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Blood & Treasure - The Revenge of Farouk
S1 E12 Aug 06, 2019
The Revenge of Farouk
Blood & Treasure - Legacy of the Father
S1 E11 Jul 30, 2019
Legacy of the Father
Blood & Treasure - Return of the Queen
S1 E10 Jul 23, 2019
Return of the Queen
Blood & Treasure - The Wages of Vengeance
S1 E9 Jul 16, 2019
The Wages of Vengeance
Blood & Treasure - The Shadow of Projekt Athena
S1 E8 Jul 09, 2019
The Shadow of Projekt Athena
S1 E5 Jun 18, 2019
The Ghost Train of Sierra Perdida
S1 E4 Jun 11, 2019
The Brotherhood of Serapis
S1 E3 Jun 04, 2019
The Secret of Macho Grande
S1 E1 May 21, 2019
The Curse of Cleopatra - Parts I and II