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​Big Brother 20 Live Feed Highlights For Week 10: The Houseguests Get Makeovers

Here's everything you need to know about the past week on the Big Brother Live Feeds.
Posted on Aug 30, 2018 | 07:05pm

It was a week of revelations and makeovers in the Big Brother house while HOH Angela continued to prove she really does always get what she wants. Fessy's big move the previous week set the stage for Angela to target him and Haleigh. And with Scottie gone, the duo had no one left in their court.

Kaycee's Veto win locked in Fayleigh's fate since Kaycee would never use the Veto on anyone outside her Level 6 alliance. One of them will be evicted from the Big Brother house come elimination night, but the secret Jury Battle Back could finally be the twist that breaks up the house.

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Haleigh's new game plan
Knowing that either she or Fessy would be eliminated come Thursday, and the person left behind would need friends in the house, Haleigh spent the week schmoozing with her enemies. She spent plenty of time in the HOH Room with Angela and company and played games with Kaycee. 

Obviously, this tactic didn't go over well with Fessy, who felt rejected in a week when all he wanted was to get some last cuddles in with Haleigh. When Haleigh cried to Brett in the hammock (and adamantly denied her showmance) it only made the situation worse. It seemed like Haleigh had time to flirt with everyone but Fessy, even the cameras.

Still, Haleigh and Fessy got some alone time, and Haleigh did an (almost) good job of hiding her annoyance every time Faysal admitted his actions the previous week were a mistake.

Level 6 starts to crack
With four of their original six alliance members left in the house and one of their own as HOH, Level 6 should feel safe as kittens for at least another week or two, but this week we saw the first fissures in the alliance's tight union.

JC flittered between Brett and Tyler this week, planting seeds of doubt. He made sure Brett started to doubt his level of closeness with Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee, reiterating that the other three would choose each other over Brett in a heartbeat. To Tyler, JC repeatedly warned that Angela and Kaycee were closer than he believed. 

Of course, despite their close friendship, JC has vastly underestimated how cozy Angela and Tyler have become, which could prove a problem for his own game. And while the duo flirt (literally) the lines of friendship and showmance, Tyler assured Kaycee this week that his feelings for Angela would in no way jeopardize his loyalty to their final two pact. 

Eventually, Tyler's debts will come due and we'll see which of the ladies stands at his side.

By far Level 6's biggest blunder this week was in blowing their own cover. First, Haleigh caught the foursome celebrating Angela's HOH win. Later in the week, the four of them and JC spent a chunk of time complaining about Sam, not knowing the HOH speaker was on and Sam heard their conversation in the kitchen below.

Angela did her best to smooth things over with Sam later, and she was cheerful enough to do handstands later, but the damage to Sam's loyalty may be done.

Sam's rotating stylist chair
Sam's hair salon was wide open for business this week and Tyler, Brett, and Kaycee all took a turn in the hot seat. Tyler was up first and Sam convinced the curly-haired bro to try out a softer, straightened look. With all that hair to work on, Tyler made for a very impatient client

His reaction to his new straightened do was worth the struggle and the girls of the house swooned, calling him Ty-zan for his resemblance to the bare-chested branch-swinger. JC, however, was not a fan of his new look.

Brett was next, letting Sam give him a gravity-defying look worthy of a cartoon villain or '80s band fanatic. Kaycee allowed Sam to straighten her hair, as well, causing the ladies of the house to swoon over her luxurious, thick mane

One thing's for sure, once Sam inevitably becomes a target for eviction, the house will be much less handsome without her.

Though Sam has had her share of mood swings in the house, and quitting smoking can't help matters, she managed to stay relatively cheerful this week. Even when JC tried to get under her skin by criticizing her energy levels

The Battle Back is coming
As Angela's true target, Fessy may be the one evicted from the Big Brother house Thursday night, but little does he or any of the other Houseguests know that a Battle Back competition awaits them immediately after the Live Eviction. 

Hopefully, Fessy is ready to fight his way back into the house. Sam's lessons on multi-tasking earlier this week could come in handy

The week's eviction may be a sure bet, but the Jury Battle Back and following HOH competition may throw all of the Houseguests off balance. Who will be the one who lands on their feet as the new Head of Household next week?

Will Haleigh be an immediate target once again, or will the house finally go after Sam after weeks of complaining about her? And could the return of someone from the other side of the house mean Level 6 should finally start sweating?

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