Season 3: Episode 22 - The Bitter End
Posted on May 4, 2013 12:00am

At 'The Bitter End,' the nickname for the Bitterman housing projects ruled by the Los Lordes gang, Jamie and Vinny are unable to stop a young mother, Noni, from jumping off a roof with her newborn as her husband Ricky would not let them escape the gang life. When Danny looks into Noni's past, he discovers he had investigated her parents' double-homicide by the hands of the gang and is inspired to end their reign. Danny chases Ricky down with Jamie's help, but Ricky refuses to help them take down the gang leader, Santana. Danny and Baez decide to tail Santana's girlfriend Nona, Noni's sister, but instead they are led to Santana and his gang members who threaten them to end their investigation. As Jamie and Vinny patrol the borders of The Bitter End, Vinny chases a thief into the projects and Jamie follows him only to realize they have walked into a set-up as gang members begin firing at them, killing Vinny in the shootout. Meanwhile, Frank and Erin strategize on a way to reverse the D.A.'s unofficial policy which negatively affects residents of The Bitter End. Vinny's death convinces Mayor Poole to have the D.A. terminate the policy.