Blue Bloods
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Season 2: Episode 17 - Reagan Vs. Reagan
Posted on Mar 10, 2012 12:00am

Erin prosecutes a woman accused of killing her rich husband, Samuel Delamar, but when the defendant's attorney is suddenly murdered, Danny and Jackie's investigation into the new crime might blow Erin's whole case. Picking up where the slain attorney left off, Danny tracks down a mysterious man named Monroe and as a result, Danny is almost killed. While Erin's witness, family friend Walter Harris, testifies that the couple repeatedly fought over Delamar's money, Danny goes head-to-head with Erin in testimony by suggesting that Monroe, a shadowy business associate of Delamar's, is very likely the killer. After Monroe is arrested, he admits killing the attorney to stop him from exposing his fraudulent dealings with Delamar but denies anything to do with Delamar's murderIn the end, Danny and Erin learn from Monroe that Delamar was having an affair with Harris' wife and that Harris killed him asa crime of passion. Meanwhile, Frank leads his own investigation into whoever is scamming his credit card, only to be put in an awkward situation when it appears an old friend is involved.