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Love Is Real: James And Natalie Are Still Going Strong After Big Brother Season 18

Find out more about the real-life relationship status of Jatalie, one BB18's cutest showmances.
Posted on Oct 17, 2016 | 11:00am
When we last saw Season 18 sweeties James and Natalie, they were hanging in the Big Brother backyard with Jeff Schroeder after the finale and we weren't sure if Jatalie was going to last outside the house. 

We hoped, we prayed, and we crossed all dangling appendages, but, at the time, the future was uncertain for one of the summer's cutest showmances. 

However, after trolling the pair's social media, we are pleased to report that Jatalie appears to be alive with the glory of love!


If that adorable autumnal photo isn't proof enough, the former NFL cheerleader confirmed the pair's IRL relationship during a recent Periscope session, saying, "Yes, we are dating, guys. Yes, we are official. I don’t understand why people don’t believe we are together. How is it not obvious?"

Seeing is believing and we can't stop kvelling over the pint-sized pair, who obviously isn't afraid of a little PDA now that there aren't over 70 cameras capturing their every move. 


The leaves might be turning, but we hope to see James and Natalie love continue to blossom. 

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