Season 3: Episode 20 - Ends & Means
Posted on Apr 13, 2013 12:00am

When two drug deals involving Wall Street brokers turn into homicides, Danny and Baez look to a wounded accomplice to ID the dealer behind the shootings, but Linda hinders the investigation by postponing questioning due to hospital policy. After the accomplice dies during surgery, Danny finds himself fighting with Linda about her medical decision versus his judgment as a detective. Just as the case looks to have gone cold, Baez locates the accomplice's sister who matches the description of the shooter's girlfriend and they take down the perpetrator hiding at her apartment. Meanwhile, Erin struggles with ambition clouding her judgment when she discovers that the bureau chief who gave her a promotion purposely overlooked a piece of evidence in a past case. Frank and Jamie help Sean build a derby car for his race and stop Henry from rigging the car in order to beat a rival family.