Season 3: Episode 4 - Scorched Earth
Posted on Oct 20, 2012 12:00am

Danny and Jackie set out to investigate the murder of a bride (on her wedding day) in a drive-by gang shooting but are quickly pulled off of the case and assigned to the protection detail of unpopular international dignitary Rafael Valverde, who is in town for a kidney operation and who they believe is a target for assassination. During the presidential motorcade, Danny rams his car into a suspicious looking vehicle and promptly shoots a man later identified as Angel Dominguez. Because the murdered bride and her groom Johnny Evans share the same wedding date as he and Linda, Danny remains invested in his initial case and goes to Johnny's apartment only to find him missing and the place trashed. Danny and Jackie use his credit card charges to track him down at The Waldorf Hotel and confront him about the police uniform they found at his apartment. He admits that he and his friends posed as police officers to stage a drug bust and steal the money he needed for his wedding, which led to the gang members coming after him. Frank is conflicted when the NYPD must protect Valverde. Meanwhile, Jamie questions Vinny's methods when his partner performs an unjustifiable stop-and-frisk on a teen involved with the gang shooting but decides to defend his actions when Erin investigates the incident.