Season 4: Episode 16 - Insult to Injury
Posted on Mar 8, 2014 12:00am

While stuck in the office doing paperwork, Danny takes a call intended for a former Detective from a distraught, suicidal woman named Jill. Something in Jill’s voice resonates with Danny and clues him in that this is more than just a cry for help. Sure enough, Jill begins to open up to Danny and tells him that she plans to kill the man who killed her parents in a drunk driving crash a few years back before committing suicide herself. Danny tries every method he can think of to trace the call and locate Jill before she does anything rash, but he hits dead end after dead end. Finally, she lets the name of the man who killed her parents slip, and Danny uses that information to learn more about the case while still on the phone with her. Just before Jill kidnaps Drew Dekker, the man she intends to kill, Danny locates Jill’s brother and manages to get a lead on where she might commit the murder-suicide. Danny’s hunch proves right and he manages to stop Jill from going through with it in the nick of time. Meanwhile, Jamie faces an internal struggle when he has an opportunity to help nab someone producing counterfeit money by secretly going undercover. He ultimately opts to follow protocol turn the investigation and lead over to the Secret Service, worrying about how it would reflect on his father and the rest of his family. Additionally, Frank accompanies Sean’s class on a field trip to a local museum and struggles to get the lead chaperone, Joyce, to loosen the reins on the kids a bit so that they can have a little fun.