Season 13, Episode 27

On a special eviction episode Kalia and Porsche fight for their lives. In the jury house Jeff has some choice words for Shelly.

1. Kalia

Kallia smiles while chatting with Julie Chen following her eviction from the Big Brother house.
Group Hug

2. Group Hug

The remaining houseguests congratulate Adam with a hug after he won his first HoH.
Adam Celebrates

3. Adam Celebrates

Adam celebrates his first HoH win of the summer!

4. Adam

Adam competes to win the HoH during the competition on Wednesday's show.
Porsche in the HoH competition

5. Porsche in the HoH competition

Porsche competes in the HoH competition during Wednesday's show.
HoH Competition

6. HoH Competition

The remaining houseguests compete in the HoH competition following Kalia's eviction.

7. Kalia

Kalia heads outside the Big Brother house to talk with host Julie Chen right after her eviction.