Season 3: Episode 11 - Front Page News
Posted on Jan 12, 2013 12:00am

When Jamie responds to calls of a gunman in a tourist area, the man ends up pulling his gun and Jamie shoots and kills him. While he is suspended pending an investigation, it starts to look worse and worse for Jamie--the suspect was a loving father and husband but they soon discover he intended to die and committed "suicide by cop." In an effort to help his brother, Danny takes some personal days to investigate the gunman and finds that he was being blackmailed by an old college roommate who knew he had run over a little girl decades earlier. The guilt ate away at them both and instead of turning himself in, the gunman decided suicide was the only way out. Frank gives Erin advice on how to handle the Mayor in a case regarding some city funds that were misappropriated. After a rocky trial, justice is served and the Mayor has restored confidence in her.