29 Reasons Why Big Brother 16 Was Amazing

<a href=Beast Mode Cowboy " id = "63059" />

Beast Mode Cowboy

Caleb, better known as Beast Mode Cowboy, stayed true to his nickname by winning many physically demanding competitions during the season.
<a href=The Bomb Squad " id = "63033" />

The Bomb Squad

The Bomb Squad may have blown up as promises were broken between cast members, but it sure started with a bang! It first began as an all-male group and eventually included Amber and Christine after Devin enlisted them.
Caleb Gets His <a href=Date with Amber" id = "63031" />

Caleb Gets His Date with Amber

One of Caleb's best nights in the house was his date with Amber. As for her, not so much.
<a href=Team America " id = "63065" />

Team America

Team America, comprised of Derrick, Donny and Frankie, completed many memorable missions this season. For every mission they won, they got $5K individually. The last mission to complete is to win the game. We'll have to see if Derrick is able to sweep the final challenge.
<a href=Devin's Breakdown Led to Him Being Backdoored" id = "63039" />

Devin's Breakdown Led to Him Being Backdoored

Everyone remembers Devin's emotional house meeting where he came clean on some of his early game moves and vowed to play a loyal game until the end. That may have backfired, because he was backdoored shortly after by a unanimous house vote.
<a href=Zankie " id = "63055" />


Who didn't love Zankie? The unexpected "bromance" of the summer certainly kept fans entertained.
<a href=Haycole " id = "63048" />


Hayden and Nicole were Season 16's cutest and only showmance. Hayden's school-boy crush eventually got him some kisses. Though she was playing hard to get, Nicole seemed to fall for this Cali boy in the end.
<a href=The Hitmen " id = "63062" />

The Hitmen

Eastcoasters Cody and Derrick, solidified their commitment to each other when The Hitmen formed early in the game. It proved to be the strongest alliance of the season, bringing them all the way to the season finale.
Brittany's <a href=Brutal Punishment " id = "63058" />

Brittany's Brutal Punishment

Brittany kicked her way to 2400 soccer goals in 24 hours during her goal-oriented challenge and felt the support of the house during the final countdown.
Donny's <a href=Letter from Girlfriend" id = "63040" />

Donny's Letter from Girlfriend

Donny's heartfelt letter from his girlfriend, Christine, brought on both laughter and tears.
The Original <a href=Fruit Loop Dingus" id = "63044" />

The Original Fruit Loop Dingus

It was during a nomination ceremony, when "Zach Attack" first uttered the words "fruit loop dingus" to Nicole. It's been a hit ever since!
<a href=Adam and Eve" id = "63030" />

Adam and Eve

Caleb and Victoria spent 48 hours tied together as "Adam and Eve".
<a href=The Face-Off" id = "63042" />

The Face-Off

When Caleb decided to sit out on the BoB competition after an intense face-off with Frankie, Frankie goes on to single-handedly win it, beating Donny and Zach.
A <a href=Grande Reveal" id = "63130" />

A Grande Reveal

Frankie had a "Grande" reveal when he shared that he is the brother of Ariana Grande, which left many of the Houseguests in awe.
<a href=First Double Eviction" id = "63129" />

First Double Eviction

The first double eviction of the season sent Jocasta and Hayden out the door.
<a href=Zingbot and Kathy Griffith" id = "63066" />

Zingbot and Kathy Griffith

The infamous Zingbot made an appearance on Season 16 along with guest Kathy Griffin, both of whom poked fun at the Houseguests.
An <a href=Unexpected Challenge Beast" id = "63060" />

An Unexpected Challenge Beast

Donny proved to be an unexpected challenge beast in the game, going from underdog to top dog and consistently saving himself with his PoV wins.
<a href=Zach's Eviction Speech" id = "63054" />

Zach's Eviction Speech

Zach was sure to leave the house with his usual spunk and confidence, giving the Houseguests one last chuckle as he sprinkled Fruit Loops on them.
Houseguests Received <a href=Videos from Home" id = "63038" />

Houseguests Received Videos from Home

Julie Chen surprised each Houseguest with a family video from home which had many of them in tears.
<a href=Nicole's Return to the Game" id = "63052" />

Nicole's Return to the Game

Nicole fought her way back into the game in Episode 26, right after Zach's eviction.
The <a href=Second Double Eviction" id = "63029" />

The Second Double Eviction

Nicole and Christine were sent packing during the season's second double eviction.
<a href=Victoria's Competition Flops" id = "63128" />

Victoria's Competition Flops

It was no secret that Victoria had fallen short on most competitions this summer. Here was just one slip up.
Jeff and Jordan's <a href=Engagement " id = "63050" />

Jeff and Jordan's Engagement

Former Big Brother Houseguests Jeff and Jordan took their relationship to the next level with a surprise backyard proposal at the same location where they first met.
<a href=The Rewind Button " id = "63064" />

The Rewind Button

One of the biggest game-changers this season was the Rewind Button which was pushed by all the Houseguests. It rewound the game one week and dethroned Frankie as HoH.
<a href=Izzy " id = "63063" />


One of the best surprises of the season was a visit from Izzy, the dog.
The <a href=Jury's Return for the Luxury Competition" id = "63051" />

The Jury's Return for the Luxury Competition

While the remaining Houseguests watched from a TV in the HoH room, the jury members swept though the house as part of the luxury competition and left each room in shambles.
<a href=Frankie's Glittery Goodbye" id = "63061" />

Frankie's Glittery Goodbye

Frankie was all smiles with his glittery goodbye out of the Big Brother house.
<a href=Derrick's Final 4 HoH Win" id = "63127" />

Derrick's Final 4 HoH Win

Derrick knew that winning HoH as one of the final four was his best move yet because it ensured him a spot in the final three.
Derrick: Never on the Block

Derrick: Never on the Block

Derrick sure looks comfortable being the only person to have never sat on the chopping block all season.