The Final 3 Houseguests Submit Their Big Brother Résumés For Your Consideration Before making your prediction, examine the backgrounds, accomplishments, and skills of this year's finalists.
Posted on Sep 20, 2016 06:15pm

It's been three months since James, Nicole, and Paul first stepped through the Big Brother doors, hungry to compete for the Season 18 title and take home the grand $500K prize.

They've endured through many challenging HOH and POV competitions, escaped elimination through 15 evictions, and are now just moments away from confetti and congratulations.

Each of the remaining Houseguests possess a number attributes and accomplishments that would deem them all deserving of the title; so, before you choose who you want to win Season 18, study up on the Final 3 HG's impressive résumés.

Paul Abrahamian

To use his foundation of BB18 "friendships" to get all the way to the end

BB Background: New to game of Big Brother

Accomplishments: Won two HOH comps, won three POV comps, won $500 at the BB County Fair, helped orchestrate many evictions over the summer, made it to Final 3

Skills: Social strategist, made delicious muffins, taught Nicole how to mosh at punk-rock shows, "friendship", escaped six evictions, loyal to Victor, BB style trendsetter, entertaining, confident public speaker

Nicole Franzel

To make it further in BB18 than she did in BB16, which would make her the first female to win Big Brother since Rachel Reilly (BB13

BB Background: Finished in 7th place in BB16, superfan who spent years going "coconuts" for the game

Accomplishments: Won two HOH comps, won two POV comps, won Week 3 America's Care Package (Super Safety), responsible for Michelle's Week 10 eviction, won $3,250 and a USA trip BB County Fair, made in to Final 3

Skills: Great hair, stayed loyal to showmance with Corey, only BB18 female to make it to the Final 3, escaped one eviction

James Huling

Objective: To prove that Southerners do it better, especially when given a second chance to play Big Brother

BB Background: Finished 7th place in BB17, won the title of America's Favorite Houseguest in BB17

Accomplishments: Won one HOH comp, won Week 3 America's Care Package (Eliminate Two Eviction Votes), survived on the block against his showmance partner, Natalie, won $5000.25 at the BB County fair, made in to Final 3

Skills: Professional prankster, dominated wall competitions, managed to stay off the block most of the summer

Which résumé stands out most to you?

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