The 16 Best Houseguest Duckfaces

Duckface, air-kissing, whatever you want to call it-- the Houseguests are showing their love for the popular pose!

Cody and Amber

1. Cody and Amber

Cody and Amber gave their best face when he took his HoH photos.

2. Cody

Cody puckers up.
Christine and Victoria

3. Christine and Victoria

These ladies have some fun in the BB photo booth.

4. Frankie

Frankie throws up some deuces.
Double duck face

5. Double duck face

Cody and Nicole pose in the BB photo booth.

6. Kisses

Frankie and Victoria share their love for each other.
Caleb and Jocasta

7. Caleb and Jocasta

These two pucker up for the camera.
Beautiful brunettes

8. Beautiful brunettes

These ladies show off their luscious lips.
Brittany and Victoria

9. Brittany and Victoria

Brittany and Victoria blow kisses in the BB photo booth.

10. Lipstick

Frankie shows off his kiss.
Three's a crowd

11. Three's a crowd

Hayden, Amber and Nicole squeeze in the photo booth and show off their best duck faces.
Kisses and peace signs

12. Kisses and peace signs

Nicole and Christine pose for Caleb's HoH photos.
Donny and Jocasta

13. Donny and Jocasta

Donny and Jocasta pucker up for the camera.
Lounging by the pool

14. Lounging by the pool

Victoria and Brittany show off their kissers for the camera.
The guys pose

15. The guys pose

Hayden, Cody and Derrick give their best duck face.

16. Cody

While Cody was HoH, he took photos of his duck face all around the BB house.