Behind the Scenes: Donny's Family with Jeff Schroeder

Jeff Schroeder visited Donny's family in North Carolina- check out exclusive photos!

Jeff as Donny

1. Jeff as Donny

Jeff takes on Donny's morning routine. Donny eats Pop Tarts for breakfast every day!
Donny's parents

2. Donny's parents

Donny's parents, Gaynelle and Ralph, get ready to chat with America about their famous son.
Jeff with Donny's Family

3. Jeff with Donny's Family

Jeff poses with Donny's two sisters; Susan and Penny, his brother, Tommy, and his nephew, Chaz.
Donny's girlfriend and family

4. Donny's girlfriend and family

From left: Donny's girlfriend Kristine, his sisters Susan and Penny, Jeff Schroeder, and Donny's brother Tommy.

5. Yardwork

Jeff walks in Donny's shoes for the day and does some grounds-keeping.
Tommy and Jeff

6. Tommy and Jeff

Jeff spends time with Donny's brother, Tommy.