Season 4: Episode 2 - The City That Never Sleeps
Posted on Oct 5, 2013 12:00am

Russell Stark, a famous Hollywood action movie star, is shadowing Danny as part of his research for his next big movie role playing a New York detective. Linda, Erin, Nicky, and even Danny’s partner, Detective Baez, are all excited, but Danny thinks he is a big distraction and calls the whole shadowing thing off. Danny gets an urgent call from Russell late at night to help him as he’s been a victim of a mugging and has been stabbed. When Danny shows up, it’s clear that Russell was attacked while cruising for a gay date, but because of his celebrity status as a straight leading man, he is adamant that Danny cannot tell anyone. Danny only agrees under the condition that Russell help him take down the assailant who has now moved on and attacked and murdered a tourist. Frank learns from an exit report that most of the rank and file do not feel any personal connection to their Police Commissioner. This weighs heavily on Frank who decides to make a surprise tour visit of many of the precincts and learns a surprising lesson about one of his lieutenants. Meanwhile, Jamie and Eddie respond to a woman who keeps complaining about a man in a neighboring building who keeps exercising in the nude in front of his window. When the woman calls the police again, Jamie decides on an unusual and surprising solution to the problem.