14 Reasons Donny is the King of Quotes

Check out a collection of Donny's best quotes from the season so far!

"I'm probably smarter than they think I am, but I'm probably not as smart as I think I am."

"I felt like I just won the best beard contest at the county fair."

"When ya stretch, it ever make ya bust a beans?"


​ "To pretty colors and high definition!"

"Doggone it!"

"Fear the beard, BUG!"

"Oh, Lord. I don't do crunches, I don't do sit-ups... umm... no."

"People gonna be seein’ me on TV thinkin’, what in the world is that old man doing with those young ladies?"

"I think I got one foot longer than the other."

"I feel like I been shot out of a cannon and landed on Mars."

"There was this, uh-prostitute, she never done her trade for money, she only done it for spaghetti, so they call her a pastatute."

"I'm not whistlin' just to be whistlin'. What I'm doin' is... I'm distractin' 'em."

"There is somethin’ very fun about swingin’. The pointin' of the toes, the pullin' of the ropes, it was a good feelin’."

"Hashtag lucky beard day!"