Season 1: Episode 8 - Chinatown
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

­Jamie is in Chinatown meeting with FBI Agent to inform her that he will not be working for them undercover to investigate the Blue Templar. As he is walking around, he witnesses in a nearby alley two tough looking Chinese men roughing up and attempting to kidnap two young Chinese women. Although not on duty, Jamie's instinct is to police the situation. Everyone scrambles away but Jamie chases one suspect thru the dark, busy streets of Chinatown and the suspect runs into moving traffic and is hit by a car and killed. Since the suspect died and Jamie was not on duty, he will now be investigated by Internal Affairs. Danny suspects the men are part of Asian Triads in Chinatown, who, amongst other crimes they commit, kidnap illegal immigrants, and often prostitute them. Danny and Jackie track down one of the suspects, Nelson Chiu, he is uncooperative and is later found dead in his car, execution style. Danny and Det. Tuan, who works the Chinatown beat, find information that leads them to Mott Street Munificent Society, a community service center. From Lee's autopsy it is discovered from the blood on him that woman 1 (Ming-Tai) is pregnant. Inside the community center Danny and Jackie find the medical clinic waiting room that is filled with pregnant young Chinese illegal immigrant women. There is an advertisement for an adoption agency amongst the medical pamphlets, indicating a 'reward' for giving your baby up for adoption. This leads them to Dr. Wakefield, an uptown fertility doctor who works pro-bono once a week at clinic. We learn that he, his Chinese American wife, and the Triad have been selling these babies, as though they are coming from China to couples who cannot conceive. Ming-Tai was running because she wanted to keep her baby. Danny and Jackie find her just in time, as a Chinese doctor working with the Triads is about to perform a c â€"section on her, take the baby, and leave her for dead. Jamie's investigation by Lt. Bello from I.A. concludes with the testimony from the red headed woman (FBI Agent Anderson), that witnesses saw Jamie talking to in Chinatown that night. Agent Anderson, undercover as a tourist, corroborates his story that he was giving her directions to Canal Street. Sydney is offered a job in London for 6 months and accepts it. It is clear that Jamie's love and life is his job as a cop, and she breaks their engagement. At family dinner, Jamie arrives alone, and Nikki announces that she wants to become a police officer too.