Paul Answers The Question On Everyone's Mind: What Happened? The two-time BB runner-up sheds some light on history repeating itself.
Posted on Sep 21, 2017 12:45pm

Though the conclusion of Big Brother 19 was particularly exciting for one Houseguest, it left 16 others disappointed.

None more so than runner-up—for the second year in a row, by only one vote—Paul Abrahamian.

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As the only returning Houseguest playing Season 19, Paul should've had a huge target on his back, yet he managed to maneuver his way to the bitter end and manipulate every major event inside the house.

So... what happened? We caught up with Paul to get his take.

Last night you told host Julie Chen that you didn't know where things went wrong. Now that you've had a night to think about it... what happened? Do you have more to share about the finale results and how you're feeling?

Paul Abrahamian:
I’m just going to go ahead and assume that the Jury was just not satisfied with something. You know, I don't think they understood the position that I was in and I had to do what I did to make sure I wasn't nominated every week and taken out.

And I think that maybe when they were clipped before me, maybe they were a little upset about that or thought that I backstabbed them, but I never promised anyone that I'd throw my game away for them, so I'm not sure why they would have expected me to.

Do you regret butting heads with Cody at the start of the summer, since he wound up being the deciding vote?

Paul: It wasn't me that butt heads with him. He walked into the house telling me how much he didn't like me. He didn't really give me a chance and made it clear how much he wanted me out of the game.

He really was just rude and mean to me from the get go, so I didn't really have much time to sway anything with him. He was gunning for me from the beginning and rallying everyone against me.

What was your reaction to hearing that Jessica would’ve voted for you if she had been in Jury?

Paul: It's irrelevant at that point. I thought it was best to get her out when I did. She was clearly the better player than Cody. She had a better social game and won more comps and had more weight in the house.

So at that point, I thought it was a smarter idea to get Jessica out as opposed to Cody. He was just not as good of a player at that moment.

Are you surprised Cody was voted America’s Favorite Houseguest?

Absolutely. Extremely bizarre. He didn’t care much about the game, he didn't treat any of it with respect or the Houseguests with respect, he just had an infatuation with Jessica and an infatuation with disliking me, so... I’m not quite sure what personality he portrayed.

Maybe in the DR room... somewhere that I must have missed. But living with him was definitely not fun.

Do you feel like you formed close relationships that will continue in real life?

Josh and Christmas stood by me for a long part of the game, so I'll definitely be in touch with them. We had a genuine connection and they're cool people. And I also had a connection with Kevin.

Matt and Raven were really sweet to me and for anyone that's willing to take the game for what it's worth, I’d be more than likely to have friendship with, but anybody who's going to talk to me about them being upset with the game, I don't have time for that in my real life.

How did you keep track of all the gameplay/conversations/alliances like you did?

I don't know. I legitimately don't know. It was just sort of naturally flowing in the game setting.

I knew in order to get my way to the top I had to swindle the other Houseguests who knew what my game play was, that I had to go at it from a different angle and be a few steps ahead. I was just kind of always on top of my ball.

Do you think the third time could be the charm?

I’m not quite sure they'd ask me back. I've spent 191 days in the house so far and I'm definitely crazy at this point so I'd probably do 191 more if I had the chance.

I love the game. I love being able to play different angles of the game and you know, I had a good time.

Anything you’d like to say to the BB fans?

I appreciate all my fans that stuck by me, whether from last season or this season. I appreciate all the fans who understand the game aspect and the difficulties of the house and the gameplay.

Other than that, anyone else that wants to speak against the latter, can go ahead and sign up for BB two seasons in a row.

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