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Posted on Aug 10, 2018 03:40pm
​Big Brother 20 Live Feed Highlights For Week 7: Queen Bay Has Something To Say
Here's everything you need to know about the past week on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

Things were settling somewhat in the Big Brother house. The Power Apps were either used, exposed, or lying in wait, and the Houseguests were starting to believe their strategies and alliances might allow them to play the game as they hoped.

But, of course, the Houseguests should know better than to get cozy—and always be ready to expect the unexpected.

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This week's unexpected surprise came in the form of a wild new twist, the BB Hacker competition, and the ramifications of this new hurdle sent several Houseguests spinning out of control.

Angela started her time as Head of the Household calm and focused. Her plan from the get-go was to nominate Rockstar, use Scottie as a pawn, and backdoor Bayleigh.

But when Haleigh won the Hacker competition and anonymously replaced Scottie with Tyler on the block, Angela's control over the house wavered.

The consequences of the hacking
The 21-year-old college student may have thought her huge Hacker win was finally allowing her a chance to make some moves in the game and shed light on Tyler as an obvious threat in the house, but she couldn't foresee just how far the ramifications of her decisions would go.

After weeks of flying under the radar and staying in the good graces of both sides of the house, the Level 6 ringleader was visibly shook to find himself on the block. This fear drove Tyler to push through the physically grueling Veto competition to a win.

The blindside of all blindsides
Scottie paid Angela a visit to make sure she'd follow through on her pinky swear to keep him off the block. The reigning HOH gave a teary-eyed Scottie a hug and many assurances.

Later in the storage room, both Scottie and Tyler laughed over how they had started the week on the block, but were now both on their way to safety, and with prizes in hand!

Having only told her alliance of her plan to backdoor Bayleigh, Angela kept a straight face when the beauty queen came to her the night before the Veto ceremony to confirm her safety and reaffirm their friendship.

Queen Bay reiterated that the two of them had their (secretly formed) "Amazon Alliance" and left oblivious and content.

But the scheming fitness model was ready to make her mark on the house, and the next day she followed through with her promise to take Tyler off the block and blindside Bayleigh as the re-nom.

To add salt to a shocked Bayleigh's wound, she claimed the nomination was because she knew definitively Bayleigh was the hacker (spoiler: she was not). At least Fessy tried to lighten the mood for Bayleigh with his dance moves.

The Houseguests start to spiral
With the nominees for eviction firmly locked in, the Houseguests started to melt down. Bayleigh was shocked at Angela's betrayal and her bitterness only grew as the week went on.

Her conversations with her friends in the house were tear-filled and angry, and she accused almost everyone of mistreating her. Perhaps not surprisingly, Angela avoided speaking to Bay for two days after the nomination.

Bayleigh's seething and tears worked to build on Haleigh's increasing guilt over the unforeseen ramifications of her decisions as the BB Hacker. She finally broke down, admitting to the soon-to-be evictee that she was the Hacker and never intended for things to play out this way.

Haleigh told Faysal the truth, as well, and decided—despite Fessy's objections—that she needed to tell the entire household.

Some much needed punishments?
After a tumultuous week in the house, those with punishments from the Veto comp ended up providing some much needed relief from the tension.

Kaycee sang her way through the week dressed as Space Pec's peanut mascot and did so with a smile and added enthusiasm every time her silly song played. The other Houseguests got into the musical numbers, singing and dancing alongside Kaycee—even inside the pool!

Brett endured the demands of his Insta-Granny following him around for 24 hours, but it was Rockstar—who has made it known she neither prefers to cook nor exercise in the house—had the most challenging punishment to cook healthy recipes and exercise simultaneously. Certainly, she managed a little better at cooking than Rachel used to!

Sam vowed to do each challenge with her, at any hour, and soon many of the other Houseguests were running alongside Rockstar or cheering her on.

The constant flow of Rockstar's freshly baked foods at least helped to cheer up the Houseguests.

This week, Brett started to branch out from his Level 6 alliance, spending time with other Houseguests, like Scottie and even Rockstar.

Whether as reconnaissance for his alliance or for his own devious intentions, time will tell. One thing is for sure, he bored Rockstar to the max with his attempt at explaining complicated physics.

The tension comes to a head
Angela finally spoke to her target about her nomination the day before elimination, but Bayleigh wasn't here for any of her excuses and the conversation ended in even more tension.

Haleigh decided she couldn't stand another second of watching people accuse Bayleigh of being the hacker and she called for a house meeting.

Despite Haleigh's eloquence and clarity, the meeting had the unexpected result of pitting former friends Tyler and Bayleigh against one another, screaming over who said what the previous week.

Bay calmed down for the rest of the day, but conversations in the house started to shift toward which side had the most votes and whether everyone else should vote with the house or not.

Another Hacked week ahead
Kaycee pulled Sam aside for a last minute conversation before the elimination. Kaycee explained how close the votes were and that Sam should vote with the majority to eliminate Bayleigh.

But Sam has never been one for being pushed into decisions and she votes with her heart. Sam showed her solidarity to Bayleigh as the one vote in her favor on elimination night.

Despite Sam's single vote, Bayleigh was voted out of the Big Brother house during the Live Eviction. In an intriguing turn of events, Haleigh is going from this week's Hacker to next week's HOH.

Will she avenge Bayleigh's poor treatment and elimination? Will she be able to put a dent in the still strong Level 6 alliance? Or will Week 8's Hacker shake things up further still?

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