ICYMI Which Twin Will Survive The Chopping Block?

Austwins strategize about how to keep themselves safe.

1. Austwins strategize about how to keep themselves safe.

Steve wasted no time making waves as the newly crowned HoH, so when he saw the perfect opportunity to break up the season's last standing showmance, he took it. Of course, Austwins were shocked, hurt, and angry. 

Following the ceremony, the trio gathered to plan out the POV challenge. In an effort to protect his damsel in distress, Austin promised Julia he'd throw the competition to her so that she could take Liz off the block. The move, they agreed, would force Steve to place a bigger target (possibly Vanessa) next to the bearded giant. 
Mr. Pectacular flexes his hosting muscles.

2. Mr. Pectacular flexes his hosting muscles.

My, what huge pecs you have! 

BB alum Jessie Godderz is no stranger to shocking people. This season, the professional wrestler and Big Brother legend made yet another appearance on the show as the guest host of the "Bowlerina" POV competition, much to the twins' delight. Dressed in a dainty pink tutu, the muscle man oversaw the dizzying challenge, which forced Houseguests to spin 15 times before staggering their way to the bowling lane. There, the competitors were tasked with knocking down as many pins as they could before the gates went back up. The process repeated until one of the not-so-graceful ballerinas successfully out-bowled his or her opponent. 

Judas pliés his competition into the ground.

3. Judas pliés his competition into the ground.

Buh-bye, Austin. Hello, Judas.

The tattooed wrestler grew paranoid after Julia took Vanessa's advice and chose to compete against him during her first round in the "Bowlerina" POV competition, believing the entire house was part of a conspiracy to get him evicted. Furious, Austin showed the Houseguests his dark side, sneering and taunting them as Mr. Pectacular placed the golden medallion around his heavily tattooed neck. 
Liztin dukes it out after an explosive Veto competition.

4. Liztin dukes it out after an explosive Veto competition.

Liz was none too pleased with Judas's grand entrance at the POV competition, claiming her boyfriend rubbed his win in her face and was "no knight in shining armor."

Back in the house, the couple hashed out their grievances. The Florida babe explained that she was hurt by her man rubbing his win in her face, while Austin reiterated that he thought everyone was out to get him and that he was simply looking to protect himself. Things quickly escalated from there, ending with Austin telling Liz he ruined his life for her. Yikes

Steves makes a major move.

5. Steves makes a major move.

Luckily for Liztin fans, the pair eventually kissed and made up. However, despite the reconciliation, Austin chose to save himself, which forced Steve to put up a replacement nominee. That's when the engineering student chose to shake things up for the Houseguests by nominating Julia for eviction instead. 

Which of the twins will stay in the game, and will Liztin truly be able to survive the fallout? 

Find out Thursday on Big Brother!