Season 3: Episode 5 - Risk and Reward
Posted on Oct 27, 2012 12:00am

Shortly after Frank awards Detective Bobby Mulrow with the Medal of Valor for his work in for the NYPD in Malaysia, Mulrow is taken hostage by a crew instructed by Omar Sayid, the Malaysian druglord whose brother Abdul was put in prison with Mulrow's help. Omar sends Frank a message threatening to kill Mulrow if they do not release Abdul. Danny begrudgingly accepts the help of Detective Sam Croft who is on the case. They identify and locate the driver for the kidnapping but when they arrive there the suspect opens fire and he is killed when Danny and Sam fire back. Danny and Sam question his girlfriend and that leads to an apartment location, but they are no longer there. With no other leads, Danny threatens Abdul with the prospect of being shipped back to Malaysia to be served the death penalty. Abdul yields to Danny's threat and reveals the location where Mulrow is being held. Meanwhile, Henry goes on a ride-a-long with Jamie and Vinny to settle a dispute between two siblings over their family's pizza business and Jamie worries that Henry does not support his method of policing.