Big Brother Personalities Pop Off The Page In These Epic BB Comics Covers

What do the BB19 Houseguests look like as comic book superheroes? Check out these fun and hilarious comic book covers from the latest POV Competition! Watch all-new episodes of Big Brother this Wednesday at 8/7c, Thursday at 9/8c and again on Friday at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.

Big Brother reveals comic book covers of the entire BB19 cast

Big Brother reveals comic book covers of the entire BB19 cast

Comics have been all the rage in the Big Brother house this week, starting with the BB alums' trailer for The Revengers.

During BB19's latest Power Of Veto Competition, the larger-the-life comic book covers of this season's Houseguests were revealed, highlighting stand-out aspects of their personalities seen throughout the summer.

WATCH: BB Comics Superheroes Jump From The Page To The Screen In The Revengers

These BB19 comics are too cool for words, so you’re just going to have to take a look for yourself.

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Alex as

Alex as "Wiener Woman"

As an homage to Wonder Woman, Alex's comic book cover shares some of the things the marketing rep has become known for: her cat ears—which she sports in just about every episode—and her park ranger punishment that had her cooking up the freshest dogs at the oddest hours.

Alex has made it pretty darn far this summer by winning several comps and taking Houseguests out one (wiener) at a time.
Christmas as

Christmas as "The Fa-La-La-Lunatic"

Christmas' unique name alone has given BB fans plenty of puns to work with all season long, so it's no wonder the fitness guru was given the comic book name of "The Fa-La-La-Lunatic."

Pictured above, the determined Houseguest is shown with her rock-hard abs and scooting around with her broken foot. 

Even though her unexpected surgery was a definite struggle all season, it didn't stop the fitness superstar from making it to this season's Final Four.
Josh as

Josh as "The Meatball"

It's no wonder Josh was given the comic book name "The Meatball"—he's used the term more than a dozen times (at least) this season, and somehow it's gone from insulting to endearing over the course of the summer.

The native Floridian has caused quite the ruckus this summer by slamming pots and pans and having meltdowns left and right. One thing's for certain, though, Josh has given BB fans plenty to laugh about. 
Paul as

Paul as "The Potty Mouth"

Paul is no stranger to swear words—and that's one of the reasons why BB fans and Houseguests alike appreciate just how real he keeps it in the house.

This social butterfly, who has sweet-talked just about everyone in the house, knows all the right things to say... even if that means running his mouth for all to hear.
Kevin as

Kevin as "The Mer-Man"

Kevin has kept to himself for most of this season, which says a lot about this stay-at-home father of seven.

Because of Kev's standoffish tendencies, some Houseguests have seen him as "fishy," but perhaps this well-dressed dad is just swimming under the radar of all the drama in the house.
Raven as

Raven as "The Arkansassin"

Raven, who was known in the BB house as "Arkansassy" this summer, twirled, pranced, and spun her way to the Final Five.

Though this sweet-hearted dancer had a gentle southern charm, she wasn't afraid to take jabs when necessary and call people out in the moment. 
Jason as

Jason as "Whistle-Nut"

What better comic book name for Jason than "Whistle-Nut?" It is, after all, his real-life nickname in the bull pen as a rodeo clown. 

This season, the cowboy—who is dressed as a giant peanut on his bull, Ole, above—shared eccentric sides to his personality and made it all the way to the Final Six.
Matt as

Matt as "The Silver Fox"

Matt's salt-and-pepper hair caught the eye of all the Houseguests on BB19's premiere night, especially Raven's—hence the Raven-inspired, well, raven, peering down from her branch.
Mark as

Mark as "The Incredible Sulk"

Since Day 1, Mark has called himself a "big teddy bear," which at first glance, may have been hard to believe because of his uber muscular frame.

Fast forward a few weeks when Mark's big heart, emotional side, and raw tears made an appearance, and it became more obvious than ever that this personal trainer was softer than he looked. 
Elena as

Elena as "Hellena"

Elena's fiery and confident personality made a mark on BB19 and there's no doubt the radio personality wasn't afraid to put people in the hot seat.

Here, the comic book hero fuels the flames, just like she wasn't afraid to stoke the fires of controversy in the house if it meant keeping her alliance safe. 

Cody as

Cody as "The Stare-Crow"

Remember Cody's infamous stare-downs this summer? They were intense, but they sure gave a name to the sales rep whose showmance with Jessica became the thing to watch.

In Cody's comic book cover, the serious competitor lets his powerful gaze do all the work.
Jessica as

Jessica as "The Hex Symbol"

While Jessica's comic book cover portrays the obvious sex appeal she had in the house, it's also deeply significant of her interesting BB19 power—the Halting Hex, which allowed her to halt a Live Eviction; a power she wielded fiercely. 

Here, the VIP concierge is seen holding a Halting Hex book as those in her presence levitate under her spell.
Ramses as

Ramses as "The Cosplayer"

Back in the beginning of BB19, Ramses had to explain what "cosplay artist" meant to everyone for them to understand his real-life interests.

So, it's fitting to see Ramses come to life as a comic book character here, dressed as Dr. Drill and holding up Johnny Mac's face.
Jillian as

Jillian as "The Timeshare Tyrant"

Jillian, the bubbly timeshare sales rep from Las Vegas, will be remembered by BB fans for a few things: her bubbly personality and her Tijuana weight-loss story.

Above, she's seen as the ruler of a terrifying timeshare.
Cameron as

Cameron as "The Super Fan"

Before entering the BB house, Cameron repeated over and over again how excited he was to compete as a super fan. He wanted to join the ranks of past Big Brother legends (Dr. Will, Boogie, Brenchel, and Jeff and Jordan) and was confident that he had all it took.

Well, in less than 24 hours, the microbiologist found himself leaving the house and blowing away his BB dreams.

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