round in the hopes of winning Season 18?

Don't miss the 90-minute Season 18 finale on Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 9:30/8:30c on CBS and CBS All Access to see which Houseguest wins $500k!