Season 3: Episode 9 - Secrets And Lies
Posted on Dec 8, 2012 12:00am

After being shot and while getting a massage, Michael Reade is in critical condition and Danny and Kate are assigned the case. They talk to Reade's ex-wife and come up empty handed on leads. A much needed break in the case comes from Linda who overhears Reade telling his priest that a man named Tony is responsible and Reade passes away soon after. Danny follows the lead and finds out that Tony is an alias of Reade's business partner. Reade found out that Tony was running guns and was going to turn him in but before he could, Tony hired a gunman to kill him. Meanwhile, Frank, through his relationship with a notorious mob lawyer, sets up a secret sting to prevent a mob hit. Also, Henry is mugged at an ATM, leaving him frustrated and angry about the incident. By the time Jamie tracks down the assailant, he finds it hard to keep his emotions out of the situation.