ICYMI: First Impressions Of The Big Brother Houseguests

Meet Jason Roy

1. Meet Jason Roy

With his flamboyant personality and love for the game, Jason is ready to invade the Big Brother house and take home the moolah. In fact, this Big Brother historian is hoping the prize money can put an end to his grocery-bagging days and allow him to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. How will the self-proclaimed "gay glue" bond with the other Houseguests? We shall see!

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Meet Meg Maley

2. Meet Meg Maley

Meg is in for a major culture shock when she leaves the rough-and-tumble streets of New York City for the (relatively) quiet seclusion of the Big Brother house. Lucky for fans, this girl is up for the challenge and she's spent a lot of time studying up on her game play. She might be goofy, but that doesn't mean Meg isn't capable of playing a shrewd game. 

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Meet Becky Burgess

3. Meet Becky Burgess

Will Becky’s feminine wiles cast a spell on her fellow Houseguests? We’ll find out soon enough. This Denver native described herself as “loud, silly, and kinda goofy,” and she hopes those qualities don’t work against her. Aside from winning the prize money, Becky is also hoping to win the hearts of America.

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Meet Audrey Middleton

4. Meet Audrey Middleton

“There’s a chance I could be a misunderstood hero,” Audrey told Jeff Schroeder in her first BB interview. That said, there was nothing unclear about her approach to the game: Keep it together, don’t let your emotions get in the way, and play to win. This 25-year-old claims Big Brother has never seen a Houseguest like her before, and we can’t wait to see Audrey in action.

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Meet Austin Matelson

5. Meet Austin Matelson

Austin might look like a gentle giant, but looks can be deceiving. There’s a good chance the 30-year-old’s size and stature will be intimidating to some, but Austin is a sweet guy with strong morals, values, and integrity. However, when he puts on his top hat, he turns into his WWE alter ego, Judas, who’s willing to do whatever it takes to win—even if it means turning into a snake.

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Meet Shelli Poole

6. Meet Shelli Poole

Shelli might be missing all the people (and pets) she left behind in Atlanta, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t 100-percent focused on the game. In fact, she’s already thought about a possible strategy: Lay low in the beginning, don’t stand out, and take the time to figure out who you can trust. With a bubbly personality and ease around people, it’s going to be hard for Shelli to totally blend into the background, but anything’s possible.

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Meet James Huling

7. Meet James Huling

When James said he was going to try to play the game with integrity, we totally believe him! Sure, it would be awesome for anyone to win half-a-million dollars, but this downright country boy is doing it all for his family. More specifically, so he can give his daughter and adopted son a better life than he had. Swoon alert!

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Meet Clay Honeycutt

8. Meet Clay Honeycutt

Clay is obviously easy on the eyes, but this self-proclaimed mama’s boy seems to have a good heart, too. After all, if he wins the prize money, he says he’s going to pay for grad school. (This Texas native is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Sports Management at Texas A&M.) Not only does Clay have the brains, but he also has the brawn, having played college football alongside Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel. We’re currently taking bets on who this tall drink of water tackles first in the Big Brother house.

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Meet Steve Moses

9. Meet Steve Moses

Don’t let Steve’s geeky exterior fool you. This Ivy Leaguer knows his Big Brother history and has wished for this very opportunity “since forever.” In fact, based on his time on the couch with Jeff, Steve is still pinching himself about becoming a Houseguest. Reality will hit soon enough, though, and that’s when this nerd is going to go for the jugular—at least when it comes to convincing his roommates he’s just an innocent kid, when he’s actually a self-proclaimed master of game play. Does that mean single Steve is safe from falling into a showmance? Probably, but never say never.

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Meet Liz Nolan

10. Meet Liz Nolan

“Miami is in the building,” Liz told Jeff Schroeder in their one-on-one interview, “so be on the lookout because I’m gonna shake things up!” We don’t doubt this Florida firecracker for a second. After all, she said her strategy consists of “tight little black shorts.” Get it, girl! In all seriousness, though, Liz is ready to flirt her way to the top, but doesn’t want to get her emotions involved. Not only is she an ugly crier, but the marketing coordinator knows what happens when you show weakness in the Big Brother house: “People are gonna pounce on you like a pack of wolves.” Roar!

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Meet Da'Vonne Rogers

11. Meet Da'Vonne Rogers

Da’Vonne might be single—she recently got out of an eight-year relationship—but she’s not looking to hook up with any of her fellow Houseguests, especially because she’ll stop at nothing to win the $500,000 prize. How will she stay motivated once inside the house? All she has to do is think of her 7-month-old daughter, who is the entire reason why she’s there. This California girl is definitely down to have some fun, but nothing’s going to come between her and the opportunity to provide a better life for her baby.

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Meet Jace Agolli

12. Meet Jace Agolli

Jace might live at the beach, but he’s no bum. Instead, this Georgia native is an admitted adrenaline addict who will do almost anything to achieve that next big high. Yes, sir, this guy’s a no-nonsense adventure-seeker who tends to get along with everyone, which could be both a blessing and a curse in the Big Brother house. While the longhaired surfer says it’d be awesome to win the prize money, he’s all about the competition’s game play. Bring on the twists because Jace is ready!

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Meet Vanessa Rousso

13. Meet Vanessa Rousso

When Vanessa was an undergrad at Duke University, she studied game theory. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean her advanced education will give her an advantage against her fellow Houseguests. While the Las Vegas DJ sorts out a plan of attack, she’s focusing all her attention on surviving the first week without anyone recognizing her from TV. Does that mean this blonde-haired beauty is a star of the small screen? Sorta, but she’s waiting to spill all the deets.

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Meet John McGuire

14. Meet John McGuire

John “Johnny Mac” McGuire might consider himself a huge Big Brother fan, but he’s not going to share that juicy tidbit with any of his fellow Houseguests because he thinks playing dumb will serve as a better strategy. With an infectious laugh and a fun-loving attitude, this 27-year-old Pennsylvanian spends his days as a dentist and his nights wailing on the guitar. Johnny Mac knows he might have a polarizing personality, but he’s not stressed. In fact, he can’t wait to get into the house and let the game play begin!

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