Season 4: Episode 5 - Lost and Found
Posted on Oct 26, 2013 12:00am

While at breakfast, Erin and Nicky believe they saw a young 8 year old girl who might be a victim of a kidnapping. Erin calls Danny who is skeptical at first, but when they look at the restaurant security camera footage of the girl and the adult man, they see enough evidence that seems to support Erin’s suspicions. Danny and Baez find the parents who at first deny their daughter is missing, but ultimately they confess that she has been kidnapped by a Croatian mobster who is forcing them to illegally help other mobsters through their travel agency. Jamie and Eddie are assigned to work undercover in a jewelry store in order to stop a string of robberies, but things take a surprising turn when a distraught man holds everyone hostage in the store. Meanwhile, Frank learns that Father Markham, who serves as a counselor to the NYPD, has been arrested with a DUI and decides to pay a visit to the chaplain. Frank is surprised when Father Markham admits that he been on a downward spiral and is questioning not only his effectiveness with counseling police officers, but is also having a crisis of faith. Frank is determined to help out his old friend and, more importantly, restore his faith.