Season 1: Episode 3 - Privilege
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

­After two girls are attacked at a local college campus, the third victim that night escalates to rape. Danny has a sketch artist draw up the suspect's picture. Video footage captures the suspect's car and partial license plate, leading them to the car's owner, Sofia Caslo, wife of Claudio, the Deputy Counsel of Argentina, and they discover their son Sebastian, a smug and cocky member of an elite fraternity at the college and had been using the car the night of the attacks. Between the sketch and the license plate, they are confident Sebastian is their man, however he is protected by diplomatic immunity and therefore they can't arrest him. During Sunday dinner at the Reagan's there is discussion of immunity and abusing diplomatic privilege. All the while, Sydney is discovering that she comes second to Jamie, the police force now being his priority. Danny soon discovers that the victim's boyfriend is in the same fraternity as Sebastian and the attacks were all part of a fraternity initiation. With this new info, Erin figures out how to get a Material Witness Order which allows Danny to take Sofia (the suspect's mother) into custody as her vehicle was involved in a felony case. Danny reveals that Sofia is actually divorced from Claudio and her diplomatic immunity has been forfeited as a result and her arrest provokes Sebastian to come in for questioning. After acquiring sweat samples from Sebastian during their interrogation, his DNA is proven a match to that found on the rape victim. As Frank informs Claudio of his son’s DNA match, he tells him of another DNA match from his son from a rape victim in Argentina. After threatening to turn him in to Argentinean authorities, Claudio decides to waive his son’s immunity and have Sebastian tried in America. Meanwhile, Frank is unsure of his relationship with Kelly as her being a television reporter conflicts with being Police Commissioner and the confidentiality that goes with it.­