Season 1: Episode 10 - After Hours
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

King, the doorman at Mother's, a nightclub in Manhattan is gunned down during a crowded night at the club. Danny and Jackie arrive at the scene; no eyewitnesses but there is a surveillance video. Sabrina, the sexy owner of the club, gives details of King's girlfriend Benita, and flirts heavily with Danny. Meanwhile Jimmy Burke, an old partner of Frank's who saved his life during a shooting in Harlem, wants to be promoted to Deputy Chief. At the Reagan's family dinner, Sabrina calls Danny with information and he needs to go to the club. As he is going to Mother's to see Sabrina, Jackie goes to see King's girlfriend Benita. We discover she is 8 weeks pregnant and that King was a gambler and owed 100 thousand dollars to a bookie named Lemon. Sabrina found King's cell phone at the club and there are multiple calls to Lemon on caller id. Danny and Jackie go to see Lemon and learn that he and King were going to open a club together in exchange for what King owed, and that Sabrina had just been informed. From the surveillance footage they see that the bullet was shot at Sabrina and it ricocheted off a street lamp killing King by accident. Turns out Sabrina was having an affair with King and it was Benita that tried to kill her not King. Meanwhile, as Frank is looking for new Deputy Chief he discovers that Jimmy was fixing his books, lying about felonies and charging them as misdemeanors to improve his crime record. Frank demotes Jimmy and gives him the option to retire early as to not lose his pension. In addition, Jamie has a brief encounter with Lydia Gonsalves Joe's former partner, enquiring about his death, and why she quit the force.