Season 4: Episode 12 - The Bogeyman
Posted on Jan 11, 2014 12:00am

Danny learns about a new brand of heroin hitting the streets from a CI, and Nicky sees the deadly effects firsthand when two people overdose at a friend's college sorority party. Nicky shares the information with Danny, who goes back to Carmen, his CI, only to find her dead from an overdose of the new Bogeyman branded heroin. Saddened and galvanized, Danny and Baez track start a frenzied manhunt for the source of the deadly drug, eventually decoding an online order and delivery system and using it to trace it up the distribution ladder. After a tense shootout, Danny and Baez manage to recover five kilos of the deadly heroin, effectively ending the string of overdose deaths sweeping the city. Meanwhile, Frank gives the order to call in every chip and offer unprecedented latitude to find the source of the Bogeyman heroin and get it off the streets ASAP. He makes a private visit to Kelly Peterson and asks for her assistance in organizing a type of amnesty program to further help round up the deadly drug, but she gives him a firm refusal. Later, Frank learns that drug addiction resulted in the loss of her only child, something that resonates very strongly with him.