ICYMI What Moves Will Judas Make Next?

Austin crosses the HoH finish line.

1. Austin crosses the HoH finish line.

Austin and James went head-to-head in a suspenseful endurance battle for HoH. Each of the Houseguests anxiously waited—with their feet and hands on three different buttons—for the word "Go!" to appear on the screen. After a series of rhyming words flashed, which tricked a lot of the HGs into timing out, the competitors finally got the green light and raced towards the finish line. 

By a hair, the bearded giant defeated Captain Camo and took home the prized HoH room key, which put the Austwins in power for another week. 
Austin reflects on his many alliances.

2. Austin reflects on his many alliances.

So, he's got the power this week... Now what? 

Austin and the twins have successfully made alliances with every person in the house. In case you need a reminder of which groups they've formed, they are: 
  • Austin's Angels: Vanessa, Liz, Julia, and Austin
  • Scamper Squad: Vanessa, Liz, Julia, Austin, and Steve
  • Brass Tacks: Liz, Julia, Austin, James, and Meg
  • Handshake Alliance: Liz, Julia, Austin, Johnny Mac, and Steve
Stressed about the big decision he needed to make this week, Austin took some time to strategize his next move. It was then he started to realize that being aligned with everyone means he'd inevitably have to betray someone.

Meg and James floss away fears of going home this week.

3. Meg and James floss away fears of going home this week.

There were two things Austin was adamant about this week. First, the twins would be safe. Secondly, he would honor the alliance he formed with Meg and James. 

So, how did he choose which alliance he'd protect? By how much fun the Houseguests in each alliance were, of course! 

Cheers, Grandma and Captain Camo. Your likable personalities have guaranteed you another week of chumming it up with Austwins. 
Liz proves you can put a number on love.

4. Liz proves you can put a number on love.

Things are heating up for the remaining BB17 showmance, and there's no sign of the passion cooling down any time soon. While canoodling in the hammock, Austin and Liz told each other what they liked most about the other one.

For Liz, it all boiled down to Austin's omelettes. Of course, she also admitted that his butt and muscles were key factors, as well. Being the romantic that he is, Austin told Liz he loves her soft skin and her amazing kissing skills.

As if this scene wasn't romantic enough, Liz also admitted in the Diary Room that she likes Austin a total of 93 percent. Ah, young love. 
Vanessa and Steve battle to keep themselves off the block.

5. Vanessa and Steve battle to keep themselves off the block.

As the nomination ceremony grew closer, Austin was getting desperate for a plan. Who would sit next to Johnny Mac? The only options he could think of were Vanessa and Steve, neither of whom wanted to volunteer as a pawn. 

Vanessa came up with a list of reasons why she shouldn't go up on the block, telling Austin that not only did she sacrifice her game for him once, but she also had dirt on Steve. According to her sources, the engineering student had a Final 2 plan with Johnny Mac. However, in a separate conversation, Steve assured Austin he didn't have a deal with the dentist, urging the HoH to avoid using him as a pawn.

Both Houseguests made compelling arguments, which put Austin in a tough position. Who would he ultimately choose?
Judas makes a cinematic speech at the nomination ceremony.

6. Judas makes a cinematic speech at the nomination ceremony.

After putting Johnny Mac and Steve on the block, Judas took the stage and recited quite the passionate—and outrageous—monologue. The philosophical speech touched on the meaning of life, past trials and tribulations, and, ultimately, concluded with the statement that everyone in this world is a victim. 

Liz struggled to keep it together as Judas flailed his arms and theatrically proclaimed his devotion to her. The other Houseguests joined her in laughter as Judas dramatically adjourned the ceremony by tossing his top hat aside. 

Who will win the POV competition, and will Austin/Judas be forced to select a replacement nominee? 

Find out Wednesday on Big Brother!