Jocasta's Best Bow Ties

It's rare you see Jocasta without her signature bowties! Check out some of her best looks this season.

Jocasta's fashion statement

1. Jocasta's fashion statement

Jocasta's bow ties have gotten a lot of airtime on Big Brother this season.
All smiles

2. All smiles

Her bow ties make an appearance when she's happy....
Black and white bow tie

3. Black and white bow tie

...when she's chatting with other houseguests....
Catching some rays

4. Catching some rays

...and even when she is sunbathing!
Colorful bow tie

5. Colorful bow tie

Jocasta hangs around the kitchen with her bow tie.
All in red

6. All in red

Jocasta and her bow tie get ready to enter the Big Brother house.
Wearing black

7. Wearing black

Jocasta, can your fun bow tie cheer you up?
Hanging out in the bathroom

8. Hanging out in the bathroom

Her bow tie goes with her everywhere.
Orange on orange

9. Orange on orange

There are so many fun colors that she works with.
In the backyard

10. In the backyard

Jocasta chats with other houseguests with her trusty bow tie.
In the Photo Booth

11. In the Photo Booth

She poses with her pal Donny in the BB photo booth with a fun bow tie.
Jocasta is evicted

12. Jocasta is evicted

Her trusty bow tie even joined her out of the house.
Jocasta's Bow Tie

13. Jocasta's Bow Tie

Thanks, bow tie, for the memories.