Vanessa Buddies Up With The Houseguests As Big Brother's HoH This Week

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

1. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

We’re wondering what Jason, Clay, and Johnny Mac have seen, heard, and spoken in the BB house that has them keeping things so under wraps this week.
Sisterly love

2. Sisterly love

Shelli and Liz (and her twin sister, Julia) share a strong family bond—all three of them are in the same sorority. Shelli rushed the organization when she went to University of Georgia, whereas Liz and Julia both joined while attending Loyola University New Orleans.
Friends hanging out

3. Friends hanging out

Austin's been very protective of the twins this season. Can you tell which sister is chilling with the Clay Aiken-lovin' pro wrestler? 
Blonde babes

4. Blonde babes

Becky, Vanessa, and Meg chill on the couch for a fab photo. Looks like this week's appearance by Rob Gronkowski kept them in the partying mood. 
Sleeping in the daylight

5. Sleeping in the daylight

Vanessa pokes fun at Audrey's ability to snooze in the sun. As this week's HoH, Vanessa's opened up, saying that Audrey's actually not her current target. Instead, she's actually gunning for James and Jeff. 
Fanning the HoH

6. Fanning the HoH

When you're the HoH, it's only right you have your own personal fanners to cool you off, right? Maybe this was a way for Clay and James to get on Vanessa's good side.
Strike a pose

7. Strike a pose

In between Battle of the Block competitions and Power of Veto ceremonies, Shelli, Austin, Jeff, Becky, and James show us they're still able to have a good time with each other.
Float on

8. Float on

Clay and Austin rock their shades with the infamous Big Brother rubber ducky. Cool dudes, they are!
1, 2, 3, smile!

9. 1, 2, 3, smile!

Vanessa was sure to get a killer group shot before this week's eviction takes the Houseguests from 14 to 13.
Abs for days

10. Abs for days

Either these guys are doing couch crunches or they're just taking a break from the intensity of the game. 
Lady loungin'

11. Lady loungin'

Vanessa sits pretty beside her fellow female Houseguests—all of which appear to be safe this week from elimination. 
Settled in the shade

12. Settled in the shade

This group of guys decides to settle in the shade before the heat rises in the house.
Surprise, surprise

13. Surprise, surprise

Audrey's cat nap was interrupted by a lurking James. Good thing this southern lady has a good sense of humor! 
Time to reflect

14. Time to reflect

Steve's been known to keep a quiet game in the house and reflecting on his personal strategy is something he takes very seriously—especially as a BB superfan.
Bringing the balance

15. Bringing the balance

Though Austin lost his chance as this week's sole HoH, Vanessa's kept him looped into her strategy, allowing him to breathe easy—and the chance to do effortless handstands.