Cody's Second Time as HoH

Check out photos from Cody's second rule as HoH.

Sleeping selfie

1. Sleeping selfie

Cody catches Caleb napping.
Cody's all rock and roll

2. Cody's all rock and roll

Cody practices his rock and roll selfie.
HoH victory belt

3. HoH victory belt

Cody hows off his keepsake for winning HoH.
Christine & Cody

4. Christine & Cody

Cheek to cheek silly faces.
Mirror Selfie

5. Mirror Selfie

Cody gets meta in the mirror.
Laundry time

6. Laundry time

Cody cleans up his act.
Peeping Cody?

7. Peeping Cody?

Cody takes a candid of Nicole.
Where are the Houseguests?

8. Where are the Houseguests?

Can you find Christine and Frankie?
A confused Victoria

9. A confused Victoria

Cody catches a confused Victoria.
The balcony scene

10. The balcony scene

All Cody needs is his Juliet.
Tree house living

11. Tree house living

Cody poses in the tree house.
Cody Mode Cowboy

12. Cody Mode Cowboy

Cody channels his buddy Caleb.
Up in the air

13. Up in the air

Cody and Christine have lift off.