Season 4: Episode 14 - Manhattan Queens
Posted on Feb 1, 2014 12:00am

Danny investigates the murder of Tiffany Lamp, a drag queen found murdered and stuffed into a golf bag in a local park. Danny recognizes the victim from a popular reality television show, so he and Baez go look for clues at the Lipstick Lounge, a drag bar where Tiffany was employed. Their first visit turns up very little for them to go on, but they get a new lead as Baez uses Tiffany’s phone records to determine that she was at a local Ivy League club the night she disappeared. While there, they discover that Tiffany had developed a relationship with a club member named Burden Maxwell, who had proposed to her with a very expensive diamond ring. After getting another tip, they determine that Mickey Shultz, one of two partners who own the Lipstick Lounge, likely had a secretive relationship in the past with Tiffany and got jealous that she was going to marry Burden. Danny then goes undercover to get Mickey to confess before arresting him for Tiffany’s murder. Meanwhile, Erin takes a hard look into a drug case scheduled for trial after being abducted by Doris Lord, the mother of the accused man. Doris claims that her son was framed for murdering another man in a drug deal gone bad by Marius Pierre and Barbara Keyes, and Erin feels inclined to believe her assertion after meeting with Keyes one on one. She digs into Barbara’s past and discovered a sealed record detailing a crime she committed with Marius as a minor, which establishes a relationship between them that both lied about. The prosecuting ADA, Thorton Marks, initially takes objection to Erin’s tampering with his case, but he thanks for her getting involved after the evidence she finds saves Doris’ son from wrongful imprisonment.