Where Are The Big Brother Season 20 Houseguests Now?

With Big Brother Season 21 premiering June 25, it's time catch up with last season's Houseguests!
Posted on Jun 14, 2019 | 04:35pm
It's hard to believe it's been a year since 16 bright-eyed and hopeful Houseguests entered the Big Brother Season 20 house.

Though the season featured a high-tech theme and the ever-watching eye of almost a hundred cameras, the Houseguests couldn't have been more removed from the connected life they knew.

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Once the confetti cleared and Kaycee Clark enjoyed her big moment as the winner of BB20, all of the Houseguests went on with life after this amazing experience.

So where are the Big Brother Season 20 Houseguests today?

Did alliances like Level 6, FOUTTE (Five Of Us Together To the End), and The Hive, not to mention several strong showmances (one of which resulted in a surprise engagement on finale night), thrive beyond the walls of the Big Brother house?

It looks like many of the Houseguests are still close friends and have plenty of people watching to see what they'll do next.

Steve Arienta
Everybody's favorite undercover cop—er, mechanic—may have been the first Houseguest to be ousted from the BB20 house, but he certainly doesn't harbor a grudge.

Steve continues to be friends with the other Houseguests, especially his day one ride-or-die ally, Scottie, and he isn't afraid to share the wisdom he gleaned from his short time in the house.
Sam Bledsoe
The Virginia country girl made her way as a floater to the Final Five despite disliking game talk and suffering from severe homesickness and cigarette withdrawals. Sam's social game just couldn't be denied and her mothering and craftiness were appreciated by her fellow Houseguests.

These days she's back at home and back to her country girl ways.

She also continues to showcase her extreme talent for crafting with her welding business.

Haleigh Broucher
Haleigh may have been among the youngest in the house, but she held her own for quite a while despite having allied herself with the self-imploding FOUTTE alliance and gotten into a showmance with the self-sabotaging Faysal.

The cheerfulness that carried her through the season continues in life after Big Brother. She and Faysal are still together, she's gone back to school to finish her Bachelor's degree studies, and is friends with many of her former Houseguests.

Thankful for these beautiful people ?

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Kaycee Clark
BB20's big winner won by being a true friend to everyone in the house, avoiding too much blood on her hands, and being a genuine soul.

So it's no surprise she's found admirers outside of the house and is currently in a relationship with model Tayler Jimenez.

Kaycee is also back on the field playing football for the San Diego Surge.

She already has a little warning for whoever winds up in the winner's circle after BB21:
Tyler Crispen
Tyler came in second to Kaycee after playing a very competitive game. No one else in the house juggled nearly as many Final Two deals, alliances, a showmance, or played in quite so many competitions.

In the end, Tyler had stepped on too many toes to win over the Jury, but he certainly won over viewers and took home America's Favorite Houseguest on top of his second place prize.

Outside of the house, Tyler piled on another award, winning Fan Favorite at the 6th annual Reality Television Awards.
His showmance with Angela holds strong and he moved to California to be with her. With her know-how, he's gotten into the modeling industry and started an accessory company with Angela called Naut & Chain.

Bayleigh Dayton
Bayleigh had a rollercoaster ride of a time in the Big Brother house. Unfortunately, her alliance couldn't stay unified resulting in the eviction of her Showmance partner Swaggy C in the second week.

But don't worry, finale night saw the two reunited with a surprise proposal and the two have been going strong ever since.

She also continues to pursue a career as a model.

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Kaitlyn Herman
The BB20 house had their own spirit guide in the form of Kaitlyn, but for all her meditation and zen, she found herself in the midst of quite a bit of drama throughout the season.

These days Kaitlyn has a great sense of humor about her time on the show.
Kaitlyn also continues to work as a life coach and makes time for the friendships she made in the Big Brother house.

Winston Hines
Winston was the third Houseguest to leave the Big Brother house but he left with a new best friend (and bonified bromance) in Brett.

A friendship that thrives outside of the house.

Angie "Rockstar" Lantry
Rockstar spent a harrowing amount of time on the block during the season, so it's no wonder that when she did let off steam, she let it off loud.

Still, she continued the long-standing tradition of honoring one's daughter while in the Big Brother house and stands by those sentiments to this day.
As the go-to person in the house for many HGs looking for emotional support, it's no surprise that Rockstar stays social in her day job now that she's back in the real world and is likely the sympathetic ear to anyone she makes a drink for.
JC Mounduix
JC was by far the most vivacious Houseguest of Season 20 and probably holds a record for Houseguest to be reprimanded by the voice of Big Brother the most.

JC even lovingly referred to him as "Bob." These days he still loves to talk and gabs with former Big Brother contestants on his AfterBuzz TV show Big Brother, Small World with JC Mounduix.
Brett Robinson
Brett was often the comedic relief of Season 20 with an impression or joke for every situation. Of course, his penchant for storytelling led to a few well-placed lies that threw chaos into the house as he nurtured his fellow Houseguests' paranoia.

He left the house with more than a few enemies, but all you need is one best friend to even things out; he and Winston have happily continued their bromance outside the house.
Angela Rummans
Angela stayed under the radar for much of Season 20 but was part of the power alliance Level 6 which assured her safety for quite a while. By the time she made her way to the Final Four, she had found a new reason for staying in the game: Tyler Crispen.

The two connected over a shared admiration for Hilton Head, South Carolina, and fell in love by the end of the game. As a couple going strong outside of the Big Brother house, they've even managed to make their way back to the town that inspired their affection.

Happier than a seagull with a french fry ? #hiltonhead

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Scottie Salton
Scottie was part of the failed FOUTTE alliance who's crush on Haleigh may have been what got him evicted from the house by one of his own allies.

As a fierce competitor, Scottie fought his way back into the house during a Battle Back. Unfortunately, it only bought him another week before he was back out the door.

At least Scottie walked away from the House with a Veto trip to Greece!

And a new best friend, of course.

Faysal Shafaat
Fessy may go down in BB history as one of the worst players with an unfortunate knack for making the wrong decisions and trusting the wrong people.

But his hopeless romantic side makes him lovable all the same. Haleigh seems to agree as the couple solidified their showmance in the Jury house and have been going strong ever since.

He also has a good sense of humor about his gameplay and some advice for future Big Brother Houseguests.
Rachel Swindler
Rachel brought huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm to the Big Brother house, but left in confusion, blindsided by her alliance. She didn't let the experience leave a sour taste in her mouth toward reality TV. She covers reality shows, including the upcoming BB21 for AfterBuzz TV.

Moving to LA has helped her pursue her on-camera career and maintain some of the strong friendships she formed while in the house.

Yesterday was fun?️‍?❤️.

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Chris "Swaggy C" Williams
Swaggy C went into Big Brother with arguably the most confidence and immediately made a splash by keeping him and his newly formed alliance safe in Week 1. But the mighty fall hardest and he sadly bid adieu to his new love interest, Bayleigh, and the rest of the HGs in Week 2.

Still, he made quite the impression among Big Brother fans and he's taken his trademark swagger to social media where he lets people in on life in and beyond reality TV.
Swaggy continues to have unlimited energy and often shares fun video projects with his fans, not to mention plenty of opinions on his favorite sports teams.

Don't miss the two-night premiere of Big Brother 21 on Tuesday, June 25 and Wednesday, June 26 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.