9 Quotable Moments from Episode 9

Check out nine of the best quotes that came from episode nine!

"We start with the dumbest first, don't ya'll agree?...Definitely Caleb, because he likes to brag about stuff" - Donny, after deciding Team America's plan

"The backdoor is the only door." - Devin, after not being nominated

"Yo, when are we going to make this offish?" - Hayden, asking Nicole about their showmance

"Where's Pao Pao when you need her?" - Nicole, when she can't decide on a second nominee

"Donny, get over here so I can kiss you!" - Amber, after winning the Battle of the Block

"I'm really good at starting rumors." - Frankie, regarding Team America's mission

"Is your buddy your buddy?" - Donny, talking to Nicole about putting up Christine

"There is a 150% chance Devin will be the next one out the door." - Zach

"Wait, Frankie, I'm not done with your sister!" - Victoria, asking about Frankie's siblings