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Jillian Can't Help But Feel Betrayed Following Her Big Brother Exit

BB alum Jeff Schroeder gets the scoop from the latest BB19 evictee.
Posted on Jul 7, 2017 | 03:00pm
When the Big Brother Houseguests promised Jillian that she would be safe during the next dreaded eviction, the timeshare sales rep could hardly believe her ears when their votes led her outside the house for a post-eviction interview.

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WATCH: Jillian Parker's Full Post-Eviction Interview With Jeff Schroeder On CBS All Access

Even though she only lived in the house for a week, Jillian's blindside burned bad.

The 24-year-old Vegas resident opened up to Jeff about what she wishes she would have done differently in the game, who she doesn't trust, and the one person she felt should have been evicted instead of her.

Any guesses as to who she's talking about?

And what's the full story behind Jillian's weight loss surgery in Tijuana? 

Get the full scoop when you watch Jillian's entire interview with Jeff Schroeder now on CBS All Access.

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