What Are The Big Brother Season 21 Houseguests Doing Now?

Catch up with the Big Brother Season 21 Houseguests and see how life outside the house is treating them.
Posted on Dec 6, 2019 | 02:55pm
It's been a few months since the Big Brother Season 21 finale and we're all still processing what a nail-biter of a season it was.

A secret alliance between two previous acquaintances? Houseguests living in the house but not competing until a comeback? A major alliance imploding on itself on a live eviction night? Two underdogs taking on a super showmance in the Final Four? A showmance in the Final Two? So much to unpack!

The summer in the Big Brother 21 house may have been themed for summer camp, but the 16 Houseguests endured much more than s'more making and pesky mosquitos. So how are the Houseguests holding up after a few months out of the house?

Let's take a look at where the Big Brother Season 21 Houseguests are today!

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Holly Allen
She may have been runner-up on finale night, but Holly walked away from the Big Brother house with $50k and a brand new beau.

The Wyoming native and LA transplant returned to life in LA with her dog, Jackson (no resemblance to her new BF), and has been keeping up her relationship with Jackson Michie, her devotion to her friends, and duties in the pageantry world.


David Alexander
David was the first one "out" of the house but got the chance of a lifetime when Camp Comeback was introduced and he found himself back in the House as a camper, if not a competitor.

His time in Camp Comeback allowed David a rare chance to get especially close to the other Houseguests despite his outsider status and his current friendships reflect that. Even Jack, who expressed feeling especially threatened by David's gameplay and apologized to him on finale night, has trained with David sharing their love of fitness. Fellow Houseguest, Bella was more than happy to show David around when he decided to move to Los Angeles.


Nicole Anthony
Third place winner Nicole played an insightful and daunting game in the Big Brother house. She was often up against those whose social and physical games were more than a little intimidating.

Nicole showed what she was made of later in the season, standing up for herself repeatedly, doing her best to rely on her gut, and taking every opportunity possible to remind those watching the feeds that nothing is as important as being true to yourself.

A mantra she clearly continues to chant to as she travels, meets other BB alumni, and embraces the fans who voted her America's Favorite Houseguest.



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Tommy Bracco
The BB21 house's resident performer made sure his fellow Houseguests picked up smooth dance moves if nothing else from the summer.

Tommy spent quite a bit of time in the house, having made it to the Final Five, and treated the other Houseguests like family. All while keeping a very big secret: he and Christie knew each other from outside of the house.

These days he's clearly happy to be back with his actual family and recently took a trip to Disneyland. He's made time for his BB BFF Christie, dressing with her for Halloween in matching BB Poison Ivy outfits.


Kathryn Dunn
Kat was the resident conspiracy theorist, comedic relief, and surprisingly sneaky player of BB21. She quite successfully played multiple sides of the house, protecting herself for some time.

As a member of the Jury, she surprised everyone by taking up a flirtation with Nick, one that appears to be continuing out in the real world.

Kat stays busy modeling, doing public appearances, and has capitalized on her trademark phrase with a line of clothing aimed at "conspiring bitches."


Drug store. . .but make it fashion ✨

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Kemi Fakunle
Kemi was the queen of side-eye and sass in the house, always with her trademark dry humor and cuteness.

As a result, she may not have made it out of Camp Comeback but she made it directly into the hearts of fans. She wasn't afraid to speak her truth on finale night and she continues to bring the realness outside of the house in her life in NYC.

Not to mention her killer fashion sense.


Cliff Hogg III
Cliff surprised everyone inside and outside of the house by proving himself to be a true strategist and Big Brother Superfan.

Cliff made his way to the Final Four before mistakenly putting his trust in Michie but he was so clearly happy to have played the game, he made for one chipper Jury member.

These days, Cliff is back in Texas with his family and took one of his best friends from the house back with him. Orwell has surely never been better cared for.


Ovi Kabir
If making cookies could win Big Brother, Ovi would have come out on top. As it was, he made it into Camp Comeback long enough to form a tight friendship with Nicole and leave as a house hero, standing up to bullies and advocating for diversity and inclusion.

Ovi keeps up with the BB friends he made, especially Nicole, and is back to life with his girlfriend.


Funn week in Dallas with this beautiful woman

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Nick Maccarone
Nick possibly engaged the most in BB21's house drama, starring alongside Christie in the infamous Taco Tuesday blow-out. Outside of the house, however, he appears to keep a much lower profile.

He and Kat formed a strong bond in the Jury house and her calming and quirky influence continues to attract him.


Jack Matthews
Jack played a hard and fast game that included turning on his own Final Two partner Michie, essentially dissolving the Gr8ful/Six-Shooters alliance. Despite his paranoia and tendency toward harsh observations, Jack made it far enough to become the first member of the Jury.

Outside of the house, Jack continues to be a trainer and fitness enthusiast. He and Analyse kept up their romance post-BB for a while before deciding to give it a break, but he expresses his admiration and love for fellow Houseguests eagerly and often.


Jackson Michie
King of cliche sayings and watermelon-eating, Michie took home the grand prize by being singularly focused—even while maintaining a showmance with Holly. Michie made it clear on finale night that the only person whose opinion he was concerned with was his mother's, and post-Big Brother, a top priority for him was reconnecting with family.

Holly appears to be a big part of Michie's life—she even went home with him for Thanksgiving! And it seems bygones are bygones with Jack, who is now back to being one of Michie's close friends.


Jessica Milagros
Jessica was a trusting and motherly influence in the BB21 house, though she certainly could put on a shocked and dramatic face whenever the twists of the game took her by surprise.

All that dramatic tension has paid off outside of the house, though, where she continues to mug for the camera as a model and even had a cameo appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful.


Spiritual train-wrecks ???

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Christie Murphy
The guru of the BB21 house, Christie spoke often about manifesting her way through the game. In the end, she couldn't quite manifest a win, but certainly left an impression.

She also managed to successfully keep her and Tommy's previous relationship a secret until they decided to tell the Jury together.

Back at home in New Jersey, Christie continues to run her retail business and enjoys the perks of being a part of the Big Brother family, spending more time with Tommy, and finally meeting her not-so-spiritual sister, BB20's Kaitlyn Herman.


Sam Smith
Sam was known to tell it like it is in the house, but he was also eager to tell a good story and make his fellow HGs laugh. He talked often of his family and life on the road as a truck driver.

Post-Big Brother, he is back at home and enjoyed being just as baffled as the rest of us watching the rest of the season play out on TV this summer.

Sam may have missed out on going to Jury, but he didn't leave the Big Brother house empty-handed. Sam won a trip to Fiji and he and his wife got to enjoy an exciting beach trip.


Analyse Talavera
Analyse suffered through a few fun punishments in the house and endured a few jokes at her expense as well, but she was always quick to laugh at herself and was the unofficial "little sister" of the house.

She quickly fell into a flirtation with Jack, which has since ended, but returned to her life in LA after finale night, continuing to model and advocate for physical and mental health. All with her trademark sense of humor.


I’m a dog mom without a dog and it’s a problem

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Isabella Wang
When Bella left the BB house, she'd made quite a few enemies, stirred up some trouble, and gained a boyfriend. Outside of the house, she watched with the rest of America as her enemies found themselves in new trouble and her boyfriend flirted his way through the house (and into Jury).

Needless to say, Bella had plenty of reason to chop off her hair, go blonde, and get empowered to be her best self outside of the house.

She appears to have made her amends with other Houseguests (except those she's cut out entirely) and is living her best life. She even kept up her re-pierced nose ring!

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The Big Brother 21 Houseguests continue to prove that a summer in the house can only make you stronger!

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