The Winners

Check out photos of each Big Brother winner. Who will be next? Watch the new season of Big Brother premiering Wed. June 25!

Eddie McGee

1. Eddie McGee

Eddie McGee, center, was the very first winner of Big Brother.
Will Kirby

2. Will Kirby

Will Kirby won Big Brother, and later came back to compete in Big Brother: All-Stars.
Lisa Donahue

3. Lisa Donahue

As the first female winner in Big Brother history, Lisa took home the winnings in Big Brother 3.
Jun Song

4. Jun Song

Jun, right, earned six out of seven jury votes which clinched her win in Big Brother 4.
Drew Daniel

5. Drew Daniel

Drew received four out of the seven jury votes and was named the winner of Big Brother 5.
Maggie Ausburn

6. Maggie Ausburn

Maggie was the winner of Big Brother 6.

7. Mike "Boogie" Malin

Boogie won Big Brother: All Stars, which was his second time competing on the show. He first competed in Big Brother 2, and also competed in Big Brother 14.
Dick Donato

8. Dick Donato

Dick Donato won Big Brother 8.
Adam Jasinski

9. Adam Jasinski

Adam was the winner of Big Brother 9.
Dan Gheesling

10. Dan Gheesling

As the winner of Big Brother 10, Dan was the first winner ever to receive all seven votes from the jury.
Jordan Lloyd

11. Jordan Lloyd

Jordan's sweet personality helped her clinch the win in Big Brother 11.
Hayden Moss

12. Hayden Moss

With the help of his successful alliance The Brigade, Hayden won Big Brother 12.
Rachel Reilly

13. Rachel Reilly

Second time is the charm for Rachel. She won Big Brother 13 after previously competing in Big Brother 12.
Ian Terry

14. Ian Terry

Ian Terry's early strategy was to take all of the punishments, and that helped him get to the end. Ian won Big Brother 14.
Andy Herren

15. Andy Herren

Andy is the latest Big Brother winner; he came out on top in Big Brother 15.