Season 3: Episode 21 - Devil's Breath
Posted on Apr 27, 2013 12:10am

After Danny and Baez find a disoriented man, Robert, in a park covered with his girlfriend's blood, they go back with him to his hotel room and find his girlfriend's dead body. Given the evidence, they find it difficult to believe he has no recollection of the night's events until they uncover the presence of a strong narcotic, 'Devil's Breath,' in his bloodstream. Surveillance footage from a bar shows Robert was drugged by an unidentified woman and further investigation leads to her M.O. of drugging and robbing unsuspecting victims with the help of the bartender. Danny and Baez coerce the bartender to confess to killing Robert's girlfriend as she was afraid she would report them to the police for stealing his belongings. Meanwhile, when an off-duty police officer is found to have been intoxicated while apprehending an armed robber and protecting innocent bystanders, an ensuing internal investigation on the officer prompts Jamie and Frank to help him avoid a harsh disciplinary sentence. When Nicky is reprimanded by her principal for planning a protest against student locker searches, Erin finds a way to help Nicky hold the silent protest without getting her in trouble.