Which Big Brother Showmances Are Still Together?

Though there have been many showmances over the years, these adorable couples have stood the test of time.
Posted on Jun 21, 2019 | 01:25pm

Trap 16 people in a house full of cameras and you can definitely expect the unexpected.

Emotions are known to run high in the Big Brother house, but it's always a refreshing change of pace to see showmances blossom on the show. Of course, the pressure cooker of the house and reimmersion back into the real world post-Big Brother make for trying circumstances.

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So which Big Brother showmances actually survived the test of time? More than you'd think! Plus, a few relationships even stemmed out of Big Brother friendships which blossomed into romance outside of the house.

These Big Brother couples show that while winning BB is a huge accomplishment, finding true love is its own reward.

Jeff Schroeder And Jordan Lloyd (BB11)
Jeff and Jordan hold the particular distinction of proving that when you come to play Big Brother, you really can have it all. Jordan won Big Brother 11 while Jeff took home America's Favorite Houseguest.

They came back to compete as a couple in BB13 and jaunted around the world in The Amazing Race. They even got engaged inside the BB16 house when Jeff surprised Jordan after convincing her they were there to host a competition.

These days, the couple are happily married with two children, Layton and Lawson.

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Rachel Reilly And Brendon Villegas (BB12, BB13)
Obtaining the showmance moniker #Brenchel, the couple formed a powerful alliance but couldn't keep themselves from being ousted from the Big Brother house in Season 12.

But Rachel went on to win BB13 and the two competed on The Amazing Race, as well.

Rachel and Brendon married in 2012 and have a daughter named Adora.

Daniele Donato And Dominic Briones (BB13)
Daniele had a showmance when she first competed on Big Brother back in Season 8 with Houseguest Nick Starcevic. Fortunately for Dominic, that showmance fizzled, leaving her single and available when she returned for Season 13.

Dominic became her best friend in the house and the two married not long after the season was over.

These days they have a new baby girl, Tennessee.

Jessica Graf And Cody Nickson (BB19)
Getting into a showmance is a good way to paint a target on your back in the Big Brother house, and Jessica and Cody certainly felt the sting of their fellow HGs wrath.

But their isolation from the rest of the house only strengthened their bond with one another—and won America's sympathy in the form of awarding Cody America's Favorite Houseguest—and these days they are going strong.

The two married in 2018 and gave birth to their daughter, Maverick, in early 2019. They also won Season 30 of The Amazing Race together!

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Nicole Franzel And Victor Arroyo (BB18)
Nicole took home the grand prize in Season 18 of Big Brother, though her showmance with Corey Brooks didn't last outside the house. Little did she know it would be fellow BB18 Houseguest Victor who would prove to be her number one fan.

The two were engaged inside the Big Brother house during a special episode of BB20 and went on to compete together in Season 31 of The Amazing Race.

Chris "Swaggy C" Williams And Bayleigh Dayton (BB20)
Swaggy C and Bayleigh coupled up fairly quickly in the Big Brother house but were torn apart just as fast when Swaggy C was the second person evicted.

Still, their bond was a strong one, and Swaggy made strides outside of the house to connect with Bayleigh's family until they could be reunited.

He surprised Bayleigh (and America) by proposing to her on finale night with her family's blessing.

Tyler Crispen And Angela Rummans (BB20)​
Tyler and Angela flirted throughout Season 20 and were part of the power alliance, Level 6, but it wasn't until the last few weeks of the game where they finally had the space they needed to admit their feelings for one another.

They kept their showmance a secret (though many suspected) until finale night when Tyler took home second place and America's Favorite Houseguest.

He moved to California to be with Angela shortly after the finale and the two have pursued creative endeavors and a life together ever since.

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Can Cupid's arrow once again hit its mark during the upcoming season of Big Brother?

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