Season 1: Episode 7 - Brothers
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­Paco Torres, boss of the Latin Kings who is feared and respected in the streets around Yankee Stadium, and his younger brother Estaban, a high school math teacher with wife and kids, and owner of Neighborhood Tutoring Center are as different as can be yet closer to each other than anyone else. Erin has been after Paco for a long time but no one is willing to testify against him until she discovers that Estaban’s Tutoring Center is funded by Paco’s laundered money. Erin offers Estaban immunity to testify against Paco; he at first refuses but at Paco’s insistence as Estaban has so much more to lose than he, Estaban agrees to testify. When the D.A. Squad shows up to serve the warrant to Paco, we learn that he has been murdered. Erin’s tactics on this case provoke a debate among the Reagans; Jamie not comfortable setting brother against brother. Seems Paco’s former lieutenants in the Latin Kings have turned against him and now Estaban’s life is in danger. The D.A. won’t protect him as the deal was only if he testified against Paco, who is now dead. Jamie continues to pursue the mystery of his brother Joe’s death and tries to get more information about the Blue Templars. When he is given a key from Joe’s girlfriend Lauren, who is still distraught and moving to Oregon, he finds a safety deposit box with a set of recordings from Joe’s undercover investigation. Danny and the crash team take the Latin King lieutenants into custody for Paco’s murder. Estaban is given full immunity as he will cooperate with Erin and the D.A.’s office to bring these Latin Kings to justice, and from a six figure donation he is able to keep the his Tutoring Center open.­