Season 4: Episode 15 - Open Secrets
Posted on Mar 1, 2014 12:00am

Danny and Baez investigate the kidnapping of Jenna Wallace, a 10 year-old girl who disappeared after school only hours earlier. The case is personal for Danny because he failed to locate Allie Scott, the daughter of Joseph Scott, over 7 years ago, and he’s driven not to let that happen again. After initially suspecting Jenna’s stepfather due to abuse claims in his past, Danny stumbles on a clue that leads them to the janitor at Jenna’s school, Joan Galecki. When he and Baez go to speak with Joan at her home, they discover a secret basement room where both Jenna and Allie were being kept. Danny arrests the kidnappers and reunites both girls with their families. Frank goes toe-to-toe with Kelly Petersen over the secretive International Liaison Program, which allows Frank to oversee intelligence officers overseas to help prevent terrorist attacks at home in New York. Kelly wants to shed light on the shadowy program and make the public aware, but Frank resists, saying that widespread knowledge of the program could undermine its effectiveness. Ultimately, they come to a compromise involving monthly meetings with a city council overseer and an independent terrorism consultant. Meanwhile, Erin struggles to make the right decision in court after butting heads with her expert witness over a defendant’s sanity.