Jody Shares A Giddy Reunion As Cody Battles Back Into The Big Brother House

The cuddly showmancers got another shot at love in the latest episode.
Posted on Jul 21, 2017 | 09:35pm
It's the episode you—but especially the four evicted Big Brother Houseguests (and Jessica)—have been waiting for: the Big Brother Battle Back Showdown

That's right, the four evicted Houseguests—Cameron, Jillian, Cody, and Dominique—got their chance to fight their way back into the Big Brother house this week. But, as always, there's a twist!

STREAM: Jody's Joyful Reunion During Episode 12 Of Big Brother 19

Even if one of the Evictees came out on top after two rounds of competitions, they'd face a final competition against a current Big Brother Houseguest.

And if they were successful in beating that Houseguest, only then could they make their way back into the house. 

No pressure or anything. 

With the BB house backyard transformed into "Evictionville," Cody beat out the three other former Houseguests in a pair of challenging competitions that tested their mettle—was it love that carried him through or just pure skill? Maybe a little of both.

Without knowing who won the Battle Back, the remaining Houseguests then voted for one of their own to battle against the potential returnee. 

In the end, they chose your boy and Big Brother veteran Paul. While Paul geared up for a maze battle against his former nemesis, Cody walked out to surprise his former Houseguests after the vote. 

Cody had an advantage, having already conquered that particular competition once already.

The door-to-door salesman beat Paul and won his way back into the house—much to Jessica's delight!

"Don't do anything crazy until I catch you up on everybody," she whispered in his ear during a long, celebratory embrace. 

WATCH: Jody Rejoices After Cody Battles His Way Back Into The Big Brother House

Now that they're reunited, will Jess and Cody have the upper hand in the house? 

Or will the Houseguests put Cody right back on the block and try to break up this power couple once more?

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