Season 1: Episode 9 - Redo
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

­Criminals are released from prison due to tainted DNA evidence from the NYPD medical examiner's office. One of the criminals is Dick Reed, a serial rapist/murderer with a'Son of Sam' reputation. Another is Garth Kraver a pedophile who Erin attempts to have put away again for psychiatric reasons, and the other is Mondo Guiterrez who murdered his wife's new boyfriend. Frank learns that the reason for the DNA mistakes are the result of lack of funding, the result of a corrupt Councilwoman who is guilty of misappropriation of funds. The key to putting Dick Reed behind bars is getting Becky Watalski, his last victim and the only one to survive, to testify against him in a new trial. Becky meets with Erin, who originally prosecuted Dick Reed, and agrees to testify, and then backs out when Reed shows up outside the courthouse and frightens her. Meanwhile Danny and Jackie keep a tail on Reed and are shocked when reports come in of an attack very similar to Reed's style.. However, they learn that it is a copy cat attack, executed by some of Reed's groupies in an attempt to distract and mislead the police. Despite round the clock surveillance, when Danny and Jackie arrive at Dick's mother's house to question Reed they discover his mother is completely catatonic, his sister beaten and tied up in an upstairs bedroom, and a secret tunnel in the basement through which Reed has escaped. Becky is then attacked. She calls Danny hiding from the closet and he and Jackie arrive just in time to discover it is again Reed groupie, James Ratchet. Meanwhile, Erin is supposed to meet Frank for dinner and she has not arrived and Danny cannot reach her either. They realize that she is the one Dick is after. Erin, alone in her office, discovers the janitor’s dead body. After chasing her down in the office and finally getting Erin in his grips, Frank arrives just in time and kills Reed with one shot to the head. The Mayor holds a press conference glowing with the victory, trying to take credit with Commissioner Reagan. Meanwhile, Renzulli and Jamie are on the case with Mondo Guitierrez, who keeps violating his restraining order and continues to pursue his wife. ­