Big Brother: All-Stars Episode Recaps

Big Brother Season 22 is going to be one for the books as some of the game's best players return for Big Brother: All-Stars.

Your one-stop-shop for BB22 episode recaps!

Your one-stop-shop for BB22 episode recaps!

BB22 is here and with it, 16 all-star Houseguests ready to compete for the $500,000 grand prize and prove themselves once and for all.

Epic players means epic gameplay and you won't want to miss any of the blindsides, backstabs, alliances, friendships, victories, and defeats. Keep up with the action by checking back here for BB22 episode recaps after each episode.

But beware: spoilers below!

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Episode 37 | HOH #2: Cody | HOH #3: Cody | Winner: Cody Calafiore

Episode 37 | HOH #2: Cody | HOH #3: Cody | Winner: Cody Calafiore

Host Julie Chen Moonves welcomes us to the Season 22 finale, reminding us all three finalists have seen Finale Night before, but will tonight provide a new outcome?

Enzo arrives at Part 2 of the final Head of Household competition called “Camera Hogs.” The competition requires each player to apply a clue they are given to the correct matching former Houseguests and place their cutouts in front of a postcard, then buzz in to take a clear picture of the correct Houseguests without any swinging hog heads ruining the photo. 

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Enzo hustles but gets stuck on the third postcard when he misreads how many Houseguests the clue pertains to. Cody competes next, implementing a strategy of swinging the hog heads vigorously before each picture to get a clear shot.

Nicole reads off their final times and Enzo’s is 37 minutes 38 seconds, but Cody is the clear winner with a time of 4 minutes 49 seconds. 

Enzo loses his cool, pacing and ranting his frustration with his performance and telling Cody and Nicole to just go ahead and give him third place. Back in the Key Room, Enzo paces and rants aloud that he blames his age and his difficulty winning competitions.

Later Nicole and Cody chat in the bathroom and Nicole asks whether Cody is considering bringing Enzo to Final Two. Cody asks her the same question and she says she would never. They both try to guess how the Jury would vote and, in the Diary Room, Cody once again weighs his loyalty to Nicole versus his gameplay.

Enzo talks to Nicole about Cody’s huge advantage as such a strong player. He reiterates that Nicole has a much better chance of winning against himself. Nicole acknowledges in the Diary Room that she agrees, but that she couldn’t live with herself if she betrayed Cody.

The Jury meet and the final Juror, Christmas, joins them and fills them in on Enzo, Nicole, and Cody’s last few game moves

Ian says a player who takes ownership of their sneaky game moves would earn his vote. Kevin thinks Nicole has a strong case as a former winner who made it this far again. The Jury notes that Enzo was never nominated and never even considered for nomination, but wonder if he can take credit for his status in the game. 

The Jury mentions they didn’t like Cody’s way of placing blame on his nominees for their own nominations, instead of showing his cards. Still, they give him credit for how well he made everyone feel they could trust him. They also all agree that if either Enzo or Nicole is willing to cut Cody before the Final Two, they will have great respect for that person.

The Final HOH competition of the season begins as Cody and Nicole face off. They are both shown videos advertising music records featuring three song titles in the form of statements about members of the Jury and have to choose which song/statement is false. Cody answers all eight prompts correctly, Nicole only seven, making Cody the final HOH of the season!

Julie gives Nicole and Enzo each a chance to sway Cody’s decision. Nicole tells Cody that she’s been his number one since day one, and Enzo tells him every decision he has made has been with Cody in mind.

Cody stands in front of them, tears in his eyes, and explains how hard the decision is but that he feels he has to evict Nicole, leaving Enzo and Cody as the Final Two Houseguests.

Julie talks to Nicole outside the BB house and she says as blindsided as she is, she thinks Cody made a gutsy choice. She also says her strategy was to exaggerate her weakness as a player so no one considered her a threat.

The Jurors assemble on stage and Da’Vonne posits a guess as to who will be Juror #9, saying if they are smart, it is Nicole. Nicole joins them a moment later confirming Da’Vonne’s prediction.

One by one, the Jurors ask Cody and Enzo questions about their gameplay, especially as it relates to their previous seasons. Cody leans on his track record of comp wins and alliances, while Enzo says his social game kept him off everyone’s radar and his alliance with Cody was a shield, keeping him off the block. Nicole gets the final question, asking Cody if he ever considered taking her to the end. He says he went back and forth many times but knew the optics of sitting next to a former winner wouldn’t look good to the Jury. 

Enzo gives his final plea playing up his likability and his under-the-radar gameplay and his family’s hopes for a win. Cody gives his speech, saying he knew he was a target from Day 1 and feels he played a game that included smart decisions and thought out moves.

One by one, the Jury place their votes voicing their final comments to Enzo and Cody. Then, before revealing the winner, Julie talks with the Jurors and the first five Houseguest evictees—Keesha, Nicole, Janelle, Kaysar, and Bayleigh—getting their overall thoughts and reactions to the season and where it led. 

Julie reads the votes, and informs Cody that he is the winner of Big Brother 22! Cody receives a rare unanimous vote of 9 to 0. 

Cody and Enzo join the Jurors on stage under the confetti with their families looking on via video and Julie reveals the winner of America’s Favorite Houseguest is Da’Vonne!

The excited Houseguests share their enthusiasm with each other and Julie, wrapping up an epic Season 22 of Big Brother: All-Stars!
Episode 36 | HOH #1: Nicole

Episode 36 | HOH #1: Nicole

Host Julie Chen Moonves reminds us that the last time each of the Final Three played, Nicole won, Cody came in second, and Enzo came in third. Will this season be a repeat?

Enzo discusses his primary tactic in the game: being a strong social player. He used his humor to appeal to everyone and he formed a tight bond with Cody based on their shared home state of New Jersey. He points out how trusted he has been by all the Houseguests, proven by how often he was chosen to play POV and how many secrets others would come to him with.

STREAM: Episode 36 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Enzo knows saving Nicole on Triple Eviction night paved his way to the Final Three but may also be the decision that ruins his chance at Final Two. Enzo is focused on winning one of the final three HOH competitions to prevent being clipped before the Final Two.

Cody looks back at the moves that brought him to now: winning the first HOH, forming several tight alliances within the first few days of the game, and being a part of the 6-person alliance, The Committee. Not to mention winning more competitions than any other Houseguest.

Cody also had to take shots at a few of his own alliances along the way, including Tyler and eventually Memphis, and through it all, he avoided ever seeing the block. Cody recalls how his loyalty to Derrick Levasseur in BB16 cost him the win and he doesn't want to make that mistake twice.

Nicole was the first player to beat a male player on finale night and Nicole knew entering the BB house she’d be a huge target as a former winner. Her alliances with Cody and Ian were pivotal to her success in the house, as was her relationship with Dani and their membership in The Committee.

Nicole claims that she survived Triple Eviction night, where she was on the block twice, by having laid low all season making Dani appear to be the bigger threat. She says winning HOH when she did was vital, and since then her strong relationships have kept her safe, especially with Cody.

Keesha, Nicole A., Kaysar, Janelle, and Bayleigh reunite online to discuss the Final Three. They commend Cody on his gameplay and don’t anticipate he won’t be in the Final Two. But they also think Enzo has played an excellent social game and they are impressed he never saw the block. They also think Enzo might be the more likable finalist compared to the other two.

Nicole A. defends Nicole F.’s gameplay, but Janelle isn’t sure she’s been that strategic and may have ridden on the coattails of other Houseguests.

Part One of the Head of Household is called “BB Scary-Go-Round” and the Final Three—as zombies—have to stand on small discs hanging via rope while spun around a spooky cemetery. The last to remain on their rope advances to the third HOH competition.

The Houseguests find this endurance competition particularly challenging as they run into a giant moon and haunted house while they twirl on their ropes and are besieged by green gooey witch’s brew. Enzo slips, losing his footing, and is the first to fall off his rope.

It rains on Nicole and Cody and the ropes are lowered, causing each hit to be even harder. Cody loses his footing after a hit to the moon and falls off his rope, winning Nicole the first HOH competition and advancing her to the third HOH.

This means Enzo and Cody will go head to head in the second HOH and only one of them will go up against Nicole in the final HOH, earning that winner the opportunity to take whomever they prefer to Final Two.
Episode 35 | The Final Three Look Back At The Season

Episode 35 | The Final Three Look Back At The Season

Cody says he evicted Christmas because he wanted to stay true to his Final Two alliances. Nicole is excited that Cody kept her in the house. Enzo admits this isn’t his ideal Final Three and knows he needs to win competitions this week because Nicole won’t be taking him to Final Two.

Enzo, Cody, and Nicole are invited to a special dinner where they look back at some of the season’s highlights and unaired moments.

STREAM: Episode 35 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

They recall when Nicole convinced Enzo to prank Cody by pretending to have toilet paper stuck to his pants and she ended up laughing uncontrollably to the point of wetting her own pants.

They go over all the various pranks and scares they played on each other. As well as some of the season’s biggest blow-ups, including between Nicole and Janelle.

We get a look at when Enzo tried to go vegan but didn’t quite have all the rules down. Not to mention other food mishaps, such as when David accidentally set an oil fire while trying to make french fries.

Janelle and Kaysar get their special—and longrunning—friendship highlighted, showing off some of their best moments of the season.

Being in the house can muddle the Houseguests’ brains a bit and we get a look back at some of their best brain-blunders. The houseguests also made some hilarious requests of production throughout the season, including Memphis’s many requests to turn on the hot tub and Kaysar’s request that they get a bunny rabbit as a pet.

We revisit the important conversations had in the house this season and the ways the Houseguests’ vulnerabilities brought them closer.

The hilarious punishments are recapped showing off additional footage of just how grueling they were. Especially for Bayleigh, who had to do 500 laps on a tricycle in the backyard. We also get a peek into the Diary Room to see the many times the Houseguests have broken down and shown their emotions.

Nicole, Cody, and Enzo finish reminiscing by looking to the future, joking with each other about who could win the $500k final prize. In the Diary Room, Nicole is enthusiastic about wanting to be a two-time winner, Cody wants to make sure he doesn’t have a repeat of the last time he played and came in second, and Enzo gets riled up at the thought of winning in order to honor his father.
Episode 34 | Evicted: Christmas

Episode 34 | Evicted: Christmas

Enzo encourages Christmas to do anything she can to get in good with Cody and convince him to take her to the Final Three.

Nicole celebrates having passed 230 total days spent in the Big Brother house, making her the record holder for most time spent there. Cody jokes that that’s reason enough to evict her, and she yells at him.

STREAM: Episode 34 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Enzo worries aloud to Cody about needing to win the next HOH competition. After he leaves, Cody says to himself and the Live Feeds that Enzo should be worried, as both Nicole and Christmas have out-performed him in competitions of late.

In the kitchen, Enzo jokes with Nicole and Cody and asks Nicole, “Is this a good Final Three to be in?” Within earshot in the bathroom, Christmas hears his comment and shouts her disbelief at his statement and its assumption that she won’t be in the Final Three.

Upset at the comment, Christmas starts to think she can’t actually trust Enzo.

Christmas sits down with Cody to give her pitch and tells him that she only voted to evict Nicole during the Triple Eviction night because Enzo had confirmed his vote with her and Tyler. She says her loss of faith in Enzo means she would absolutely take Cody to Final Two.

In the Diary Room, Cody acknowledges Christmas’s gameplay and starts to wonder if, despite his Final Two agreements with Enzo and Nicole, would both actually take him to Finale night?

Nicole tries visualizing herself winning Big Brother: All-Stars. Later, she gives Cody a half-hearted pitch at keeping her and he says she isn’t as convincing as Christmas was. Nicole is upset that she isn’t sure if Cody is joking or serious.

Back at the Jury house, the Jurors contemplate who will be walking through the door. They are all shocked to see Memphis walk in and he shows them a tape of the previous week’s gameplay.

The Jurors agree Cody is playing a strong game, but that if someone were able to take him out, they’d be the most impressive player. They squabble over whether Nicole, as a former winner, deserves to win again with David arguing her defense and Dani believing it isn’t reason enough.

At the Live Eviction and Veto meeting, host Julie Chen Moonves gives Christmas and Nicole a chance to sway Cody. Christmas tells Cody to consider that the jury will be more impressed if a former winner goes to Final Two and to Enzo she says, “Congratulations, you’ve got third place.”

Nicole reminds Cody of their longstanding relationship that started in Season 16.

Cody faces the nominees, commends each of them on how well they’ve played the game, and then tells Christmas he thinks what’s best for his game is to evict her.

Christmas joins Julie on the Big Brother stage. She says she isn’t upset at the outcome of the evening. She tells Julie she probably would have taken Cody to Final Two based on Enzo’s behavior that week. In his goodbye messages, Cody reveals the second Wise Guys alliance, which doesn't surprise Christmas.

The Final Three get to watch videos from their loved ones encouraging them to carry on. Julie congratulates them and wishes them luck as they prepare to face the final three-part Head of Household competition and one final week of the game before Finale night.
Episode 33 | POV: Cody

Episode 33 | POV: Cody

After the eviction ceremony, both Enzo and Nicole acknowledge that nominations don’t mean much considering the real power lies in the Power of Veto competition. Cody is thrilled to have escaped the block yet again.

Christmas isn’t so relaxed about the situation and is hurt to know Enzo doesn’t actually have her back. She keeps to herself, even when Nicole awkwardly tries to make small talk in the kitchen.

STREAM: Episode 33 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Cody and Enzo chat about Christmas’s attitude, and Cody expresses how much he needs her to lose the Power of Veto competition, while Enzo says in the Diary Room that he thinks any scenario will work out for him this week.

The Houseguests get the announcement that they get to participate in a luxury competition for the chance at $10,000. In “Clash of the Comics” the players have to draft four BB Comics superheroes who will go head-to-head via random draw until only one BB superhero remains. The player who drafted that superhero wins.

The Final Four watch as their superheroes face-off. A few times two from the same team are pitted against each other.

Christmas is the first to be eliminated when her four superheroes lose their match-ups. Enzo is out in the next round, smashing his dream of buying a bidet with his winnings.

Nicole’s superhero, Da’Dream, goes up against Cody’s one remaining superhero, The Cali-Fury, and defeats him, leaving Nicole’s final two superheroes, Da’Dream and Mem-Fist to face-off. Mem-Fist wins, making Nicole the $10,000 winner.

Christmas talks to the Live Feeds about feeling that she betrayed Memphis by not picking his comic.

Christmas gives Cody and Enzo eyebrow waxing treatments, and Cody wonders if the level of pain he feels indicates Christmas may be taking out some of her game frustration on his poor eyebrows.

Enzo provides commentary from the HOH Suite covering Christmas’s laid back demeanor and Cody’s obvious nerves... and off-beat fashion choices.

Big Brother pays homage to BB fans with a hamster themed Power of Veto competition, "hamster" being a fan-favorite nickname for a Houseguest.

In the competition, called “The Fast and the Furriest,” the Houseguests are told events that have occurred in the BB house and the players have to walk on their hamster wheels to the number of the day they think that event occurred, without going over. Once they buzz in with their answer, they will be told if they are correct or incorrect and have to turn their wheel again to choose another day if incorrect. The last player in each round to lock in the correct day gets a strike, with three total strikes eliminating a player until one final winner remains.

Enzo is the first to be eliminated. Christmas is next, frustrated that she lost. Nicole and Cody are neck and neck with equal strikes against them, but ultimately Cody answers a question before Nicole, eliminating her.

Cody is thrilled to have won the golden Power of Veto and be assured a spot in the Final Three and the power to take whomever he wants to the end with him and Enzo.

Nicole chats with the feeds, frustrated she wasn’t able to win her way into the Final Three and not at all certain that Cody will take her there. Enzo wants Nicole to leave in order to up his own chances at winning. Christmas hates that her fate is in Cody’s hands, but knows it’s not over until she’s evicted from the house.

Cody weighs his important decision knowing it could be the determining factor in whether or not he wins Big Brother: All-Stars.
Episode 32 | HOH: Enzo | Nominated: Nicole & Christmas

Episode 32 | HOH: Enzo | Nominated: Nicole & Christmas

In the wake of Memphis’s eviction, Nicole is elated to have been the one to oust him, Cody is focused on winning the next HOH and that Christmas does not, and Enzo sees no reason he couldn’t be the one to win Big Brother: All-Stars.

The HOH competition, “Knight Moves,” begins and Nicole explains that the Houseguests must move across a chessboard in ‘L’ shaped moves only, like the Knight chess piece. Whichever tile they land on gets turned red and is out of play, meaning no other player can land on it, limiting their L-shaped move options. Players who run out of moves are out of the game and the last player standing wins.

STREAM: Episode 32 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

The game begins and Christmas, Enzo, and Cody start to make their moves. Cody targets Christmas doing his best to box her in. Enzo recognizes that both Cody and Christmas would expect him to help box the other, so he deliberately makes moves away from them both.

Nicole watches from the sidelines, frustrated that Enzo is clearly not targeting Christmas and focusing on winning. Cody is similarly annoyed to see he’s on his own to ensure Christmas does not win, even if it means sacrificing himself.

Finally, Cody runs out of moves and is the first out of the game but his moves ensured Christmas would have only one move left, leaving Enzo wide open to win Head of Household. Enzo celebrates having officially made it to the Final Three.

Nicole feels Enzo has shown his true colors and is mad to realize he isn’t a team player. Similarly, Cody shares his frustration with Enzo over having to sacrifice the HOH.

Enzo confides in his inflatable friend, Moo-lan Rouge, his excitement at winning HOH and says in the Diary Room that he might nominate Cody just so he’s the only one to be able to say he’s never seen the block.

Cody doesn’t want to bash Enzo to Nicole and claims Enzo didn’t understand the game strategy. Nicole doesn’t buy it.

Christmas and Enzo chat and they agree that taking each other to Final Two is the best chance they have at winning. Enzo reaffirms in the Diary Room that his ideal Final Three are himself, Cody, and Christmas because Nicole is unlikely to take him to Final Two.

Christmas confronts Cody on his strategy in the HOH competition and he says he was only targeting her first and Enzo second, not just her. Nicole and Enzo listen at the door.

Enzo gets his HOH suite and insists on wearing his glasses to read his letter from home knowing how emotional it will make him.

Enzo tries to say he was helping Cody strategically in the HOH competition. Cody laughs that off, calling him out, and the two debate who to keep. Enzo thinks Nicole would take Christmas to the end and argues the point, but Cody knows Christmas will target him now that he’s made it obvious he wants her out.

Cody is annoyed when Christmas wants to show off an old dance, Nicole has a sneezing attack, and Enzo teases Cody over his unnecessary insecurity with his nose.

Christmas appeals to Enzo one last time to nominate Cody, arguing never seeing the block will win him favor with the Jury. Nevertheless, at the nomination ceremony, Enzo nominates Nicole and Christmas. Nicole, Cody, and Christmas all vow to play hard for the Power of Veto as it’s really their only guarantee of making it to the Final Three.
Episode 31 | Evicted: Memphis

Episode 31 | Evicted: Memphis

Nicole thinks she made the right choice keeping nominations the same, but checks in with Christmas to see if she’s mad. Christmas doesn’t mind if she needs to be the one to make bigger moves going forward. Enzo thinks he remains in a real good position overall.

Nicole wants Cody and Enzo to vote together so she isn’t forced to break a tie and show her cards.

STREAM: Episode 31 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Memphis tells Cody he got lucky this week, as Christmas was really pushing Nicole to backdoor him. He hopes reiterating this will keep Cody extra motivated to evict Christmas.

Cody reveals in the Diary Room that Nicole let him know Memphis was also trying to get in on any possible deals with Nicole if she wanted to backdoor Cody. He talks to himself in the backyard about how disillusioned Memphis is and how blindsided he’ll be on Eviction night.

Enzo and Memphis discuss the possibility that the Jury would vote in Nicole’s favor if they are impressed she made it to the end. Memphis wants Enzo to remain loyal to the idea of taking him to Final Two.

Enzo starts to think keeping Memphis is a better choice for himself, knowing Memphis will target Nicole, but Christmas wouldn’t. He tells Cody, but Cody doesn’t agree. Memphis walks in while they are chatting and they quickly switch topics.

Enzo considers splitting the vote to force Nicole’s hand in a tie-breaker—getting blood on her hands and possibly winning himself a jury vote. Cody is open to the tie-breaker idea for the same reasons, but for his own game.

Back at the Jury house, the Jurors guess who will show up as the new Juror. They aren’t surprised to see Tyler walk into the Jury house and he shows them what happened leading up to his eviction.

Tyler tells them that Cody admitted to having multiple Final Twos and a Final Three and everyone comments on how well Cody is playing. Da’Vonne confronts Tyler with his Week 5 move to try and sacrifice his game for her and Bayleigh. He confirms his intentions were always honest and that it was Christmas who wouldn’t let him go through with the plan and he regrets how things went.

The Jurors get messages from their loved ones back home that leave them emotional but renewed.

At the Live Vote and Eviction, host Julie Chen Moonves gives each of the nominated Houseguests a chance to sway Enzo and Cody before the vote begins.

Cody goes first and votes to evict Memphis. Enzo goes next and also votes to evict Memphis. Julie gives Memphis the news that by a vote of 2 to 0 he’s evicted from the BB House.

Julie interviews Memphis and he tells her how blindsided he feels. She asks if he would truly have taken Christmas to the end and he admits he would have kept things fluid and decided later. Memphis doesn’t blame Cody, knowing his own loyalty lay with Enzo.

Julie congratulates the Houseguests on reaching the Final Four. She tells them the HOH competition will begin shortly, but first Kaysar is back with a message and he reveals they will be playing "Knight Moves," the giant-sized chess-style competition that pushed his game forward in Big Brother Season 6.
Episode 30 | POV: Nicole

Episode 30 | POV: Nicole

After the nomination ceremony, Nicole chats with Christmas to reassure her she’s not her target for eviction.

Enzo and Cody can’t help but take some glee in being the only two Houseguests who haven’t yet been nominated and how strong a position they are in. Memphis isn’t too concerned about being on the block, even if he doesn’t win the Power of Veto, because he believes his Wise Guys #1 alliance with Enzo and Cody will protect him. 

STREAM: Episode 30 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

In the HOH Suite, Enzo reiterates to Nicole that he thinks Memphis is a bully and a comp beast and needs to leave. He knows if anyone comes down off the block after the Veto competition, he’s likely the one Nicole would put up as a re-nomination.

Memphis jokes with Cody about how Christmas is acting so safe, when he knows the Wise Guys will vote in his favor, not hers. Cody, however, knows that Nicole wants him gone and Cody sees no good reason to stick his neck out for Memphis, even with a Final Two.

Enzo decides to finally use a teapot to make tea rather than boil water in a pot, and remarks that he doesn’t think teapots are all that “manly.” Cody is perplexed by Enzo’s “man-child” behavior.

Christmas proposes to Enzo that the best chance at the Wise Guys (#2) to stay beyond this week is for Enzo to win the POV and use it on one of the nominees, forcing Nicole to nominate Cody. Enzo plays along, but in the Diary Room he says he would love to win Veto but only to keep nominations the same. Enzo tells Nicole about the conversation to stress the danger Christmas poses, but it doesn’t change Nicole’s mission.

The Houseguests share with each other about how much they miss their family and significant others and the trials they’ve gone through with them.

Christmas tells Nicole she’d like to take her to the end as an official Final Two. Nicole is open to the idea, looking for added protection, and knows Christmas would still always target Cody over her or Enzo.

The Power of Veto competition is BB Comics where the players have to put the correct versions of comics based on the BB22 Houseguests in the correct order after glancing through the window at the correct ones via zipline.

The final times are revealed and Nicole wins the golden Power of Veto with a time of 11 minutes 21 seconds. 

Cody and Enzo realize they need to strategize because sending home the wrong person this week could mean they both lose. Christmas tells Nicole she thinks Cody and Enzo will do what they want this week, not what she wants, so if she wants to ensure that their Final Two stays intact, she should backdoor Cody.

Nicole knows Christmas is right about Cody’s chances of winning against any of them, but unwillingly to take a swing at Cody first, she decides not to use the Power of Veto. Memphis feels super safe, Christmas isn’t surprised, and Cody admits in the Diary Room that he and Enzo are most definitely going to do what is best for their own games and not Nicole’s this week.
Episode 29 | HOH: Nicole | Nominated: Memphis & Christmas

Episode 29 | HOH: Nicole | Nominated: Memphis & Christmas

The “Stashing Pumpkins” HOH competition continues with the Houseguests, minus outgoing HOH Cody, carefully trying to fill their precariously balanced baskets full of pumpkins.

Christmas says if she wins HOH, she’ll be targeting Cody considering how well he plays the game. Cody is hopeful that Nicole or Enzo win HOH, as they are the only ones he feels safe with. Memphis wants anyone but Nicole to win because she’s the only one he doesn’t have a deal with.

STREAM: Episode 29 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

The competition proves difficult with each of the players having to begin again multiple times. Cody is annoyed at just how bad Enzo is at this particular competition and is nervous to see how well Christmas is doing.

With only two pumpkins left, Christmas loses a pumpkin and has to begin again from the start. She is devastated. Then, Memphis also loses a pumpkin and has to reset. Nicole is ecstatic that her chances at HOH have just skyrocketed and she very slowly gets her final three balls into the basket and rings in to win her first HOH of the season.

Nicole is happy that she’ll be in the Final Four and that her chances at being the first two-time Big Brother winner are even better. Meanwhile, Christmas is incredibly hard on herself for getting so close to the HOH win only to lose it.

Memphis knows Nicole’s win means someone from a Wise Guys alliance is going home. He whispers with Cody, who lies and says Christmas will surely be the target, but Memphis doesn’t realize how little Cody trusts him at this point.

Nicole chats with her closest allies, Cody and Enzo, and they agree to target Memphis. Cody isn’t sure he could beat Memphis on Finale night.

Christmas is (repeatedly) surprised to walk in on Enzo in the bathroom.

Nicole gets her HOH room and goodies and reads aloud her letter from her fiance, Big Brother 18’s Victor Arroyo.

Christmas and Nicole chat and acknowledge how beloved Enzo and Cody are by the jury. Nicole is happy to hear Christmas’s primary target appears to be Cody, and Christmas is happy to hear Nicole thinks she should target someone who wins a lot of comps.

Nicole shares with Cody that Christmas has it out for him and he says he’s now aiming to evict her. This worries Nicole, afraid Cody won’t vote the way she wants this week and knowing ultimately keeping Christmas is best for her.

Enzo shares about his “foot stalker” with the others and gives his foot admirers a little content to keep them happy.

Memphis pitches a deal to Nicole to stay off the block: he’ll vote her way, keep nominations the same after Veto, and take her to Final Two if he wins Veto the following week. He also claims he never had any other alliances outside The Committee, which Nicole knows to be false. Nicole acts interested but thinks his offer is terrible considering he’s proven he will always do what’s in his own best interest.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Nicole nominates Memphis and Christmas for eviction. Her goal is to see Memphis leave the BB house, but he’s hoping his various alliances will keep him safe another week. Christmas feels confident she isn’t the primary target but knows Veto is her only safe bet.
Episode 28 | Evicted: Tyler

Episode 28 | Evicted: Tyler

After the Veto meeting, Cody is starting to think Tyler should be the one to go and Enzo and Nicole agree, though Enzo thinks Christmas is acting a little too carefree.

Tyler asks Memphis who he’ll vote out and Memphis admits he’s leaning toward voting him out. Tyler tells Cody and he plays coy about Tyler’s chances.

STREAM: Episode 28 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Memphis stays cool about the vote, not wanting Cody to know he has a Final Two (and a second Wise Guys) alliance with Christmas, but trying to push the vote toward Tyler. The two of them plot Christmas leaving next, but Cody knows he can’t trust Memphis fully as he does know about Memphis’s other alliances.

Enzo keeps up appearances with Memphis about their Final Two and the strategy to get there. Because Cody is his #1, Enzo relays all of Memphis’s plans, specifically his idea to target Nicole, not Christmas, next.

Enzo and Cody start planning out how to outwit Memphis, though both know if Christmas were to win the next HOH, they’d be in trouble. Cody considers how best to get around the Memphis/Christmas conundrum and the obvious answer is to evict her.

We get a look into the Jury house, starting with Ian who was a bit lonely at the start. When Da’Vonne arrives she has plenty to share with Ian. The two spill which alliances they were in, noticing Dani was a common denominator. Ian finds out about Nicole’s flipped vote and isn’t too upset with her, though Da’Vonne still is.

The two of them predict Kevin will be coming next and he shows up a moment later. Kevin tells them he thinks there is a double eviction and then David walks right in. David says he thinks a third person is on the way.

Dani follows David and the rest are shocked by the groundbreaking Triple Eviction. Dani shows the other Jurors a video catching them up to speed. Kevin is impressed by Tyler’s HOH moves. Dani feels betrayed by Cody but also recognizes how well he is playing the game.

The time for the Live Vote and Eviction begins with host Julie Chen Moonves giving Tyler and Christmas a last chance to sway the Houseguests.

The three votes are cast and Tyler is unanimously voted out of the Big Brother house.

Julie speaks with Tyler and asks if she thinks the Houseguests evicted the right person and Tyler says, “Yes” considering the game moves he had planned next. Tyler guesses that Cody’s #1 is Nicole. Tyler speaks well of David despite the ways he jeopardized his game. In his farewell messages, Memphis and Cody slip about the various Final Threes and Final Twos they have going on, and Tyler comments on how many people were “double- and triple-dipping” when this was something he strategically tried to avoid this season.

In the HOH competition, called “Stashing Pumpkins,” the final five Houseguests have to transport individual pumpkin-looking balls from one basket to another at the end of a see-saw which they balance on. If the pumpkins fall out of the see-saw basket, they have to begin again.

The Houseguests struggle to balance and transport their pumpkins and the new HOH will be revealed in the next episode.
​Episode 27 | POV: Cody

​Episode 27 | POV: Cody

Cody needs his nomination of Tyler and Christmas to stay the same after the Veto comp because he has Final Two alliances with everyone left in the house.

Nicole is thrilled to see the two of them on the block and when she talks to Cody she discovers his primary goal for the week is Christmas based on her alliance with Memphis.

STREAM: Episode 27 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Despite having a Final Two with Tyler since the beginning of the game, Christmas reveals this latest mishap has her focused on playing the game with only herself in mind. Enzo discusses that his primary objective is to stay in everyone's good graces and make no enemies and is thrilled to see how well this tactic is working for him this season.

Enzo plays dumb with Tyler about Cody's motivations for nominating him and pretends to encourage him. In the Diary Room he shares he has no qualms lying to anyone in order to stay under the radar. Meanwhile, Christmas plays up her emotions in a talk with Cody, hoping the tears will appeal to him. Cody, however, is annoyed by the display and is not moved to change his goals for the week.

Tyler and Memphis have a heart to heart about losing their fathers. Memphis discusses only fully processing that huge life event once he had a child of his own. Tyler discusses how his father's love of Big Brother motivated him to want to play the game and has now become a way to continue feeling connected to his father.

Christmas pulls Memphis aside to discuss worst-case scenarios for the week and both worry that if Tyler were to win Veto, Memphis would be on the block beside Christmas.

Tyler spills the beans to Enzo about The Committee in an attempt to win favor with the last person in the house who he could ally with. He tells Enzo the plan was for the six-person alliance to get the Final Six and to target Enzo in the triple eviction. Tyler claims he went against the alliance in not nominating Enzo.

In the Diary Room, Enzo laughs over Tyler's assumption of his ignorance and proclaims that Cody and he are the tightest duo in the house and Tyler's desperate attempt to stay is not working.

In the Power of Veto competition, called "Snapshot Shuffle," the Houseguests have to arrange a series of photographs of former Houseguests into chronological order. The fastest to do so correctly wins.

The Houseguests find the competition to be particularly difficult and it frazzles a few of them. Cody wins the golden Power of Veto with a time below five minutes.

Tyler and Christmas are glum, assuming Cody will keep nominations the same. Enzo tells Cody about Tyler spilling the beans, causing Cody to consider changing his target for the week.

In spending more time with Enzo and Cody, Nicole reflects on how silly the two of them can get when together.

Tyler tries appealing to Cody one last time, fueling the argument for putting Memphis on the block based on how tight he is with Christmas. Cody weighs all his options.

At the Veto meeting, Cody decides not to use the Power of Veto. Christmas feels her odds are good to stay and Tyler says he's going to work hard to convince the Houseguests to keep him.
Episode 26 | HOH: Cody | Nominated: Tyler & Christmas

Episode 26 | HOH: Cody | Nominated: Tyler & Christmas

After the blood-pumping, history-making Triple Eviction, Memphis points out that The Committee is officially defunct now that they’ve had to turn on each other.

Nicole is shaken after being on the block twice in one evening and Cody is excited at the thrill of escaping such a dangerous evening of gameplay.

STREAM: Episode 26 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Christmas reveals that although Memphis nominated David and Nicole on his HOH with David as his target, she and Tyler considered taking their shot at Nicole instead. They spoke to Enzo about being the third vote they need.

But when it came time to vote, Enzo decided not to ruffle Memphis’s feathers and voted out David instead. Nicole talked to Enzo afterward and he confirmed Tyler and Christmas tried to enlist him to flip the vote, she was grateful and vowed to have his back.

Tyler and Christmas are aware they will now have targets on their backs, which makes Tyler’s HOH win that much sweeter.

Enzo does some damage control with Tyler as HOH with his recent betrayal still fresh. He readily agreed to Tyler’s plan to evict Dani.

Cody and Enzo allow Dani to think they will vote to keep her while knowing they plan to evict her as Nicole is more loyal to them.

After Dani is voted out in the final eviction of the night, Tyler talks to Nicole trying to explain his reasoning in nominating her. In the Diary Room, Nicole says she thinks everything Tyler says is a lie.

The next Head of Household competition is called “Nama-Stay Off The Block” and the houseguests have to strike a yoga pose depressing three individual buttons while undressing. If they release any of the buttons, their clock will speed up adding time to their clock. The Houseguest with the best final time wins.

To Tyler’s disappointment, Christmas is out first, as she was his best chance at staying off the block this week. Nicole is eliminated in the next round, then Enzo in the following round. Between Memphis and Cody, Cody is careful not to let go of any buttons and wins the Head of Household.

Both Tyler and Christmas are worried about what Cody will do. Enzo feels very safe considering his Final Two with Cody, his Final Three with both Cody and Memphis and Memphis and Christmas, and having earned Nicole’s gratitude for not voting her out.

Cody thinks nominating Tyler and Christmas makes the most sense with Christmas as his primary target because it could earn him goodwill with Tyler and eliminates the second set of “Wise Guys.” He and Enzo chat with Nicole and the three of them acknowledge the three-on-three dynamic now in the house.

Tyler talks to Cody and is willing to try anything to keep himself safe, even if it means throwing Christmas under the bus. Cody assures Tyler he doesn’t want him gone and explains in the Diary Room that he needs Tyler to trust him since he’s so good at winning competitions.

Likewise, Christmas talks to Cody and places the blame on Tyler for the attempt to vote out Nicole. Cody thinks they are clearly not loyal to each other and untrustworthy overall.

At the nomination ceremony, Cody nominates Tyler and Christmas. Both of them vow to play hard for the Veto and a chance to turn the tables on Cody. Meanwhile, Nicole feels vindicated to see the two votes against her both on the block.
Episode 25 | Evicted: Kevin | HOH: Memphis | Evicted: David | HOH: Tyler | Evicted: Dani

Episode 25 | Evicted: Kevin | HOH: Memphis | Evicted: David | HOH: Tyler | Evicted: Dani

David and Cody chat in the HOH Suite and Cody tells David he should be nervous because grabbing the $10k prize was a bad move. Cody wants Kevin evicted this week but worries David will have swayed the Houseguests too much.

Kevin tries to patch up his relationship with Cody. He apologizes for the awkward conversation they had. Cody now wonders if Kevin is the best person to target this week.

STREAM: Episode 25 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

The Houseguests get a message from their neighbor, Dr. Will, who cryptically advises them to plan “three steps ahead.”

Several of the Houseguests feel sure this alludes to a double eviction. David and Memphis both guess that this could actually mean a triple eviction and the Houseguests start having meetings amongst themselves to plan.

Enzo throws out the idea to Cody of nominating Memphis based on his double Wise Guys maneuver. Cody, however, thinks Tyler is a better target as a fierce competitor. Dani warns Cody of the danger of Christmas winning an HOH.

Tyler hopes David will stay to help him target Nicole and Dani if it’s a double or triple eviction.

Later, Tyler talks to Dani and they speak generally about who in their alliance should be targeted first. Tyler lies that he wouldn’t target Dani, but in the Diary Room, he confirms she would absolutely be who he goes after first.

The Live Vote and Eviction begins and host Julie Chen Moonves tells viewers she’s keeping the triple eviction a secret for now. Julie gives Kevin and David a chance to sway the Houseguests with a final speech.

Kevin tells the Houseguests if he stays he is happy to work with them. David speaks to being the second male African American houseguest to make it to Jury but says he has bigger goals and hopes to accomplish them.

The votes come out 6 to 0 to evict Kevin.

Julie gives Kevin the news and without any hugs to his fellow Houseguests, he joins her on stage in front of the Big Brother house. He speaks to the struggles in this year’s game and his five times on the block and how different that is to his first game where he made it to the Final Three. Julie commends him on the important conversations he had in the house and he is thrilled and emotional to know those conversations aired and he was able to represent his various communities.

The first HOH competition of the night begins called “It’s All About Will” where the Houseguests have to answer questions about their neighbor Dr. Will in his appearances to them over the last week.

Memphis alone answers the final question correctly and wins the Head of Household. Memphis has to give his two nominations immediately and he nominates David and Nicole.

The first Power of Veto competition is called “Ice In Your Veins” and each Houseguest has to make their way across a balance beam, complete a puzzle, return across the balance beam, and be the first to finish. Anyone who falls into the “lava” is eliminated.

Christmas, in her first official Veto competition, finishes first and wins the Power of Veto. The Houseguests head inside to hold very quick meetings with Christmas.

Nicole and David each get a chance to sway Christmas and tell her they hope she will use the Veto on them but understand she has to do what’s right for her game. Ultimately Christmas decides not to use the Power of Veto.

Julie gives both Nicole and David a chance to sway the Houseguests. Nicole hardly knows what to say and David speaks to having more game left in him to play.

STREAM: Every Episode Of Big Brother: All-Stars On CBS All Access

Christmas and Tyler are the sole votes to evict Nicole, with the other three votes for David. Julie gives the Houseguests the news that David is evicted from the Big Brother house.

David goes out to speak to Julie, gathering his emotions. Julie asks David if he regrets taking the $10k in the Veto competition and he says he does not, especially given how things went this evening. David celebrates how much more game he got to play than his last go-around and ultimately feels proud and vindicated in his gameplay.

Julie gathers the Houseguests once again and breaks the news that they are about to embark on Big Brother’s first triple live eviction. The second Head of Household competition begins and it’s called “It’s All About You” where the Houseguests have to answer true and false questions about things that have happened in the game.

Tyler becomes the new Head of Household correctly answering all of Julie’s questions and both Dani and Nicole quickly pull him aside, afraid they are his targets. Unfortunately, their suspicions are correct and Tyler nominates Dani and Nicole for eviction.

The second POV competition is called “Feet To The Fire” and the Houseguests have to race across two balance beams to grab pieces of their fire puzzle and correctly put it back together on the opposite side, then race back to press the button before anyone else.

Christmas and Nicole both fall off the balance beam and are eliminated. Tyler accomplishes the goal first, winning the golden Power of Veto.

Nicole and Dani each get a chance to persuade Tyler to use the Veto but both see the futility in it and while Nicole asks to be taken off the block Dani uses the time instead to speak to her family back home. Tyler decides not to use the Power of Veto.

The final eviction vote of the night begins with Nicole and Dani's speeches. Nicole isn’t sure what to say but urges the Houseguests to keep her. Dani, on the other hand, accuses Tyler and Christmas of a Final Two and makes it apparent who she would be targeting if she stays.

Dani is evicted by a vote of 4 to 0 and she joins Julie outside the BB house. She tells Julie about how she’d never felt safe with Tyler and Christmas and that she thinks they must see her as a bigger threat than Nicole. Overall Dani speaks to how much fun she has had playing All-Stars and how much she loves the game.

Julie congratulates the remaining Houseguests on surviving the harrowing evening and confirms to them that there will be no Jury Battleback, meaning one of the remaining six Houseguests will indeed be the winner of Big Brother: All-Stars.
Episode 24 | POV: Cody

Episode 24 | POV: Cody

Kevin isn’t surprised to be nominated a fifth time, David is annoyed to be on the block, and Tyler is curious how possible prizes in the Veto competition will affect the way it’s played.

Dani tells Nicole she hopes she gets to play for a chance at prizes and wants to see Christmas as a replacement nominee. Nicole says she doesn’t like losing more female players and also admits in the Diary Room that she doesn’t want to go along with any more of Dani’s plans that ultimately hurt her game.

STREAM: Episode 24 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Memphis tells Christmas he wants nominations to stay the same, but Christmas tells him she thinks Cody would consider her as a replacement nominee and wants to play and win the Veto for that reason.

David and Kevin chat and Kevin tells him of his certainty that he’s the target. Enzo talks to David, as well, and encourages him to go hard for the Veto as he wants to see the house start to truly turn on each other.

In the backyard, Kevin and David connect when Kevin brings up how his biracial identity is often misperceived and the toll this takes on him.

Nicole tells Christmas that her name has been circulated and Christmas guesses that Dani is the one targeting her. Nicole hopes that being honest with Christmas will win her favor and direct Christmas and Dani against each other and not herself.

Cody doesn’t know what people from New Jersey are called and apparently has no concept of what people from other states identify as either.

When it comes time to pick players for the Veto competition Cody picks Nicole, Kevin picks Tyler, and David picks Houseguest Choice and chooses Enzo.

Christmas is irritated to still never have been chosen to play Veto and lets everyone know.

The Wiseguys #1 (Memphis, Cody, and Enzo) chat about the importance of winning Veto and keeping nominations the same. Secretly Enzo wants to win, take down a nominee, and force a shake-up among the alliances.

The Veto competition features Otev the Psychedelic Salamander who threw a raging party and is now missing his tie-dye t-shirts featuring evicted Houseguests’ bands. He tells the players which t-shirt he’s looking for and they have to go search among the mess of party toys and come back quickly to present to him. The last to return with the correct t-shirt is eliminated.

In the first t-shirt challenge, David finds the $10,000 t-shirt and decides to nab the money rather than go for the Power of Veto. This gives Cody a chance to stay in the competition and the other Houseguests are flabbergasted that as a nominee he would risk going home for a prize.

Tyler is out next, then Kevin after a close call with Cody. Nicole can’t get herself up the slippery hill and thus loses out on being in the final round. In the end, Cody finds the final shirt before Enzo, winning the golden Power of Veto.

Several Houseguests talk among themselves about David’s misstep in choosing the $10k prize over safety. Cody tells David his game move may have shifted the target from Kevin to him, whether Cody wants that or not.

At the Veto meeting, Cody does not use the Power of Veto. David starts to get truly nervous about his place in the House and Kevin is grateful for this possible shift in the other Houseguests’ minds. Christmas celebrates her safety from the block, but little does she or the other Houseguests realize that Thursday’s Live Eviction will actually be Big Brother’s first Triple Eviction.
​Episode 23 | HOH: Cody | Nominees: Kevin & David

​Episode 23 | HOH: Cody | Nominees: Kevin & David

The Houseguests react to learning Dr. Will is their next-door neighbor.

Nicole lies to Christmas about voting to keep Da'Vonne, but in the Diary Room Christmas says she knows the votes came from Nicole and Dani. Dani and Nicole then lie to each other about the vote.

Dani debates using her Replay Power to allow Memphis to play in the HOH competition but is concerned that it'll backfire.

Dani reveals the power to Memphis and that she wants to use it, but he's concerned people will think he was the one who had it.

STREAM: Episode 23 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Big Brother reveals to the Houseguests that the Replay Power has been played, and they learn Memphis will be competing in the HOH competition even though he's the outgoing Head of Household. They also learn the remaining BB Basement power has officially expired.

The HGs play "Going for the Green," where they must putt a golf ball for the lowest score. The twist is that they get three attempts and the option to try to win Head of Household or a $10,000 prize—or both, should they be able to get the highest score in each corresponding slot.

Dani and Tyler tie for the prize slot with a score of 3, so they each win $5,000. Cody is revealed as the new HOH with a score of 2.

Both Dani and Tyler decide not to tell anyone they won the money, including each other. David cleans the fridge. 

Dani, Enzo, Cody, and Nicole talk about how Christmas looked mad when Cody won HOH. Dani tries to convince Cody to nominate Christmas. 

Nicole walks in on Enzo in the bathroom

Enzo reveals Memphis' double Wiseguys alliance to Cody to try and convince him not to go for an easy target like Kevin or David, but instead, take out Christmas.

Cody fills Nicole in on his plan to take out Kevin, with Christmas as a possible replacement nominee if Kevin gets taken off the block. She's convinced Cody is just doing Dani's dirty work. Cody tells Nicole about Memphis' double alliance.

Kevin visits Cody in the HOH room and tries to convince him not to put him on the block. Kevin tells Cody that if he's targeted, he won't vote for Cody to win. The conversation gets heated and they part on bad terms. 

At the nomination ceremony, Cody puts Kevin and David on the block
Episode 22 | Evicted: Da’Vonne

Episode 22 | Evicted: Da’Vonne

Christmas takes notice of Kevin and Da’Vonne’s preferential treatment of Dani and Nicole, confirmed further when Da’Vonne didn’t mention them in her Veto speech pointing out those who she thinks are targeting her.

Da’Vonne talks to Kevin about her disappointment in her gameplay, pitting her ambition to get ahead in the game with being true to using her voice to stick up for herself. She wants to be inspirational to viewers and feels drained by the emotional aspects of the game.

STREAM: Episode 22 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Da’Vonne tells Dani she doesn’t plan to campaign, especially to Cody, Tyler, and Enzo. She says she may speak to Christmas and she may see if David will have her back the way she had his in Week 2 when he was on the block, but otherwise accepts her fate to leave the house.

In the HOH suite, Kevin tells Memphis he thinks Dani and Nicole support Da’Vonne. Memphis agrees but says that ultimately Da’Vonne’s pointed speech will likely mean the house is unanimous in ousting her. Kevin is happy for a glimmer of hope.

Kevin tells Da’Vonne he’s been thinking that it might be Nicole who flipped her vote. Da’Vonne doesn’t think so, but decides to ask Nicole one last time. Once again, Nicole claims to have voted to keep Ian but in the Diary Room she admits this lie is taking its toll on her.

Memphis talks to Enzo about creating a Final Two alliance protected by two different Final Three alliances with two separate people, using the same nickname. Enzo sees no reason not to agree, though he doesn’t know that Memphis is pitching this because he believes he could win against Enzo in the end.

Memphis pitches to Cody first suggesting they call their Final Three “The Wise Guys” and Cody agrees secretly knowing he and Enzo have a well-established Final Two. Next Memphis asks Christmas for a Final Three agreement with Enzo, though she’s a little less enthusiastic about the name “The Wise Guys” as a woman. Memphis, of course, doesn’t know Christmas has a Final Two with Tyler.

Dani talks to Christmas about targeting Kevin and Christmas realizes Dani considers Da’Vonne an ally. Christmas goes to talk to Memphis about her suspicions and a plan to get David to target Dani and Nicole, so she and the rest of The Committee don’t have to.

Christmas pulls David aside and states that she knows he didn’t vote against Ian and that Nicole did. She fans the flames of David’s fuel toward targeting Dani and Nicole in the next few weeks if he were to win the HOH. David takes the bait, happy to focus his frustrations on two specific people, and he and Christmas pinky swear on their newfound trust.

At the Live Vote and Eviction, host Julie Chen Moonves asks Kevin and Da’Vonne to make their final statements to the Houseguests. Da’Vonne speaks to her desire to be the first African-American woman to win the game and reminds the Houseguests how important Jury management is. Kevin mentions representation and diversity training and asks the Houseguests to do what’s best for their games.

With all but Nicole and Dani’s votes, Da’Vonne is evicted from the Big Brother house, 5 to 2.

In her interview with Da’Vonne, Julie asks Da’Vonne why she thinks the majority of the house wanted to keep Kevin and she responds that Kevin is more easily manipulated. Da’Vonne watches her goodbye videos where Tyler names the six-person alliance and Nicole tearfully admits she voted out Ian.

Nicole’s admission surprises Da’Vonne much more than Tyler’s reveal. She considers Nicole’s betrayal personal considering conversations the two of them had about Da’Vonne’s fear of wrongfully turning her back on David.

Julie calls the Houseguests to the living room where she reveals BB Season 2 alum Dr. Will Kirby has just moved in next door as their neighbor. Speaking to the Houseguests, Dr. Will teases that they will have to decide between power and prizes in the next Veto competition and that as their new neighbor they will definitely be seeing more of him.

Julie teases that we’ll find out in the next episode whether Dani decides to use her Replay Power to allow Memphis to compete in the HOH competition two weeks in a row, as well as the outcome of the next HOH competition.
Episode 21 | POV: Tyler

Episode 21 | POV: Tyler

HOH Memphis reiterates his secret plan to backdoor David. Kevin is annoyed to be on the block for a fourth time and talks to Memphis who gives him the excuse of choosing easy targets based on the previous week’s Veto.

Da’Vonne and Kevin conjecture as to why David isn’t on the block and Da’Vonne speculates that Memphis may be trying to backdoor him. The two of them share an emotional moment as they celebrate their friendship.

STREAM: Episode 21 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

At the Veto meeting, Tyler, Nicole, and Dani are chosen to play alongside Memphis, Kevin, and Da’Vonne. David sees Kevin and Da’Vonne’s decisions not to choose him to play the Veto competition as confirmation of their distrust and broken alliance with him. Meanwhile, Tyler thinks Kevin and Da’Vonne choosing Nicole and Dani with their “Houseguest Choice” tiles is proof his two allies have side alliances happening.

Memphis gets Dani, Nicole, and Tyler into a room and dictates to them that they should all throw the Veto competition to allow him to play out his plan of backdooring David. They all let him believe they agree to it, but in the Diary Room Tyler says he does not think backdooring David is the right plan and when alone together, Nicole and Dani agree they dislike Memphis’s plan.

Memphis tells Da’Vonne and Kevin his plan, but Da’Vonne knows it’s still essential that either she or Kevin win the Veto because no one else in the house can be trusted.

Tyler and Memphis chat and Tyler tries to understand why Memphis would target David who is essentially playing on his own whereas Da’Vonne and Kevin have a clear allyship. Memphis reiterates how much he feels David needs to go and that it’s his primary goal for his HOH.

Tyler talks to Cody about Memphis’s plan and Cody agrees that Memphis’s tendency to make decisions outside of the Committee’s alliance means they need to what’s best for their games and Tyler is going to try his best to win the Veto.

Zingbot arrives and calls the Houseguests to the backyard. Zingbot is dressed as the TigerZing and proceeds to roast the All-Stars with his trademark scathing commentary. Then Zingbot tells the Veto players to prepare to play in the “Zingbotanical Zoo” where they need to help the TigerZing return his tigers to their correct cages in the sanctuary maze. The player who successfully returns them to their correct cages in the fastest time wins the Power of Veto.

When the Veto times are revealed Memphis holds the best time until Tyler’s is shown last and his time of 2 minutes 55 seconds wins him the golden Power of Veto! Memphis is annoyed Tyler clearly didn’t throw the Veto competition and Kevin and Da’Vonne realize they are in a tough spot now with no promise of safety.

Da’Vonne thinks Tyler will not use the POV on either her or Kevin, theorizing that Tyler and David may be a part of a larger group. Memphis tells them both that he thinks Tyler will go with his intended backdoor plan, but Da’Vonne and Kevin don’t buy it.

Memphis talks to Tyler and expresses his frustration that Tyler is considering not using the Veto, but he is somewhat swayed when Tyler tells him his own theories about who Da’Vonne and Kevin may be working with in the house, namely Nicole and Dani. Tyler brings up his own time on the block in Dani’s HOH as evidence and that they were both picked to play the Veto and clearly did not try to throw the competition.

At the Veto meeting, Tyler gives both Kevin and Da’Vonne a chance to argue why he should use the Veto on them. Kevin speaks to his hopefulness and Da’Vonne speaks straight, saying whatever plan has clearly already been in motion is going to stay in motion, so she sees no point in arguing.

Ultimately, Tyler decides not to use the Power of Veto. Christmas feels the situation in the house benefits her enough to let her Blocker power go unused. Da’Vonne feels this is confirmation there was never any plan to backdoor David.
​Episode 20 | HOH: Memphis | Nominees: Da'Vonne & Kevin

​Episode 20 | HOH: Memphis | Nominees: Da'Vonne & Kevin

David reveals that on eviction night, he tried to force a tie in the vote to make Dani cast the deciding vote

Da'Vonne and Kevin are skeptical of the plan but decide to go along with it. However, Kevin fills Dani in on David's plan, and she uses that leverage to convince Nicole to vote Ian out. Dani predicts a 5-3 vote, which is what ultimately happens. 

After the live eviction, the Houseguests compete in a puzzle-based HOH competition. Memphis completes his puzzle first and wins his second tenure as Head of Household

Da'Vonne thinks David flipped on the vote. Dani tells Nicole to act sad about Ian leaving in order to make David look guilty. 

STREAM: Episode 20 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

David asks Kevin what happened with the vote, but Kevin also believes David is the one who flipped. Da'Vonne talks with Nicole about David and Nicole lies to her face, reinforcing her belief that David lied. 

Later in the kitchen, Da'Vonne confronts David about flipping. He insists that he didn't, but she doesn't believe him. The situation starts bubbling over as David continues to defend himself but then he storms off, upset.

David vents to Kevin and figures out that Nicole is actually the one who flipped. Kevin tells David that the reason people aren't believing him is because of his poor acting when it came to using his secret power the week before. 

Cody cooks up a delicious taco night in the BB house, but Memphis calls a meeting in the living room before he can dig in. The former Have-Nots choose the new Have-Nots. Da'Vonne chooses Christmas, and David chooses Cody. Cody is bummed that he doesn't get to eat his tacos, and Christmas is mad that Da'Vonne chose her when earlier in the week she claimed she would choose Kevin.

Nicole, Dani, and Christmas hang out in the HOH bathroom until Nicole tries to get out of the tub and takes a spill

David asks Da'Vonne if she wants to talk, but she walks away without saying anything. 

Memphis talks with David and asks him to promise not to play the Power of Veto should he win it and in return, David won't go on the block. They shake on it, but Memphis is secretly planning on a backdoor for David. 

At the nomination ceremony, Memphis reveals that he's putting Da'Vonne and Kevin on the block. In the Diary Room, Memphis says his nominees are just pawns in order to get David out. 
Episode 19 | Evicted: Ian

Episode 19 | Evicted: Ian

Kevin is grateful to be off the block after Da’Vonne used the POV on him and to see a power shift occur in the house.

Nicole is sad to see her BFF Ian on the block and can’t explain to him that her secret alliance is against him.

STREAM: Episode 19 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Dani knows she has to maintain a relationship with Da’Vonne despite disliking her game move. Meanwhile, Ian comes to Dani for reassurances and she lies to him about being a pawn since she, Nicole, Cody, and Ian had formed a sub-alliance in the early days of the game called Four Prime.

Tyler also goes to talk to Dani and she tells him her speech about coming after him was a lie. She knows she can’t go against The Committee just yet and thus wants Tyler to assume they are friends for as long as possible.

Ian goes to talk to Memphis, making the case that Tyler is a strong player and worth getting out now. Memphis tells Ian that he actually does think Ian is a strong player and he isn’t entirely sure where his vote lies this week. This just proves to Ian that despite Dani’s assurances, he’s still very much in jeopardy.

Kevin and Da’Vonne wonder why exactly Tyler hasn’t been campaigning to stay, worrying there is a large alliance backing him that they aren’t a part of.

When Nicole expresses her desire to keep Ian to Memphis and Cody, Memphis makes an ominous comment on sending her to Jury to hang out with her friend.

Nicole tries to appeal to Cody explaining how bad it will look for her to vote out her best friend in the house just to keep The Committee happy and reiterating how strong a player Tyler is. Cody is adamant to keep Tyler.

Ian tells Dani he does not feel safe and that he absolutely would hold it against her if he goes to Jury and would not vote for her in the end to win. He is incredulous to think he’ll leave the house on his ally’s HOH and thinks she’s mistakenly tanking his game, Nicole’s game, and her own.

Nicole accuses Cody of not being sensitive to the fact that if the table was turned and his number one, Enzo, was on the block he’d be feeling similarly torn. Cody sees the truth of this but knows that Nicole making an enemy of the other Committee members, might work to his advantage in the game.

Nicole isn’t sure if she wants to be the fourth vote for Ian to stay, forcing Dani to break a tie.

At the live vote and eviction, Julie gives the nominees a chance to sway the Houseguests. Ian appeals to the players to consider how he can help their games moving forward. Tyler similarly asks the Houseguests to consider their games and “Don’t be a clown, keep Tyler around.

Ultimately Nicole decides to play nice with her alliance and vote for Ian’s eviction making the vote 5 to 3 to evict Ian from the Big Brother house.

Julie speaks with Ian outside the house asking how he feels. Keeping it classy, Ian speaks kindly of his fellow players and even commends them when he learns there was a much larger alliance voting him out in a strategic game move.

At the live Head Of Household competition, Julie informs us Dani has opted not to use her Replay power allowing her the chance to compete in the HOH competition two weeks in a row. In the competition, called “Hydrant Hustle,” the houseguests have to complete a puzzle in the shape of a hydrant, the first to finish will be crowned the new HOH.

Julie teases that the following week will bring a Big Brother legend moving in as neighbor to the Big Brother house to shake things up.
Episode 18 | POV: Da’Vonne | Final Nominees: Tyler & Ian

Episode 18 | POV: Da’Vonne | Final Nominees: Tyler & Ian

After the nomination ceremony, Tyler doesn’t feel safe from a possible backdoor plan and David is grateful for his Disruptor power and the ability to take himself off the block.

David conjures up some fake tears to throw the Houseguests off about his power.

STREAM: Episode 18 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Cody clues Enzo in on Dani’s feelings about backdooring Tyler, which neither of them wants.

Dani, Christmas, and Cody discuss the powers and why they haven’t surfaced yet. Of course, Cody doesn’t know (for certain) that Dani and Christmas hold two of those powers.

The Houseguests are called to the kitchen when the Disruptor power is unleashed. David gives an emotional performance when it’s revealed he has been taken down off the block.

Put on the spot to name a replacement nominee, Dani decides to put up Tyler. Cody is not thrilled that Dani is already taking shots at their alliance members, Kevin is dismayed to now be up against a known competition winner for Veto, and Tyler feels his suspicion that Dani would backdoor him is now confirmed.

Dani tries to smooth things over with Tyler by claiming she panicked but wants him to win the Veto. He isn’t at all convinced.

David starts asking around about who used the power so no one suspects he had the power. Most of the houseguests brush him off saying they know he clearly had the power.

In an attempt at damage control, Dani pulls Christmas aside claiming she panicked in nominating Tyler and bringing up that if he or Kevin win the Veto, she thinks she needs to put up a pawn from their alliance. Christmas is baffled at Dani’s decision-making when non-Committee members are still left in the house.

Da’Vonne, Ian, and Enzo are chosen to play the Veto competition alongside Dani, Tyler, and Kevin.

The Power of Veto competition is called “Microbrews” and the players have to stack 15 miniature cans of beer onto a miniature bar using giant tweezers, the first to do so wins the Power of Veto. The other Houseguests watch the competition from inside the house.

Stacking the tiny brews is no easy feat. The players struggle and repeatedly knock down their tiny stacks of microbrews. Da’Vonne has some near misses, but with a steady hand, she finally stacks the last tiny 15th beer in her pyramid, winning the Power of Veto!

Dani hopes Da’Vonne will stick to the promise she made not to use the Veto if she won. But Kevin reminds Da’Vonne that they are among the outsiders in the house and have no chance of moving past the main house alliance without each other.

Da’Vonne tells Dani about her good reasons for using the Veto. Dani complains to Christmas about the tight spot she’s in and Christmas points out that Ian and Enzo aren’t in their alliance and could be possible nominations.

Dani tells Cody Da’Vonne wants to use the Veto and that she would nominate Ian in that case. She asks if he would vote out Tyler so Ian doesn’t go home on her HOH and Cody says he won’t vote Tyler out.

Meanwhile, when Dani tells Nicole how things may play out for the week she’s equally sad to think she may lose Ian who she has a Final Two with.

Dani tries appealing to Da’Vonne one final time, arguing she could do more for Da’Vonne’s game going forward than Kevin could.

Despite knowing it will upset Dani, at the Veto meeting Da’Vonne decides to use the Power of Veto on Kevin.

Forced to nominate a fourth person on her HOH, Dani chooses to nominate Ian telling the group her target is Tyler and Ian is just a pawn.

Nicole is upset to see her best friend in the house on the block, Ian is angry at Dani’s decision, and Tyler hopes that being next to a former winner on the block might save him.
Episode 17 | HOH: Dani | Nominees: Kevin & David

Episode 17 | HOH: Dani | Nominees: Kevin & David

The Houseguests are in the midst of the HOH competition where they do their best to hold on to the tilting billboard of “BB Power Trip.”

Christmas reveals that hours before the eviction ceremony, she and Da’Vonne sat down and made up for the huge blow out they’d had and assured Da’Vonne she is safe from nomination if and when Christmas is HOH again. Da’Vonne in turn claimed she too would not target Christmas, though she reveals in the Diary Room that by no means will she be working with Christmas moving forward.

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Da’Vonne is the first to fall from the billboard and just when it looks like she’s upset by her poor performance, she reveals this is exactly her strategy: to be seen as poor competition.

After 48 minutes, David can’t keep his grip on the wet billboard and falls off, disappointed in another HOH loss.

Ian is the third to fall after 53 minutes, which means he, David, and Da’Vonne will be Have-Nots for the week. Content to not be a Have-Not, Memphis chooses to fall off the billboard.

Enzo falls after an hour, Kevin falls shortly after, and Tyler falls next. Nicole decides she doesn’t want to have to make nominations this week and trusts both Dani and Cody who remain on the wall. She falls and Cody, who feels similarly, decides to let go so he doesn’t accidentally win the HOH.

This leaves Dani as HOH for the week.

Tyler wonders if Dani will honor their alliance or seek vengeance after the previous week.

Dani tells Da’Vonne she has nothing to worry about, and Da’Vonne is glad they bonded. 

David worries he may be in danger as he and Dani have very little game-relationship. Likewise, Kevin knows he and Dani don’t have a tight bond either.

Da’Vonne and Dani talk and Da’Vonne suggests Christmas as a pawn with Tyler as the goal for eviction, but Dani fears making too many big waves so soon in the game.

Cody suggests nominating David and Kevin as the two Houseguests they don’t have an alliance with. Cody isn't thrilled when Dani mentions backdooring Tyler.

Kevin worries he isn’t representing the LGBTQ community to the best extent and shares his insecurity around criticisms he’s received in the past.

Tyler talks to Dani, acknowledging he knows she has reason to nominate him. Dani wonders if targeting Tyler this early when he could likely stay in the house is a bad idea.

Kevin is not enthused to hear Dani is considering using him as a pawn. He points out he doesn’t want to be the first juror and spend his birthday alone in the jury house.

Tyler and Dani make a verbal agreement not to target each other until The Committee of six are forced to turn on each other.

At the nomination ceremony, Dani nominates Kevin and David. Kevin laments being a pawn and having no allies in the house and David is excited to have the Disruptor power in his back pocket, ready to take himself off the block and stay safe for the week.
Episode 16 | Evicted: Bayleigh

Episode 16 | Evicted: Bayleigh

After the POV meeting, Bayleigh is especially upset thinking it’s her fault she and Da’Vonne are still on the block.

Da’Vonne pulls Christmas aside for an explanation and Christmas claims she needed to do what was best for her game and that she couldn’t take a shot at Tyler just because Bayleigh wants her to.

STREAM: Episode 16 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Christmas tells Da’Vonne she is her ally and has her back. Da’Vonne doesn’t trust it but keeps the peace with Christmas.

Da’Vonne talks to Tyler about what happened with his offer and he says he couldn’t sway Christmas. The two of them agree to have each other’s backs moving forward.

Enzo tells David he wants to keep Bayleigh and David agrees based on previous tension he’s had with Da’Vonne.

Cody gets some sad news about the passing of his grandfather and the Houseguests unite around him in consolation. He finds a renewed vigor to win in his grandfather’s honor.

In the bathroom, Christmas complains to Dani that Bayleigh is upset with her and holds it against her. Da’Vonne tries to explain Bayleigh’s feelings to Christmas but Christmas is adamant of her own opinion on the matter.

Christmas and Da’Vonne get into an increasingly louder discussion about Christmas using the private information Bayleigh shared with her and using it against her. Bayleigh wanders into the kitchen and hears the heated discussion.

Ian picks an awkward time to go into the bathroom for a shower.

Da’Vonne leaves the conversation fearing that if she lets it escalate it will be held against her. She vents to Tyler in the backyard.

Bayleigh jumps in to reaffirm what Da’Vonne was saying and tells Christmas she thinks she’s entitled to be upset that she’s on the block and does feel taken advantage of. Bayleigh accuses Christmas of trying to appear a victim in a situation she created.

The two yell at each other before Da’Vonne pulls Bayleigh into the backyard to cool off.

Da’Vonne fears she’s playing into expectations of her in the game and thinks her game is lost.

At the live vote and eviction, Julie gives the two players a chance to sway the Houseguests.

The Houseguests vote in turn and unanimously vote Bayleigh out of the BB house.

Bayleigh says her goodbyes and joins Julie on stage outside the house. Julie reveals to Bayleigh that even though she was a part of the Slick Six, the primary alliance running the house was The Committee.

Bayleigh tells Julie she feels the time she got in the house proved she need not be defined by her previous season and she played her best this time around. She also shares that she and Tyler were able to patch things up earlier and both are determined to leave their drama behind.

The live Head of Household competition begins in an endurance competition called “Power Trip.” The Houseguests have to stay on a moving billboard for the new hit BB movie “Power Trip.” The first three to fall will be Have-Nots for the week. The last one to fall will be the Head of Household. The Houseguests hold on tight as the competition begins.
Episode 15 | POV: Christmas

Episode 15 | POV: Christmas

Da’Vonne thinks Christmas’s reason for nominating her doesn’t add up. Bayleigh feels betrayed by someone she considered a friend in the house. The two share a tearful moment where Da’Vonne urges Bayleigh not to give up and to fight until the end.

David watches on knowing he has the secret Disruptor Power and the ability to take someone off the block, but feeling that he needs to keep it to save himself eventually.

STREAM: Episode 15 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Bayleigh goes to Christmas for answers and ends up consoling her instead, with Christmas upset and offering little in the way of explanation.

Da’Vonne, Nicole, and Dani sit down to work through the tension between them and Da’Vonne confides that Tyler was the source telling her Dani was coming for her.

Dani sees her chance to target Tyler, a member of her own alliance, and she goes to Christmas with the news that Tyler is trying to pit the girls of the house against each other. Christmas is hesitant to backdoor Tyler and worried for their alliance.

In the Veto players meeting, Nicole, Dani, and Ian are chosen to compete in the Veto challenge.

Unfortunately, Ian feels under the weather and the medic decides he should not compete in the Veto challenge.

The Veto competition is the "BB Math-Cathalon" where the Veto players need to hold down two buttons on the ground while keeping an eye on math equations that appear. When an equation equals 13 they can let go of the buttons and try to run to the next button faster than anyone else. But a false start leads to elimination.

Da’Vonne has the first false start and is eliminated. Next is Bayleigh, then Dani, leaving Christmas and Nicole to compete. Christmas beats Nicole to the button, claiming first place.

Nicole opts to trade her $5000 prize with Da’Vonne’s slop punishment. Christmas decides to trade her Triathalon prize for the POV from Bayleigh, leaving Dani with a food and fitness prize.

Nicole gets her Slopitard punishment and shows it off to the other Houseguests.

Meanwhile, the Houseguests comment that Tyler has been acting withdrawn. Tyler pulls Da’Vonne and Bayleigh aside to talk to them.

He tells the two women that he doesn’t want to be known in this game for pitting players against each other for his own gain when he feels both Bayleigh and Da’Vonne have more to play for. He tells them he wants to ask Christmas to use the Veto and put him on the block.

Bayleigh and Da’Vonne are shocked but feel a spark of hope for their games.

Tyler goes to Christmas and explains his feelings for the situation and this possible solution, but Christmas thinks backdooring Tyler would bring her too much heat and put her in a bad spot once her HOH ends.

Da’Vonne pitches to Christmas that using the Veto on her and backdooring Tyler would make Da’Vonne and Bayleigh her allies moving forward. Christmas thinks Bayleigh’s lingering distrust of Tyler, her Final Two, after he’s offered to sacrifice his game for her, just proves Bayleigh’s loyalty can’t be swayed.

Christmas shares with Tyler just how much Bayleigh still distrusts him and he wonders if he made the wrong decision offering to help the two of them.

In the end, Christmas decides she has to do what serves her game best and at the Veto meeting she opts not to use the Power of Veto.
​Episode 14 | BB Basement Winners: David, Dani, Christmas | Nominees: Bayleigh & Da'Vonne

​Episode 14 | BB Basement Winners: David, Dani, Christmas | Nominees: Bayleigh & Da'Vonne

Cody, Nicole, and Dani try to figure out how to recover from Kaysar's speech on eviction night.

Tyler, Bayleigh, and Da'Vonne realize The Slick Six is fractured. Cody explains to Da'Vonne that he was flustered after Kaysar's speech and chose poorly during the HOH competition. He apologizes but Day isn't buying it. 

Christmas and Dani celebrate the outcome of the HOH competition and start strategizing for the week to come. Christmas considers targeting Da'Vonne and Bayleigh. 

Day talks to Christmas to try and get herself in a better spot, but Christmas is hesitant. Meanwhile, Enzo tries to get in her ear about going after Ian, Da'Vonne, Nicole, or Bayleigh. 

STREAM: Episode 14 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Big Brother reveals the next big twist in the game: the BB Basement. Hidden in the BB Basement are three brand new powers that will be given to Houseguests as a result of a single competition. The basement is completely dark, so nobody will know who won the powers. 

The Houseguests gear up and head into the BB Basement. It's full of terrifying objects, obstacles, and boxes. The HGs must compete in complete darkness to find power icons that fit into corresponding pedestals throughout the room. Nicole gets caught in some goop and loses her pants.

David manages to find an icon and fits it in its corresponding podium, winning a power. The second power is claimed by Dani, and the third by Christmas.

Christmas tells Tyler that she won a power, which she learns is the Blocker Power, which allows her to prevent herself or another Houseguest from being a replacement nominee at one of the next three Veto meetings. 

Nicole figures out that Dani won a power, which Dani discovers is the Replay Power, allowing herself or another Houseguest to play in back-to-back HOH competitions. The Replay is good for the current HOH or one of the next two.

David lies to Tyler about winning and is informed that he won the Disruptor Power, which will allow him to secretly save one of the HOH's nominations, including himself, and force them to nominate someone else. The power is valid for one of the next three nomination ceremonies. 

Dani and Bayleigh have a confrontation about why Dani has seemingly been targeting them all of a sudden. Things are left unresolved, and tensions are high. Enzo enters the room, and Bayleigh asks him point-blank if Dani was coming after her, and he confirms it.

Dani vents to Christmas about her conversation with Bayleigh and Christmas is concerned that she'll be connected to Dani if she puts Bayleigh on the block.  Tyler is worried that telling Day and Bay about Dani targeting them will blow back on his own game. Bay tries talking with Enzo and Tyler about it but gets emotional and frustrated with Tyler. 

Tyler, Bay, and Day continue to talk about the situation, and Tyler tries to convince them that he's on their side.

At the nomination ceremony, Christmas puts Bayleigh and Da'Vonne on the block
Episode 13 | Evicted: Kaysar | HOH: Christmas

Episode 13 | Evicted: Kaysar | HOH: Christmas

Kaysar recognizes that by nominating Christmas alongside him for eviction, Enzo has essentially made it clear he wants the house to unite to send Kaysar home.

He speaks with Memphis about how he’s allowing Enzo, Cody, and Tyler to run the house not knowing that Memphis is also in their alliance.

STREAM: Episode 13 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Cody and Enzo talk about Dani and her obvious strategy of planting seeds of misinformation all over the house. Cody decides to come clean to Enzo about the side alliance consisting of him, Memphis, Dani, Tyler, Christmas, and Nicole.

Tyler and Bayleigh chat and Tyler expresses his growing annoyance with Dani and how she’s trying to pit allies against each other. He tells Bayleigh that Dani has certainly brought up her and Da’Vonne’s names.

Then Tyler goes to do damage control with Da’Vonne now that David outed Tyler for saying Da’Vonne was trying to flip the vote. He confides in her that Dani has it out for her and she considers what this means for her game.

Ian confides in Kevin about who he thinks the core people running the house are, naming Cody, Tyler, Nicole F., and Dani. Then in a backyard conversation with Bayleigh, Ian tells her he thinks Cody is the lead of the house and she says she thinks it’s Dani. The two agree to work together.

Ian talks to Kaysar about the inevitability of his eviction and that he believes there are multiple alliances, some of which are on shaky ground. He says at the core of the alliances is Cody and Nicole F. and Kaysar weighs whether or not he should try to start a commotion before he leaves.

At the live eviction, Christmas recites a clever poem and Kaysar tells the Houseguests their gameplay “sucks.” He tells them all that Cody and Nicole F. are in an alliance and running the house, that Enzo, David, Tyler, Cody have their own guys alliance, and that Dani, Cody, and Nicole are also in an alliance leaving Cody in too good a spot. He urges them to keep him if they actually want “to play the game.”

The live vote begins and Cody votes to evict Kaysar. Memphis, Dani, Ian, and Kevin follow suit. Da’Vonne also votes to evict Kaysar but calls him brave and vows to have his back. David, Bayleigh, Nicole F., and Tyler all cast their votes against Kaysar.

By a vote of 10-0, Kaysar is voted out of the Big Brother house.

Julie tells Kaysar about Memphis and Christmas being the other two members of the alliance he suspected, which is a shock to Kaysar. Still, Julie commends Kaysar on the important conversations he had while in the house and whether the grand prize was truly his driving reason for returning for All-Stars. Kaysar says he felt he needed to be vocal and honest with his perspective.

At the Head of Household competition, called “Filter Face-Off,” the Houseguests are presented with filtered pictures of their fellow Houseguests and asked in pairs of two to correctly answer the questions Julie gives.

All of the Houseguests face-off with one eliminated in each round until there are two left: Christmas and Da’Vonne.

Da’Vonne answers first, she is incorrect and Christmas is crowned the new Head of Household.

Julie previewed the new room in the BB house, the BB Basement where an all-dark competition awaits and three new powers will be awarded.
Episode 12 | POV: Kevin

Episode 12 | POV: Kevin

After the nomination ceremony, Kaysar is unsurprised but Kevin feels blindsided.

Enzo speaks with Kevin to allay his fears and confirm that he has no intention of targeting Kevin but wants Kaysar out instead. Kevin doesn’t buy Enzo’s claim that he nominated him because he’s so well-liked.

STREAM: Episode 12 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Kaysar reiterates to Enzo that if he were to stay, he would be an ally and work with him moving forward. David talks to Bayleigh about feeling like he tanked his own game with his recent slip-ups and she agrees she isn’t sure where he stands in the house.

Ian talks game with Enzo and brings up the chance of a replacement nominee after the Veto comp. He tries to get a sense of who Enzo might consider and Enzo doesn’t comment, especially because, as he tells Cody later, Ian is definitely on his radar.

Memphis hosts “Mornings With Memphis” where he speaks to the feeds and gives his best guess at headlines outside the house, Kaysar guests on the show, and the two conjecture together.

Alongside HOH Enzo and nominees Kaysar and Kevin, Tyler, Bayleigh, and David are chosen to play the Veto competition.

Kaysar tries to get a sense of whether Bayleigh would use the Veto on him if she were to win, but finds she isn’t willing to talk. Meanwhile, Tyler, Cody, and Enzo conjecture whether David would use the POV on Kevin.

The Power of Veto competition has each player entering the BB Theater where they have to hold on to strings as the puppet master moves the strings attached to their feet and blasts them with gooey surprises. The last to fall from their strings wins.

Kaysar is the first to drop after 12 minutes, Enzo after 18 minutes, Tyler after 27 minutes, then Bayleigh loses a foot string and falls after 33 minutes. Kevin and David hold on, but eventually, David slips and falls making Kevin the winner of the POV!

Christmas offers herself as a pawn to Enzo, but he’s not sure that’s a great idea. The Slick Six want to meet so Dani goes to the HOH to talk to Tyler but seems to have forgotten that Nicole F. is present and not a part of The Slick Six. Tyler scrambles to cover it up to Nicole F. and tells Enzo later about her bad blunder. Enzo’s trust in Dani continues to diminish and he wonders if backdooring her would be best this week.

At the Veto meeting, Kevin uses the Power of Veto on himself. Enzo decides to take up Christmas on her offer and put her up as the re-nominee. Christmas feels comfortable with the decision, Kaysar vows to think up a plan, and Tyler feels Dani dodged the block this week but won’t in the near future.
Episode 11 | HOH: Enzo | Nominees: Kaysar & Kevin

Episode 11 | HOH: Enzo | Nominees: Kaysar & Kevin

The Head of Household competition begins and very quickly Kaysar gets two balls into two of the three holes he needs to win, setting Tyler on edge.

Dani explains in the Diary Room that she voted for Kaysar for eviction to throw Janelle a pity vote, but also to try and stir up some chaos in the house.

STREAM: Episode 11 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Kaysar sinks his third ball and advances to the final round. Enzo is the second person to sink all three balls. David is the third to advance.

Christmas wants the HOH in order to see pictures of her son, and Memphis says he wants to be HOH again in order to finally get David out of the house. Bayleigh wants the win in order to target those she doesn't trust, including Memphis, Nicole F., or Ian.

Dani is the first in the new round of six players to sink all three balls, then Kevin. Cody is the third to get all three with Memphis just a second behind him.

In the final round, David, Enzo, and Kaysar each quickly land a ball in a hole, then a second, the three of them neck-and-neck for the win. Ultimately, Enzo is able to land his third ball before the others making him Head of Household for the week and earning him the title for the first time in the game.

Cody confronts Dani about whether she was the hinky vote for Janelle and Dani denies heavily, doing her best to pin the vote on Bayleigh. Cody isn’t convinced.

Da’Vonne is sad to have lost the HOH and the chance to see a picture of her daughter. Bayleigh is upset that two people voted for Janelle when she wanted to vote to keep her friend but stayed true to the house majority.

Da’Vonne, Kevin, and David join Cody and Dani’s conversation about the two votes and Cody puts David on the spot. He dodges the question a bit too much, sending off alarm bells in both Cody and Da’Vonne’s minds.

Enzo and Cody discuss the two votes and Cody tells Enzo about Dani’s secret plan, Enzo thinks Dani is trying to pin the two votes on Bayleigh and Da’Vonne.

Da’Vonne and Kaysar have a deep discussion about Kaysar’s religion, which leads to a larger conversation as Da’Vonne shares the fears and hurts of her own community and the ongoing discrimination and harm that is done to Black people in America every day.

Kaysar says he was compelled to return to Big Brother in order to have these conversations and stick up for what’s right.

Tyler, Da’Vonne, and Dani become the new Have-Nots for the week.

Dani and Nicole F. have a strong friendship in the house and they reiterate their desire to work together and propel each other forward in the game.

Kaysar pitches to Enzo his desire to help Enzo in the long run of the game if he were to keep him off the block this week. Christmas’s punishment ends and she speaks with Enzo, weighing each option of who to nominate.

Ultimately, Enzo nominates Kaysar and Kevin for eviction.
Episode 10 | Evicted: Janelle

Episode 10 | Evicted: Janelle

With both of them still on the block, Kaysar laments what it would be like to be in the BB House without Janelle.

Kevin and Christmas weigh the pros and cons of who to keep and who to evict, Kevin likes that he and Janelle have at least discussed the game together, whereas Christmas likes the idea of giving Kaysar his chance to be in the house without Janelle.

STREAM: Episode 10 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

The Slick Six check in about who to evict and Bayleigh reminds them evicting Janelle means a third female player leaves in a row. She also comments in the Diary Room that it would be ideal for Janelle to stay and possibly take out the male members of the Slick Six down the road.

Kaysar gets reassurance from Christmas that Janelle is this week’s target, freeing up from campaigning against her, and he resolves to compete hard moving forward.

Ian’s strategy is to play dumb, making comments here and there that cause his Houseguests to question how clever he really is.

Janelle makes the rounds talking to the Houseguests about garnering their votes. There are plenty who claim they will if the others do as well. Janelle targets Cody as the one could sway the multitude, even offering her wedding band as collateral.

David confides in Bayleigh that the previous week he’d heard a rumor Da’Vonne was trying to flip the vote against him. Bayleigh calls a meeting with Da’Vonne where David slips and mentions that Tyler and Cody gave him this intel and Da’Vonne cries in frustration at how much work she has done to protect David.

David admits to Tyler that he let slip Tyler was the one to tell him about Da’Vonne and Tyler is quite upset to hear it, feeling that David isn’t a good ally and Da’Vonne and Bayleigh will turn on the Slick Six now.

Da’Vonne similarly is alarmed to hear two of her so-called allies spreading false rumors, but decides with Bayleigh not to be confrontational.

Tyler and Cody meet and Tyler fills Cody in on the bad news and the potential crumbling of their alliance as a result. Both think David is making rookie moves that could be disastrous for their games.

At the live eviction, Janelle urges the Houseguests to keep her if they think she could in any way work with them. Kaysar says he would be grateful to continue in the game.

The vote begins and all but two Houseguests vote Janelle out. Dani surprises Julie by voting Kaysar out and Enzo does as he did the previous week and throws out a surprise vote, as well.

Julie announces to the Houseguests that by a vote of 9-2, Janelle is evicted from the Big Brother house. Julie speaks with Janelle after explaining who the surprise two votes were and giving her intel on Memphis being a part of a larger alliance.

Janelle is sad to see Kayser’s goodbye video and realize he has no idea about the secret alliance and will confide in Memphis.

In the HOH competition, called “Carnival Quick Shot,” the Houseguests are split into two groups of six and have to roll three balls up a ramp and try to get them into holes at the top of the ramp. Then the next group will compete and the winners from each will face off for a final winner.

Nicole F. Da’Vonne, Ian, Enzo, David, and Kaysar are the first to compete, but viewers will have to wait until Sunday to discover who is crowned the new Head of Household.
​Episode 9 | POV: Cody

​Episode 9 | POV: Cody

Janelle is annoyed by Tyler’s “safe” move by nominating her and Kaysar, but Nicole F. is thrilled to see her on the block.

Da’Vonne decides to cover her bases and speaks with Tyler to make sure her new ally doesn’t think of her as a replacement nomination in the case of one of the nominees winning Veto. She also speaks to Janelle and Kaysar, encouraging them to fight hard for the Veto and assume she’s got their backs.

STREAM: Episode 9 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Janelle asks Bayleigh if she’d want to play Veto and Bayleigh admits in the Diary Room she’s grown closer to Janelle. Janelle also suggests picking Nicole since she’s not great at Veto comps saying, “Franzel will get frazzled.”

Nicole F. checks in with Dani about who might be the final four. Dani admits there are a few people in their alliance who would be too hard to beat. She starts to plant seeds of doubt, making varying comments to other Houseguests about who the strongest players are.

Janelle shares a bit about her skincare routines and Ian finds them disturbing.

Players are picked for the Veto competition and along with HOH Tyler, Janelle, and Kaysar, Cody’s name is drawn, as are Bayleigh and Memphis.

The veto competition is called “Cupcake Clash” where the players have to rearrange multi-colored cupcake puzzles by moving one piece at a time, trying to get all three cupcakes to be one whole color before their opponent does the same.

Tyler and Kaysar face off first and Kaysar thinks he’s won before realizing the bottoms of his cupcakes don’t match and has to try again, leaving Tyler with the time he needs to win.

Cody and Bayleigh compete next with Cody deftly putting his cupcakes together faster than Bayleigh.

Memphis goes up against Janelle and appears to be doing so poorly that his fellow Houseguests assume he must be throwing the competition on purpose. Turns out the puzzles are just hard and Memphis narrowly defeats Janelle.

In the next round, Memphis loses to Cody and then Cody faces off against Tyler and once again shows how good he is at the challenge, winning the Golden Power of Veto.

Later, Dani, convinced Memphis was deliberately throwing the Veto comp, speaks with Christmas and Nicole F. about Memphis potentially working with Janelle and Kaysar. Enzo and Cody are also convinced Memphis threw the Veto comp and this solidifies for Tyler that his ally may not be wholly trustworthy.

Christmas gets her punishment as Enzo’s plus one after winning the Safety Suite competition and has to care for a Baby All-Star and its around-the-clock demanding needs. This proves to be nothing compared to the multiple new Baby All-Stars who join the family, each demanding Christmas’s attention.

Janelle pitches to Cody that should he use the Veto on her, she’d help him and Tyler’s game by being the biggest target in the house and voting with him for two weeks.

In the end, it’s not enough to sway Cody and he decides not to use the Power of Veto at the Veto meeting, leaving Janelle and Kaysar on the block and their Big Brother: All-Stars destinies in the balance.
​Episode 8 | Safety Suite Winner: Enzo (+1: Christmas) | Nominees: Kaysar & Janelle

​Episode 8 | Safety Suite Winner: Enzo (+1: Christmas) | Nominees: Kaysar & Janelle

Janelle and Kaysar start planning for how they're going to avoid getting nominated this week. Meanwhile, Cody starts an alliance with Tyler, Enzo, Da'Vonne, Bayleigh, and Dani called The Slick Six

At the new Have-Not nomination ceremony, the outgoing Have-Nots nominate Enzo, Cody, Bayleigh, and Janelle as replacements. When Nicole nominates Janelle, she makes a comment about how Janelle likes to talk about her, creating tension immediately. 

Janelle and Kaysar try to convince Memphis to use his Safety Suite to save one of them if he wins. He agrees to their faces but secretly decides to throw the competition. However, Janelle picks up on Memphis' lack of eye contact during the conversation and doesn't believe him. 

STREAM: Episode 8 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

The Houseguests celebrate the bidet that's been added to the Big Brother house, but Enzo and Cody get in a jokey argument about its misuse. 

Janelle and Kaysar reflect on the history of their unlikely friendship. Meanwhile, Tyler considers putting them on the block. 

Dani discovers Bayleigh and Da'Vonne talking with Kaysar and Janelle about working together, which conflicts with the new Slick Six alliance. Tyler tries to figure out how that impacts his nominations. 

Big Brother opens the Safety Suite for one hour, and the eligible Houseguests—Nicole, Enzo, Memphis, and Dani—try to decide who they would make their +1 if they win. Da'Vonne tries to convince some of them to give her the +1, but only because she wants to experience the punishment. 

Tyler is concerned about Da'Vonne wanting safety, thinking it means she doesn't trust him to make the right call at the nomination ceremony. 

Nicole enters the Safety Suite first, where the competition requires the Houseguests to navigate a maze of lasers in the fastest amount of time. Memphis follows but takes a break in the middle of his turn to run up the clock. Enzo goes next, followed by Dani. 

In the end, Enzo wins with an impressive time of 4:41. He chooses Christmas as his +1. Janelle knows that Memphis threw the competition and Da'Vonne is mad that Enzo didn't give the +1 to her. 

Kaysar confronts Tyler about the nominations and tries to hash things out. Tyler admits that his decision isn't set in stone. Janelle follows up and tries to convince him that she could be a shield for him later in the game.

At the nomination ceremony, Tyler ultimately decides to put Kaysar and Janelle on the block
Episode 7 | Evicted: Nicole A. | HOH: Tyler

Episode 7 | Evicted: Nicole A. | HOH: Tyler

Janelle and Nicole F. are each astounded at Memphis’s decision not to backdoor the opposition which, in their minds, is each other.

Nicole A. pitches to Da’Vonne that voting out a male Houseguest over yet another female one is in her best interest, but Da’Vonne has made a promise to herself not to vote out any other Black players as long as possible.

STREAM: Episode 7 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Kaysar pitches to Da’Vonne that David is working with the identified alliance of four (Cody, Dani, Nicole F., and Tyler) and wants to combat it by pulling Da’Vonne into an alliance with himself, Janelle, Bayleigh, Christmas, and Nicole A. Da’Vonne is skeptical.

Da’Vonne tries to get David to confirm or deny his participation in an alliance but he decides to stay quiet, putting doubts into Da’Vonne’s mind about helping him out this week.

To make matters worse, David tells Bayleigh to encourage Da’Vonne to “calm down” and incites both the women’s ire, solidifying in their minds that he may not have their backs.

Kaysar and Janelle continue to campaign for Nicole A.’s safety, but Nicole A. questions their intentions when the rest of the house tells her Janelle has ulterior motives. Nicole A. does her best to make it clear to the rest of the house that she’s not aligned with Janelle and Kaysar and will gladly target them if she were to be HOH in the future.

When Janelle tells Nicole A. she’s trying hard to get the Houseguests to agree to keep her, Nicole A. accuses her of not trying hard enough.

Janelle—who historically hasn’t shed many a tear in the BB house—gets emotional that Nicole is questioning their friendship.

At the live eviction, host Julie Chen Moonves asks for the Houseguests to cast their votes.

Tyler is up first and he casts his vote to evict Nicole A., staying true to his alliance with David.  Enzo is next and votes to evict David. Christmas votes to evict Nicole A and Kevin stays true to his alliance, voting to evict David. Then, going back on all her campaigning, Janelle votes to evict Nicole.

Da’Vonne decides, in the end, to vote to evict Nicole and Kaysar sticks with Janelle, also voting out Nicole. Bayleigh decides to stick with Da’Vonne and also votes to evict Nicole A. Cody, Ian, Nicole F., and finally Dani, all vote to evict Nicole A. solidifying that by a vote of 10 to 2, she will leave the Big Brother house.

Nicole joins Julie outside the house where Julie informs her Janelle and Kaysar did truly have her back and an emotional Nicole admits she owes Janelle many apologies.

The Head of Household competition is called “Mug Shots” and Julie explains that one at a time the Houseguests have 30 seconds to slide a mug down three separate counters, doing their best to land on the highest number on the counter and then combining the number of each mug for an overall score. The best score will be crowned HOH.

Cody goes first and nabs a score of 4. Enzo is next and beats out Cody with a score of 8.

David scores 6 points and is eliminated. Christmas gets a score of 8, but not faster than Enzo’s time. Da’Vonne gets 7 points. Kevin also gets 7 points. Ian displaces Enzo with 10 points but Nicole F. can’t top it with her score of 9 points. Dani pushes her mugs a bit hard, losing two off the table and ending up with 4 points.

Tyler takes the top spot with 12 points next. Bayleigh gets 7 points. Janelle comes close to Tyler with 11 points and a fast time, but it’s not enough to dethrone him. Kaysar pushes two mugs too far off the counter and thus, Tyler is the new Head of Household!

Julie gives a sneak peek at the all-new, and final, Safety Suite which features laser beams that are sure to throw the competing Houseguests for a loop.
Episode 6 | POV: Memphis

Episode 6 | POV: Memphis

David and Nicole A. both take Memphis’s nominations hard and even his fellow allies, Dani and Tyler, express their dislike of how he handled nominations.

Tyler speaks to David and assures him he’s got his back. Janelle expresses her interest in recruiting Nicole A. to her and Kaysar’s alliance and reassures Nicole A. with talk of a backdoor plan.

Janelle and Kaysar speak to Memphis about his decision-making process with the nominations and try to get a sense of who he’s really targeting for eviction. Janelle tries to plant seeds for possible backdoor options throwing out Nicole F. as a threat.

STREAM: Episode 6 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Enzo, Kevin, and Nicole F. discuss parenthood and Kevin feels reinvigorated for his motivation to win Big Brother: All-Stars for the financial resources to start a family of his own.

Cody is concerned to hear from Memphis that Janelle and Kaysar correctly identified four out of six of their alliance members and thinks a backdoor of one of them would be smart. Memphis thinks keeping them is more beneficial to his game.

Despite telling Memphis he’d keep this info a secret, Cody shares with the other alliance members that Janelle and Kaysar are on to them and Tyler sees an opportunity to take the target off of David’s back and onto either Janelle or Kaysar.

When it comes time to draw for Veto players Nicole A., David, and Memphis are joined by Ian, Tyler, and Nicole F.

Ian gets his punishment as Christmas’s plus one from the Safety Suite. Dressed as Dirk Spacejammer, the lead character in the unproduced film BB All-Star Wars, Ian has to perform scenes at the director’s bidding… and until he's satisfied. A few Houseguests work with Ian as acting partners, helping him rehearse. Except that the demanding director requires some late-night rehearsals, keeping Ian and his fellow Houseguests awake at all hours.

Tyler confronts Memphis about Janelle’s knowledge of their alliance and Memphis casually mentions that Nicole F. was the proposed backdoor. Tyler and Nicole F. both disapprove of Memphis’s easy dismissal of the threat to their alliance and Tyler vows to win the Veto.

The Veto challenge is called “All-Starry Night” and the players have to stand on individual star platforms while keeping a sphere balanced on a flat paddle they hold.

Feeling panicky, Nicole A. is the first to drop her sphere. Nicole F. is next as her arms wobble from the weight and Ian gives in to the pain in his arms next. David lasts more than 27 minutes, but eventually drops his ball when he focuses too much on how Memphis is doing.

Tyler and Memphis hold out but Tyler loses his grip and the ball falls making Memphis the Power of Veto winner.

Nicole A. is upset at how quickly she lost the challenge and confides in Kevin. Meanwhile, Nicole F. is concerned Memphis has plans to backdoor her.

Dani talks to Memphis about how unaffected he seems to be by Janelle and Kaysar’s threat, once again reiterating the wisdom in backdooring one of them. Memphis thinks going after Janelle so quickly is too aggressive for Week 2. Cody suggests Kaysar as the better backdoor option.

At the Veto meeting, Memphis chooses not to use the Power of Veto. Nicole F. is relieved but not sure how much longer she wants to be allied with Memphis. Nicole A. feels extra motivated to be ruthless and campaign for her spot in the house.
Episode 5 | Safety Suite Winner: Christmas (+1 Ian) | Nominees: Nicole A. & David

Episode 5 | Safety Suite Winner: Christmas (+1 Ian) | Nominees: Nicole A. & David

Memphis is excited to be HOH (for the first time in his Big Brother career) and Kevin feels a huge burden lifted now that eviction night is over and he’s still safe.

Memphis announces that last week’s Have-Nots are responsible for choosing the new week’s Have-Nots, a scenario that may make them enemies.

Memphis chooses David, Ian asks for volunteers and Nicole F. agrees, Nicole A. chooses Christmas, and Kevin chooses Kaysar since they were both out first in the HOH competition.

STREAM: Episode 5 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Cody and Memphis discuss possible nomination options and Nicole A. and David’s names come up as easy targets. Janelle, Kaysar, and Ian also seem to be good options.

Da’Vonne and Bayleigh discuss their lives growing up Black and the ways they’ve experienced racism. Da’Vonne gets vulnerable in the DR, reiterating how important conversations around race are.

Memphis wants his alliance members to play the Safety Suite competition so their alliance isn’t obvious but only Christmas feels good about playing and eschewing the third week of possible safety.

Nicole A. speaks with Memphis to try and gauge where his head is at and doesn’t like his vague answer and encouragement to play the Safety Suite competition. Memphis admits in the Diary Room that he thinks he owes it to his fellow Renegade ally, Dan Gheesling, to get Ian out for defeating Dan in Big Brother Season 14.

Ian sees through Memphis’s encouragement to play the Safety Suite as a plan to secure his own safety the following week.

The Safety Suite opens and Kevin thinks he should play. Tyler, on the other hand, agrees with Ian that Memphis is trying to keep the Safety Suite option for himself the following week and thus volunteers Cody, not himself to play from their alliance.

David swipes his VIP badge for the Safety Suite. In the final moments, Cody swipes in, then Ian, Kevin, Christmas, Bayleigh, and Da’Vonne. Meanwhile, Nicole A. wonders if she should have played, but with seven players, safety is less and less likely.

Ian gets Christmas to consider appointing him her plus one if she wins in exchange for help the following week.

David is first to enter the Safety Suite and is tasked with delivering groups of weighted wood drinks to their corresponding tables, except the tables are rather tipsy. He has to get each of the drinks to stay balanced on their table before hitting the button to lock in his time.

The other six Safety Suite players each take their turns balancing the various drinks on the wobbly tables, some of them lamenting their lack of experience in the service industry.

The results are in and Christmas wins the Safety Suite competition with a time of 1 minute 38 seconds. She keeps her promise and offers Ian her plus one, keeping them both safe for the week. Of course, this foils Memphis’s plans to get revenge on Ian and he stews over his options for nomination.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Memphis nominates Nicole A. and David. 
Episode 4 | Evicted: Keesha | HOH: Memphis

Episode 4 | Evicted: Keesha | HOH: Memphis

With the eviction close at hand, Cody explains he would prefer if Kevin were to stay in the house this week but wants the house to make the ultimate decision and not be led by his desires.

Cody and Memphis solidify an alliance calling themselves “The Commission.” 

STREAM: Episode 4 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Tyler and Bayleigh have a heart to heart and he apologizes for his treatment of her during BB20. They agree that letting the house think they hate each other while secretly helping each other could be a winning tactic.

Kevin and Nicole agree they’d make a great final two comparing themselves to two unicorns and calling themselves “A Blessing.”

Memphis comes up with an idea for a six-person alliance telling Cody he’s going to try and circulate the idea to Tyler, Christmas, Dani, and Nicole. Cody is glad to let Memphis do the coordinating, which he does, effectively reaching out to each of the others individually.

Meanwhile, Keesha brainstorms how to get votes to stay in the house, but lets slip to Janelle that she can’t even remember Tyler’s name.

Da’Vonne approaches Cody about an alliance of four with the two of them, Bayleigh, and Enzo. Cody readily agrees.

Before the eviction, Cody tries to get a sense of who the house wants out but can’t seem to get a consensus.

During the live eviction, Julie Chen Moonves gives both Keesha and Kevin a chance to sway their fellow Houseguests. Keesha wishes “most” of her Houseguests luck in the game. Kevin says that he hopes to work with the other Houseguests moving forward.

David is the first to cast his vote (and his first time casting a vote in the Big Brother house altogether!) he votes to evict Keesha. Next comes Nicole A., Ian, Nicole F., Tyler, Christmas, Kaysar, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Janelle, Enzo, Dani, and Memphis, all of whom vote unanimously to evict Keesha.  

Julie delivers the news to the Houseguests and Keesha bids the others a teary farewell before putting on her mask to join Julie outside the house for a socially distanced interview.

Keesha tells Julie she felt both Cody and Enzo avoided her that final day. She watches the farewell videos wishing her well.

Next up is the Head of Household competition called “Big Brother Watch Party” where the Houseguests watch a video and then have to correctly answer a series of questions about it. The process is repeated until an ultimate winner is left standing.

The videos are of a family attempting to watch Big Brother together via a digital conference call. One by one the Houseguests are eliminated as Kaysar, David, Enzo, Dani, Nicole F., Christmas, Kevin, Janelle, and Ian answer incorrectly. The final question is a doozy effectively eliminating Da’Vonne, Nicole A., Tyler, and Bayleigh in one fell swoop, leaving Memphis as the victor.

Finally, Julie speaks with the Houseguests congratulating Memphis as the new HOH and Janelle on being able to wear something other than the BB All-Stars mascot costume. Julie also teases Sunday’s Safety Suite competition saying competitors will head to the bar and need both “brains and balance” to secure safety.
Episode 3 | POV: Enzo

Episode 3 | POV: Enzo

After the nomination ceremony, Kevin is disheartened and goes to chat with Cody. Cody helps placate Kevin’s fears and he decides to try to place a little trust in Cody with a secret friendship that he calls a “down-low-mance.”

Kaysar and Janelle discuss doing their best to keep low profiles after their narrow escape from nomination.

Keesha tries to understand Cody’s reasoning for nominating her but gets no reassurance that she’s not his primary target for the week.

STREAM: Episode 3 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

Kaysar, Da’Vonne, and Nicole A. discuss the state of American society at the moment and the importance of striving to be better, especially with the platform each of them has been given.

Tyler laments that though he hoped to play All-Stars with less promise-making, he can’t help but say “yes” when many of the other Houseguests approach him to make deals. Meanwhile, Enzo considers Cody his final two alliance and the two make it official with an alliance name of “The Roots.”

Ian opens up about being on the autism spectrum to a few Houseguests.

Late one night, Kevin awkwardly campaigns in the bathroom to potential Veto players in the event that the “Houseguest’s Choice” chip comes up when picking players.

Sure enough, the next morning when Veto players are picked, he picks “Houseguest’s Choice” and invites Enzo to play along with Tyler, Ian, Cody, Kevin, and Keesha.

The Veto challenge is called “It’s Bananas!” where the players have to bounce on banana-shaped “BB Peelatons” for 20 reps before having 90 seconds to stack produce on a basket with the goal being to stack as many on the basket as possible without them falling. To keep time on the clock, players have to go back to the BB Peelaton and rock back and forth.

Enzo wins the gold Power of Veto with 18 pieces of fruit stacked, leaving both Kevin and Keesha scared for their future in the house.

Ian and Nicole F. solidify a former winner’s alliance, called “The Million Club”, agreeing their best chance at a second win is next to each other. Later, however, Enzo catches them talking game and alerts Cody who agrees that Ian might be a threat.

Bayleigh and Da’Vonne solidify an alliance.

At the Veto meeting, Enzo decides not to use the Power of Veto claiming it’s too early to make big moves. Kevin and Keesha are both determined to up their social game to ensure they don't go home come live eviction night.
​Episode 2 | Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar (+1: Janelle) | Nominees: Keesha & Kevin

​Episode 2 | Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar (+1: Janelle) | Nominees: Keesha & Kevin

The Houseguests explore the new BB house and start gauging who they want to try working with. Nicole F. credits Da'Vonne with changing her life by giving her the final vote to win in BB18 and says she wants to work together, but Da'Vonne is still salty about Nicole targeting her in that season.

Cody unveils the new Have-Not room to the other Houseguests, which resembles a sewer with rusty pipes.

Nicole F. suggests a ride-or-die alliance with Cody, who played together on BB16. She suggests making separate alliances and filling each other in on what's happening. Cody ponders his nominees.

Tyler starts trying to earn Cody's trust.

The next morning, Cody calls a house meeting and reveals the Safety Suite twist, handing out VIP passes to each Houseguest. He explains that the passes allow the HGs access to the Safety Suite during a specific window of time, which allows them to compete in an individual challenge that will reward them with safety for the week.

STREAM: Episode 2 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

However, once a Houseguest uses their VIP pass, it's gone. The Houseguest who wins also gets to choose a plus one to enjoy safety for the week, albeit in exchange for a punishment. Also, the current HOH is not eligible.

Keesha is concerned that she's a target because she hasn't really connected with Cody yet. Kaysar and Keesha bond over being on the older side of the HGs.

The Safety Suite opens for one hour and the Houseguests weigh their options.

Kaysar approaches Cody in an effort to build a relationship and tells him that he and Janelle aren't carrying their alliance from BB6 and BB7 over to BB22. Cody gives him the equivalent of an automated response, but Kaysar sees through it. Janelle bends Cody's ear and, like Kaysar, isn't reassured about her safety.

Memphis and Cody meet to discuss the noms, with Cody throwing out Kaysar and Janelle as options.

With mere seconds left on the Safety Suite, Kaysar and Janelle decide to enter.

Kaysar enters the Safety Suite, surprised with a chic room with high-end furnishings and a DJ booth. The competition is called "Don't Miss a Beat," a memory game that requires the player to hit the correct sequence of buttons to recreate a song. Kaysar and Janelle play through, eventually succeeding. But it's Kaysar who has the faster time, winning safety for the week. Kaysar chooses Janelle as his plus one.

Cody reevaluates his choices for nominees, weighing Kevin and Keesha.

Janelle is given her punishment, which is becoming the BB All-Stars mascot, requiring her to wear a giant star costume for the week.

Kevin talks with Cody, opening up about his insecurities, which makes Cody reconsider his choices.

At the nomination ceremony, Cody puts Keesha and Kevin on the block for eviction
Episode 1│HOH: Cody

Episode 1│HOH: Cody

BB22 is no ordinary season as is obvious from the start as host Julie Chen Moonves opens the show explaining there is no live audience and advanced medical precautions are in place as she and all the contestants have been tested for COVID-19 multiple times to ensure everyone's safety. With that said, she wastes no time in introducing the previously unrevealed cast of Big Brother: All-Stars.

Masks on, the first four Houseguests to join Julie in front of the Big Brother house are Nicole Franzel, Dani Briones, Da'Vonne Rogers, and Christmas Abbott

After speaking with the first four Houseguests about their reasons for returning to the game, Julie explains that they would be entering the house and immediately participating in their first competition of the summer. They are tasked with identifying which room a certain object in the house is located in and then handling a balance board to get a ball into the corresponding hole of that room. The first two to complete the task in four minutes will advance to the HOH competition later in the evening. 

Christmas is the only one of the first four to solve the puzzle and advance as a candidate for the first HOH.

Next up, Julie speaks with four more Houseguests: Tyler Crispen, Enzo Palumbo, Ian Terry, and Kevin Campbell. Once again the four of them express their excitement to enter the house and Julie sends them off to take on the first competition. Ian and Kevin are both able to sink their balls and qualify to play in the HOH competition.

Bayleigh Dayton, Nicole Anthony, Keesha Smith, and Janelle Pierzina come out next to meet with Julie, all of them expressing their enthusiasm to finally discover who a few of their fellow Houseguests are. They quickly take on the first competition with Nicole being the only one to secure a spot in the HOH competition.

The final four Houseguests are revealed and they are Kaysar Ridha, Memphis Garrett, David Alexander, and Cody Calafiore. Julie welcomes them before ushering them into the house to compete. The men run about the Big Brother house and then on to their balancing ball puzzle and ultimately both Memphis and Cody advance to the HOH competition. 

The HOH competition is called "Star Steppin'" and those who earned their spot to compete line up as Julie explains they need to make their way across a path of raised steps with stars, though some of the stars are much more secure than others. If they fall off, they need to begin again. 

Memphis goes first and, after a few stumbles and re-starts, manages to make his way to the end with a final time of 1 minute 12.2 seconds. Cody follows him, hopping across the stars in breakneck speed and coming in at 22.06 seconds and now in the lead.

Christmas goes third but can't beat Cody’s time. Kevin is up next and then Nicole, neither of whom can beat that quick 22.06 seconds. Ian is the final contestant in the HOH competition and he starts solidly, gliding along until a fall causes him to start again and ultimately lose, making Cody the first HOH of the season!

The losing competitors are asked to grab an envelope and all the Houseguests head inside. Julie sidebars with Cody in the Diary Room, asking how surprised he was to see a few of the other players. After Cody returns to the living room with the other Houseguests, Julie has the comp players open their prizes. Christmas wins $5000 but the others—Nicole, Memphis, Ian, and Kevin—are officially the first four Have-Nots of the season. 

Just before the show's end, Julie reveals that there is, of course, a twist in the season. New rooms will reveal themselves to the Houseguests throughout the summer. The first of those rooms will appear soon and is called the "Safety Suite" but it requires a VIP pass to enter. Of course, further details on how it works, how to get a VIP pass, and what the room holds will just have to wait. 

STREAM: Episode 1 Of Big Brother: All-Stars

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