16 Reasons Why Houseguests Take the Best Selfies

When the houseguests grab hold of the HoH camera, anything goes! See some of the best selfies they've taken so far.

Donny and Caleb

1. Donny and Caleb

Caleb snaps a photo of himself and Donny earlier this season.
Hammock selfie

2. Hammock selfie

Caleb grabs Brittany and Frankie to pose for his HoH photos.
Shirtless selfie

3. Shirtless selfie

Caleb begins the fun with a selfie in the diary room.
Hayden's selfie

4. Hayden's selfie

Hayden's taken many silly selfies.
Underwater shot

5. Underwater shot

Why limit your selfies to dry land?
Lovely ladies

6. Lovely ladies

Amber and Victoria take a selfie while lounging in the sun.
Devin, Amber and Derrick

7. Devin, Amber and Derrick

Devin's ability to take a great selfie is uncanny.
Team America

8. Team America

Frankie and Derrick show off their love for Team America.
Group shot

9. Group shot

How many people can Frankie get in his selfie?
Bathroom selfie

10. Bathroom selfie

Zach and Amber perfect their pose.
Goofy faces

11. Goofy faces

Cody snaps a goofy selfie with Donny and Jocasta.
In the shower

12. In the shower

Devin doesn't miss a selfie opportunity just because he's about to get into the shower.
Hayden and Amber

13. Hayden and Amber

Although they may be evicted, their silly-face selfie lives on.
Christine's funny pose

14. Christine's funny pose

Paying homage to Christine's signature goofy pose is absolutely necessary.
Nicole poses

15. Nicole poses

When Nicole was HoH, she snapped a photo of her best selfie face.
Cody's duckface

16. Cody's duckface

Cody grabbed Christine's HoH camera and snapped a photo of his best duckface.