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Dominique And Paul Get Into A Late-Night Hissing Match On Big Brother

The two Houseguests got downright venomous in the latest episode.
Posted on Jul 20, 2017 | 09:40am
After getting put up on the block next to Jessica, Dominique suspected foul play from Paul and decided to capitalize on her hunch in the latest episode of Big Brother by telling the other Houseguests there was a "snake" in their midst.

STREAM: It's Dom Vs. Paul On Episode 10 Of Big Brother 19

Of course, secrets don't stay secret for long in the BB house.

When Alex reported back to Paul that he was the one Dom was calling a slithering sneak, the clothing designer went full ssssserpent and decided to settle the matter directly with his accuser.

"Do you want me to start hissing, or do you want me to talk?" the clothing designer asked, ready for a verbal throw-down.

Suffice it to say, the argument that followed wasn't—ahem, "cordial."

While Dom admitted that she didn't know for sure whether Paul was the one putting a target on her back, she nevertheless went on the offense.

"There is somebody that I consider to be a tempter," she said, referring to Paul. "Why? Because I'm [being] targeted for something I never did."

Unfortunately for Dominique, she had no hard evidence to back up her claims, and the fact that she was already on the block didn't exactly help her case with the other HGs.

Will Dominique's last-ditch effort to blow up Paul's game take your boy down a peg? Or did the government engineer's plan utterly backfire?

WATCH: Dominique And Paul Get Into A Late-Night Hissing Match On Big Brother​

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